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    I think it would be more realistic if there would be more partnerships for example GKs with DCs and DCs with FBs maybe even Wingers and strikers. Thanks, Teemu
  2. Yeah thanks, that could be good. I've also arranged friendly tours in us etc. I guess those are good too
  3. Thanks for the reply, Signing high reputation players might be where I lack the most since most of my world-class players are developed into that. Without proftibale player sales I'd make about 50-100m loss per season. I've looked for bargains and sold players with very much profit to keep my balance okay, but waiting to get to the point where I could make some profit without player sales.
  4. Hi fellow managers, Do you have anything I could work on in my incomes? I am with Sevilla 10 years deep into the save and been title challenger for about 8yrs and won the league three times and have real world-class palyers. And I am the number 1 team itw (reputation). Barcelona and Real Madrid is beating me by a mile in commercial income (if I remember the term correctly). Barcelona generating about 100mil more than me and Real Madrid is doing quite bad for many years and still producing some 50mil more than me. Is the growth really slow or is there something I could work on? Thanks for the help mates.
  5. Have anyone figured out how the partnerships are formed. I've played half a season with regural starting 11 and I don't have a single one partnership. The only partnership I have is with my starting DC and back up DC. They have played like a couple of games togerther. Thanks for the help
  6. Ha, knew that would come back on me. I’m from Finland so no hate for another club in Seville. Or you could say I’m Spanish football fan who likes Betis
  7. How can you increase your chances of getting better players (high PA) from youth intake?
  8. I just cant't make my mind. Huge LaLiga fan so I'll start there, but options are too good. Real Betis (Fan) Sevilla (Very interesting team, but too good?) Real Sociedad (Loaded with young very potential players, too easy for years to come?)
  9. My guess is that BETA will be availabel sooner than the 5th. If I had to put money on some date I'd bet on Friday
  10. This is Fantastic and realistic as well, much needed. Thank you FM TEAM! This is just one of them, but these are the little things that makes this game the best in the world. "Also new to FM20 are scouting reminders, another way in which your staff can assist you through your news items. When a player’s report goes out of date (after a substantial length of time) you might like to check up on him again, to see how he’s progressed since the last time you assigned someone to watch him."
  11. Hi, does anybody know that will there be some streaming while the game is in alpha phase? I remember last year there were a fascinating Leverkusen save and there were all sorts of guest’s for example Miles was in one of the shows. Miles is so enthusiastic person and would love to see him in interviews/shows etc.
  12. Okay, Miles just tweeted that they should be able to announce the release dates early next week
  13. Hi there, Have anyone figured out why they haven't announced the release date? Previous years they have announced it 2-3 months advance and now they are holding it back? I haven't figured it out why they have previously known for about 2 months or more when the game is ready, but now they don't? Hard to believe it. Only thing that comes to mind is some marketing experiment
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