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  1. @herne79 this is my tactical set up, trying to play simple as possible with instructions. only players instructions are close down more for inside forward, winger, pressing forward, deep lying playmaker and box to box midfielder. left back is wing back-support, not full back - attack. my idea is to overload the left side(support duties) and then try to break it simply with having better players(this should work in FM right?) playing one-two in small spaces (guerrero, fernandes, chiesa have that ppm) or fernandes trying killer balls to the box to box midfielder who have room to bomb forward with striker and right midfielder playing on attacking duty, or create overload on the left, then try it switch the flanks and break it with sancho direct runs, where he can pass the ball to the box to box midfielder in the edge of area or simply crossing it to the striker or inside forward who should go forward(chiesa have get forward whenever possible ppm) when the ball is on the right side. that's just the basics information about what I'm trying to achieve, I can go full in details, but will leave that for latter posts
  2. thanks for the replay. there is a reason why people are expoliting set pieces, most of these amazing tactics are only based on throw ins and corner kicks. tried few tactics from knap and tff (I think) but without set pieces exploit, and they are awful. hummels had 4 or 5 matches in a row where he did that stupid clearance, literally assisting opposition player to 1v1 vs my gk, and ofcourse they scored. , "this is more likely a player mistake than a tactic" is quite, simply, untrue. those mistakes with clearances aren't shown anywhere when u try to analyise the game, no mistakes leading to goals from hummels in those few matches, even tho he was the main and only reason we conceded goals. andwhat to do about that? play every match with ultra attacking football and hope that I can score more goals then the opposition? so every match I play I will have to compete against ME, opposition and my players keep gifting opposition with easy chances, that is frustrating.
  3. for someone who is into football coaching, I’m kinda dissapointed. it’s really getting boring and hard to watch. repetetive. that’s Football Manager 2019. no matter what style or what formation I try on FM19 outcome are pretty much the same. most goals are from set pieces (both sides) , throw ins and short free kicks from almost the centre are the worst for set pieces, what is that stupid animation where players are literally walking in my penalty box meanwhile opposition is getting ball to the other flank without any problem - during short free kicks. and why players can’t make pass into the space when there is the actual space for that(he send it way off) but can make that almost-spinning direct pass pinpoint accurate? it seems that if it’s logic it doesn’t work for ME then crosses, in every match where I’m the favorite to win or when I’m dominating the game the are like 70/80/90 crosses for me, its really boring to watch, tried playing without wingbacks , my poacher tried 14 crosses in that match. poacher??? tried playing pep guardiola style, guess what is the income? too much crosses.does city attempt that much crosses? does barcelona? does anybody actually. answer is the no. it’s sick to watch my full back crossing and getting blocked non stop is SI gonna fix clearance bug? player can easily recieve the ball or clear it into the opposition half but they decide to “clear the ball” to the opposition player. it’s also annoying that players seems to never let the ball go out ot the play but decide to clear it with his stupid head and when u concede goal like this, is it really to blame tactic? with all this problems, ME is unplayable, most of the highlights (comprehensive) are from set pieces, it’s impossible to create logic tactic. or maybe just play without any instructions, west ham can do it :)
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