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  1. Hey, First of all let me congratulate you on your formation, It's really good 99% of the time..I've been using it now for around 14 matches and have been havinbg decent results with arsenal. Up until my last match against bolton where i went ourt of the cup in the semi final because out of 33 shots only 7 were On Target.. I'm playing adabayor up front with my arsenal team, and regardless of the striker i play it seems that the vast majority of my shoots are off target despite me having good players and most of the match, this can mean that i sometimes draw games i should win by 2-3 goals easily, and in the case of my bolton match even loose (incidentaly this was my first defeat of the season out of 33 matches), in tve game i had 33 shots and only 6 were on target. Is anyone else haviong this issue? The version im using is the newest No tweak version from this thread and m largely happy with it other than the wastefulness when it comes to finishing everything else seems to be going well although i do seem to concede silly goals but that seems to happen regardless of the formation in this game ^.^ Thanks in advance