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  1. Thank you very much @Experienced Defender and @frukox I see your point. My tactic was created in a manner that when something wasn’t working the way I wanted, I just kept modificating adding that one instruction more and the end result is a complete mess I just got defeated by a 3rd tier team in Spanish Cup, but I’m still okay in the league and in 2nd rnd of UEL. Back to the drawing board. Thanks guys.
  2. Hi there, Im really struggling against weaker sides away from home. Doing okay, currenlty at 6th in the league, but I keep hitting brick wall against weaker sides away from home. Creating about 1.0xG or less in those matches that I should beat. Any suggestions, thanks
  3. How can I record and save highlights? By going to match highlight mode there is a "record" button and it is grey. Is that a bug or is there something I'm doing wrong? I want to show you something very beautiful and something funny
  4. First: I absolutely love this game, this must be the best version ever by a mile (played fm since early 2000). So many positives about this game. My thoughts on "difficulty" level discussed earlier in this topic: I think that the morale might be too important on results (at least it was in FM20). I had multiple saves in FM20 where I think the first results at the start of season pretty much defines the whole season. Start badly -> very hard to rise, because with bad morale it's hard to win games. Start great -> you can't be beaten and results just keep on coming no matter who
  5. There are many many ways to use it to analyse your team/players and it actually is very useful metric for this game. How I would suggest to use it in a simple way: I don't know how you operate, but I'd say often times people make their tactical decisions based on the outcome of a match. However one outcome of a football match in real life and in FM is very random. Instead of changing/honing your tactics based on results, you could use the xG to do that. Did you lose 3-0, but xG is very close to each other say 2.0 - 1.8. Analysis -> The game was pretty even, I had a bad luck,
  6. First reaction. Wow! So smooth and fast. For first time I’m really taking the time on interactions 👍
  7. Thanks for the answer. No problem at all. Just wanted to play my part and report
  8. Good Morning fellas, went to bed on 102 pages so a lot to catch up on . Today is gonna be awesome!
  9. That is why this thread is so fantastic. I just hope the positive people in this thread beats those who has nothing but complaints about basically everything SI does. I usually read some of Miles twitter replies and there is just too much negative in there.
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