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  1. yeah i would pretty cool from final update of this like good old FM Days so will you do uefa revival in FM 21 right
  2. Yes i want europa league keep with 48 teams but with group of 8 with 6 teams and europa conference league been similar to uefa cup but 2001-2004 format and i want europa league play-off been to september and group stage in october yes just yes i want club world cup with 16 teams i would pretty good rather that 24 teams
  3. my reaction to FM 21 trailer was ******** i was expect chairman mode,flashback history and stadium builder but not they decide to upgrade the features instead of new features the features are still the same in FM 21 but the only good thing on trailer is bundesliga fixture game and leicester badge in PL License for me i will still playing it on FM 21 but doing to some save
  4. hey dude can you do Alternate Format Of UCL,EL;UECL and FIFA Club world cup but with 16 teams i would be cool right
  5. well im so sorry about Ibiza going down to La Liga 1/2/3 hope this team will bounce back to la liga so what your reaction to FM 21 trailer and what will FM 21 beta will release
  6. well i expect ibiza will survive the relegation but im pretty surprise that Ibiza managed to stay put together and get in play-off table how do you get the pictures and you can help how on doing this and how you put up the picture in post i want to do my story on FM 20 but i pretty so bad at post pictures can you help me out if i want to do the story before FM 21 maybe i must do Abrantes e benfica they got refounded in 2018 and Abrantes e benfica is similar to Ibiza but different
  7. Congratulations Buddy you went promotion to La Liga 1/2/3 i would what you need to survive La Liga 1/2/3 this season i think it going too hard because they are middle stronger teams to came in on beating you you need to survive this or you will be relegated back to segunda division B so did you win the trophy or you are runner-up of segunda division B
  8. wow great results dude i wonder if ibiza one day will play in la liga i would love them playing in la liga
  9. my Feature wishlist that i would like to see in FM 21 1 - the flashback to history where you going to back in time like in type when you could save leeds united from going down or make PSG and man city become to have not exist,or manage prime united with prime CR7 score at free kick goals or you gonna trying winning the premier league in 90s with newcastle,or maybe you could make inter milan into farmer team dominace on serie A 2 - Real fixtures and better transfer market is when your player is so bad you could sell him like 9M or 10M or maybe when your player is sucess in second or third season sell him from like 50M or 55M 3 - Better match engine 4 - Make editor to have on format on leagues or competitons and explain like 12 or 16 teams 5 - Better social media and added the fan channels such as arsenal fan tv 6 - playing as real life managers 7 - playing as chairman,owner or DOF Mode 8 - managed an youth team side or U21 team side and when you doing pretty well at U21 team maybe you jump ship to first team maanger 9 - women football 10 - make tactic selection to back in old days for explame FM 08 well this is my feature wishlist and hope this my features are chosen in FM 21
  10. wow good looking job sir makato so when you going to europe maybe next years?
  11. hey dude how the journeymen save is doing so where you will be in europe in next 3 years? once you finish the journeymen save in FM 20 will you do Journeymen save in FM 21 but as portuguese manager
  12. because when you are rookie you only start manage lower portuguese teams as portuguese manager make up and up until you reach in primeira liga and then later longer going on long journey on big leagues or small leagues
  13. hey Makoto when you finish this save and in FM 21 can you do from rookie to glory save you must start in AF Santarem 1 divisao or CNS but as portuguese manager
  14. wow great results dude when servette will win the league this season
  15. yeah but i want to see this guy manage a santarem team
  16. i was asking about what happen to paços de ferreira i thought they gonna win the league and doing a leicester but they kind be screwed in second half and i was asking what about benfica,sporting and braga what happen to them
  17. holy burrito famalicao did doing a leicester and winning the league what happen to paços de ferreira i thought they gonna win the league and doing a leicester but they kind be screwed in second half what about benfica,sporting and braga what happen to them
  18. i wonder in FM 21 Beta you will manage benfica or liverpool what this beta will be release
  19. maybe you should do abrantes or u santarem save you should manage santarem team in FM
  20. well RIP Famalicao Save God Damn It windows update anyways ruined everything
  21. hey dude i finally did doing Alternate UEFA Revival File 28 All By Myself but there is a error where 2 competions appear to start in 2025 what i gonna to do
  22. file:///C:/Users/Hugo/Pictures/Jesualdo_Ferreira,_Esteghlal_Al-Sadd_ACL_play-off hello guys today i gonna make Jesualdo Ferreira Challenge expect it could be more different more that sir alex ferguson challenge, first i gonna take a santarem team it could be u.tomar,u almeirim or rio maior sc like jesualdo ferreira did it when he was managing them,and then going to go portuguese leagues or different league and i want to vote what a team that i could take so i wait for you guys to comment the team what i should be choose goodbye
  23. Well i got a idea for alternate version of uefa Revival
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