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  1. Ah ok, sorry mate, i guess i was a little worked up XD
  2. When he tries to save it from the menu, the save game and save game as options are greyed out so he can't click them
  3. Hi, basically, once the draft has been completed and you go onto the inbox screen and it forces you to save the draft, when he does save it and then goes to load game, it's not there
  4. This game is annoying. i don't care what people say but it is. I was playing in the europa league round of 16 with Leicester against Braga, I had 4 clear cut chances throughout the game that were all one on ones and all of them were put wide or hit straight at the keeper. then, Braga get a free kick about 35 yards out, what do they do? they smash it top bins... of course they do. Then, to make thigns even worse tielemans, arguably my best player gets injured and to make things even worse pereira gets sent off. oh yeah, i scored two disallowed goals as well... fyi, yes i did reload the game and go again for the first time ever because that game was an utter joke
  5. Me and my friend are trying to do a draft, but he can’t save it and when he does at the very start of the game it doesn’t show up when he tries to loads it. pls help?
  6. I’ve listened to your advice and I’ve got two tactics now, a 424 custom gegenpress tactic and a 424 custom wing play tactic and I’m pleased to report after seven games we are top of the league after 6 wins and one draw with the only draw being against rangers but the last game we played we played Celtic and we managed to beat them 3-0!!!!! But the best bit is I qualified for the group stage of the europa league and the way I did is amazing, I faced beskitas at home in the first leg of the 4th best placed qualifying round and lost it 4-3! Then in the away and final leg, we went 2-1 down 6-4 down on aggregate needing three goals, and guess what? We did it! Qualifying into the group stage of the europa league
  7. I’ve just started an Aberdeen save and I’m aiming to become the champions of the league and de-throne Celtic however, I’m reasonably new to the game and I’m looking for advice towards my tactics etc, I’ve built a tactic based on possession but I don’t know if I am using my team to its best abilities so I’m looking for some help, here is my current tactic, the team report, squad depth and the squad itself
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