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  1. i guess this was not group of death at all but playing with bayern is pretty very hard
  2. finally Bayern got screwed and hannover win the title from first time in history i wonder how hannover will hang it out in next season with Leipzig and dortmund challenge them from bundesliga title
  3. it about this time that another bundesliga team win the league instead of bayern
  4. Wow Porto are in final from third time in 21 years holy bananas
  5. Yeah i wish Bayern were bad and very horrible team instead of lefting them been dominace and dominace in Football manager
  6. shame that you never overtake Bayern just to win the title and once again bundesliga is been dominaced by bayern munich
  7. you going to play an bosnian team in Conference league and how Sarajevo did qualify from knockout round and this team will become first bosnian team to qualify knockout round in European competions
  8. come on dude you can do it and you can break bayern domiance in bundesliga come on man
  9. wow you beat tottenham by 7-0 and you get ajax wow too easy from porto how you creating that tactic and how braga is doing at table what happen to benfica and sporting did they lose all the games or something
  10. damn i know wonder why bayern are so dominance in bundesliga even in FM
  11. So baxter is probaly in germany,take over hannover and now he challenge from champions league spot if hannover qualify from champions league maybe they gonna went relegation threats to champions league Group stage
  12. Parabens meu amigo from Nottingham been promoted to premier league that the way too quickly to win the championship title i wonder in next season they will be worst that derby or huddersfield town and been relegated way too quickly
  13. well i was thinking getting well i think this computer needs to rebuild and put some machine to make computer been faster no i not gonna make encourage him to cheat i wonder if realistic match engine patch is probaly an cheating because the players make gonna too fast
  14. well i was so sick and tired of losing after losing and holidaying was good option because my computer is not fasting but been little fasting and improve on the tactic on my game in FM 20 is so bad and not working out wow you run 7 or 8 leagues wow does your computer able to 7 and 8 leagues okay well i wonder if you gonna cheating with buy all players with that money and will you put cheat engine and put in some money i working on cheat engine on FM 20 to put some money and i did it
  15. so did you lose and win without cheating and went to holiday and what is an number of your computer does this thing is too fast or too slow and what is the plans from next season plans to leaving celta vigo and go to bigger club or maybe stay and make celta de vigo became title challenger
  16. so anyways what is the budget of celta vigo do they have so much money or the board decide to milk the money
  17. Oh my god what the heck is happening on Guardiola career damn his career is over just like his rival mourinho he went downhill at some point even since he left manchester city
  18. Anyways did basel almost got relegated or never went relegation threats right
  19. so what the heck is even happen to basel they used to be dominace of swiss league and now they become an swiss roll from everyone else to beat them so can i see the list of winners in swiss super league and i wonder if young boys become the super dominace of swiss league that basel used to be
  20. Quarter-Finals of Champions League come on Brentford,so is Brentford are the new Man city right
  21. so UCL is like an FA Cup and UEL is probaly an League cup right
  22. but how about European Cups will you do change Format to better i mean i think you could do Rebuild UEFA project and change the European Competitons format from the better
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