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  1. i might have found a way to make them unavailable, tested it with a under 23 since i can move him freely between first and b. i permanently moved him to b. then the day after just moved him into first team again, it seems to take away the ''made available'' mark, Gonna fight my way to the transfer window and try it with some of the older guys
  2. Akasha do you mean the ''available first team players for b match''? if so, i get those before every B team match, and none of my first team players is on that list, and still they are ''made available for B team''
  3. jeferson for example here, he is made available for b team, i have not manually made him available for either b or u19, and under develop-tab it says ''make available'' as if he is not available for b team, im so confused
  4. i will try the development thing later as im in school right now! Im in spain, barcelona, and all my first team players that is ''made available'' for b team is signed to the first team, for example, i bought a CB for 100+mil and he is now playing more for the b team than first team
  5. okey ill try that, might be a solution for now atleast. but am i not supposed to be able to place advert for b team coach?
  6. Not to my knowledge, as this just started occurring. Yes i get that mail, but only 1 player appear on there, the rest are automatically in the b team. When i check the staff of the b team it says they have no coach, could that be a problem? either way i cant place advert for a b team coach
  7. As this is my first FM im having some struggles here and there, but every other problem i have managed to overcome, but not this, 50% of my fist team squad is ''made available'' for b team. I have not made them available myself, i cant make them unavailable, its really annoying since when theres a b team match a day before the first team, i can only have like 3 subs because all other players played in the b team im in season 2027 if that matters, and this only started happening recently in the save. this has really made me stop playing fm the last weeks since it it pretty much unplayable right now.
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