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  1. damn these stupid unexpected errors i trying working on alternate revival of uefa revival but i failed i hope SI Games will fix up this errors in FM 21 editor
  2. so where you update the last one will you edit in this thing in FM 21 i pretty sure hope FM 21 will make editor more easy without some errors on this
  3. ´so when 1.5 will release and what formats you will added
  4. hey can you do some projects FIFA Club World Cup 16 Teams But Played In November Until December European Explansion Format On 2021-2024 And 2024-2027 And 2027- On UCL,EL And UECL Portuguese Explansion With III Liga Being Added In 2020-2021
  5. Here My Portugal League Fantasy Leagues Primeira Liga - 18 Teams 3 Teams Relegated To Primeira Liga Segunda Liga - 20 Teams In 2019-20/22 Teams In 2020-21/24 Teams In 2021-2022 2 Groups (North And South) 8 Teams Going To Promotion Stage 12 Teams Going To Relegation Stage 2 Teams Going To Promoted Primeira Liga 1 Teams From Promotion Play-Off To Promoted Primeira Liga Campeonato Nacional De Prio - 80 Teams 5 Groups 8 Teams Going To Promotion Knockout 24 Teams Going To Relegated Campeonato Nacional De Prio Segunda Divisao Campeonato Nacional De Prio Segunda Divisao - 80 Teams 8 Groups 24 Teams Going To Get Promoted Campeonato Nacional De Prio 40 Teams Going To Get Relegated To Campeonato Districts Campeonato Districts - 100 Teams` 40 Teams Going To Get Promoted Campeonato Nacional De Prio Segunda Divisao 40 Teams Going To Get Relegated Campeonato Districts 2 Cups Taça De Portugal - 192 Teams Taça Da Liga - 48 Teams Supertaça - 4 Teams From Primeira Liga Winner/Primeira Liga Runner-Up/Taça Da Liga Winner/Taça De Portugal Winner
  6. Hey can you do portugal Revamped I want to see that
  7. well god damn it santa clara are gonna out of race title at ronaldo special retirement he could win the league in portuguese league with island team but benfica is too strong to handle them shame about ronaldo dreams chances of santa clara to become first island team to win the league is gonna be ruined by benfica if they lose to them again ronaldo deserve to finish at least winning the portuguese title
  8. holy god you signed cristiano ronaldo on free transfer i guess portuguese big teams in liga nos just dont want him so what your prediction on santa clara this season win the league or finishing 3rd place
  9. i have feeling that Iron Curtain will be released around june or july at this moment
  10. Hey Can You Do Portuguese Leagues Explansion I Want To See That
  11. well but the big problem is i only edit some clubs and moneys but i cant edit some things because this is too hard
  12. Here what i want in alternate Reality In England Manchester United Being Take Over By UAE Owner And Have Much Money Liverpool Being Take Over By China Owner And Have Much Money Arsenal Being Take Over By Russian Owner And Doing The Chelsea Way Manchester City Losing All The Money And Selling All Players And Doing The Leeds Way In France Lyon To Become The Next PSG And Making A Lot Of Money PSG Losing All The Money And Become The Next Malaga In Germany Schalke 04 To Be Similar To Dortmund And Having A New Chairman Similar To Dortmund Chairman Borussia Dortmund Will Face Lots Of Debts And Selling All The Players And Become The Next Stuttgart In Italy Juventus Will Sold All Players And Ended Up Become The Next Parma Inter Milan Will Become Similar To Man City And Make All Money Payment Roma Will Get New Owner And Will Have 100M Pounds In Europe Champions League in 2021-2027 Will Have 32 Teams In Group Stage But With 4 Winners In Champions Path Play-Off And 4 Winners In League Path Play-Off And Later On Back On 2015-2018 Format In 2027 Europa League In 2021-2027 Will Have 8 Groups Of 6 And Having 48 Teams Came In Play-Off And Having 40 Teams Came In Play-Off And 8 Winners In Champions Path Play-Off In 2027 UEFA Europa Conference League In 2021-2024 Will Be Similar To 2001-2004 UEFA Cup And In 2024 The Winners Of UEFA Europa Conference League Will Allowed To Play In Europa League Play-Off In World World Cup Will Have 40 Teams In 2026 But With 8 Groups Of 5 Bring Back The Conferdations Cup But With 16 Teams FIFA Club World Cup Will Having 16 Teams In 2019 In Portugal Segunda Liga Will Have 2 Groups Of North And South In 2019-2020 Taça De Portugal Will Explaned To 192 Teams Taça Da Liga Will Also Explaned To 48 Teams
  13. maybe i could put a real year and real dates into 2021 and let see if work
  14. i did it without eating too much and drinking too much but the big problem is alternate 48 file is running in 2027 instead of 2021-2022 and got a screwed up messed up file what can i do
  15. Hey Carlito85 guess what i just did i finally make UEFA Revival File 48 But With Alternate Format
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