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  1. Alternative Scottish Pyramid As always I’ll be aiming to start a long term save in Scotland with FM16, however like most people I find the current structure rather boring. Thankfully in real life it’s looking like league reconstruction will be a reality within a year or two. My aim is to create a new more exciting but somewhat realistic new structure which looks to tackle some off the issues which I believe are effecting Scottish football, these issues are; Staleness within the leagues. Too small a top league. Too many ‘league’ clubs. Regionalisation of smaller league. The Leagues Right now the SPL is too small, the league has a 'top' and a 'bottom' with no real middle, a prime example off this is Dundee United, a few players lost and they have imploded from a team challenging for European places to a team 7 points adrift from at the foot off the table. The current size of league makes giving youth players an opportunity and long term squad building very risky for many clubs as a few bad results can drag teams into a relegation dogfight, a successful league needs 'top', 'middle' and 'bottom' clubs. This new system consists off a 16-16-10 setup with the Premiership and Championship being the two main leagues, taking care of both the "too small a top league" and "too many league clubs" problem. Below the Championship, League one is Split into regional sub Divisions (North & South) this will act as a feeder league for the Championship with regionalisation helping to keep the costs of clubs traveling down, avoiding the situation of Highland League clubs worrying about the increased costs of travelling in a national division (Brora Rangers last season). Promotion across the pyramid will be more open too with every division having at least one automatic promotion place. The Cup The Scottish cup remains unchanged however the League Cup will contain the new format while the Challenge cup will now be regionalised and take place on weekends to try and attract higher attendances, while the tournament will be ‘speed up’ with a December final. Youth The youth league has been scraped and replaced with reserve football, while I’m toying with the idea of B teams but unsure if I’ll include them.
  2. Thanks again for your help krlenjushka I have it working now
  3. http://depositfiles.com/files/qdg7q5ly9 Thanks krlenjushka
  4. I have the following ranking settings Round Winner Rankings Loser Rankings (Current-Highest-Lowest) Preliminary Round 0-0-8 9-- Group Stage - 5 teams per group, 1st place and 4 best 2nd placed teams qualify for next round Position Current Ranking Highest Ranking Lowest Ranking 1st Place 0 0 0 4 2nd Place 1 5 0 5 3rd Place 2 6 6 6 4th Place 3 7 7 7 5th Place 4 8 8 8 Round Winner Rankings Loser Rankings (Current-Highest-Lowest) Last 16 0-0-3 4-4-4 QF 0-0-2 3-3-3 SF 0-0-1 2-2-2 Final 0-0-0 1-1-1
  5. I've modified the Scottish League cup to follow the new format, I've given it 3 stages, preliminary, group and knockout. The cup plays through exactly how I want it too however no history is ever added to the competition e.g. play through 3 seasons, the cup plays right through for each season but the past winners are never added, I've noticed that the cup only takes stats from the first stage. Any ideas what could be causing this?
  6. I've used this setting and the top 4 (European) clubs now avoid the group stage. However a problem with this is that the Scottish Cup winner qualifies for Europe and unless they finish in the top 4 in the League they will now play in the group stage which we want to avoid, is there any other way of making teams who have qualified for Europe enter at a later stage which isn't dependent on league position finish?
  7. I've got most aspects working including the bonus points in the group stage but have been unable thus far to get the European teams entering the second round, so far I have only been able to make the bottom 4 clubs do this instead
  8. Thanks LCpl that's done the trick, I just need to work out why the competition history is not working now
  9. I've made a cup competition with 3 stages, the cup plays through to completion season after season. However the competition never adds to the cup history so the cup winners are never recorded etc. I've also notice that stats only come from teams who entered in the first stage too, is there specific settings I need to make so that stats from all teams entering at different stages are used and that a competition winner is added to the history or have I found a bug? Also I have a group stage with 8 groups, right now 1st and 2nd place qualify for next round but I want to change this to reflect the new Scottish League Cup format with the 8 winners and 4 best runners up progressing instead, any idea if this is possible
  10. Perfect Thanks very much for your help krlenjushka it's very much appreciated!
  11. Thanks for trying but its still skipping the 4th round and the quarter final for some reason
  12. Tried that but still have the same problem
  13. Here's the file mate http://depositfiles.com/files/coupr8gpo
  14. I've edited the Scottish League Cup into a tournament with a Preliminary Round, Group Stage and Knockout Round sections. Having validated the rules and tested in game I have a bizarre problem which I can't get my head around, I'm unsure if this a problem with my settings within the editor or a bug within the editor/game. So this is the post season schedule; Stage 0 - Preliminary Round Stage 1 - Group Stage Stage 2 - Knockout Phase The Preliminary and Group stages are working exactly how I want them, however I'm having problems with the Knockout rounds; from the group stage 2 teams per group should qualify to the Fourth round, this is shown in the in game group stage rules. However on completion of the group stage the schedule somehow changes and the 4th round and quarter final are skipped, giving me this new schedule. Stage 2 kicks in at the Semi final stage with 12 teams given a bye to the next round and the two finalists not being teams involved in the semi final! These are my editor settings; Stage 2 Rounds Stage 1 Qualification Rules Stage 2 Team Rules Another issue is when getting player/team stats from the tournament its only giving stats from teams involved in stage o off the competition. Does anyone have any idea if I've gone wrong anywhere or if this is perhaps a bug?
  15. That was my thiking too however Berwick Rangers have a B team that play in the east of scotlad league, so it can work. However there B team will probally be the same as there youth team, In my mind these teams could run B teams but not alongside youth teams. My idea was to go with option 2, place B teams for bigger teams in the highland/lowland league to make up the numbers as I'll be promoting 10 teams to League 1 to make up the numbers. The other B teams could be in leagues at the very bottom of the pyramid with promotion places into the juniors etc.. Obviously such a change to a structure would take decades so yeah all these changes at once are not realistic, but I want the changes to seem realistic, e.g. As 1967 increasing reputations and money would be realistic which I wont be doing
  16. Some interesting ideas, I'll be sticking to a 16/18 team top flight as thats what I would like to see happen in real life, I had done a similar file for FM15 which split the league into 4 sections simiar to the Belgian set up but this did'nt seem to go down very well! I agree about the lack of a proper pyarmid system and will look to create one with the East/South of Scotland leagues feeding into the Lowland league with East and West Junior league feeding into those. Along with the North Caladonian league feeding into tue Highland league and again North junior leagues feeding into that! In regards to B teams I want to include them and have 3 ideas to do this! 1. Create B teams for all sides and scrap the youth Leagues 2. Create B teams for the top 20 clubs and keep the youth Leagues in place. 3. Create B teams for all sides and only have a youth League for the SPL and Championship What are peoples thoughts on this?
  17. As always I’ll be aiming to start a long term save in Scotland with FM16, however like most people I find the current structure rather boring. I’m aiming to make an alternative league structure for Scotland and thought it would be good to bounce some ideas around with anyone else interested. My aim is to create a new more exciting but somewhat realistic new structure which looks to tackle issues effecting Scottish football, these issues are; Staleness (playing teams at least 4 times per season in the league) Too small a top league Too many ‘league’ clubs Regionalisation of smaller league Teams poor form in Europe. The Leagues My initial idea is to turn the SPL and Championship into two 16 team leagues where clubs play each other twice, giving us 30 games, an even number of home/away games and no daft gimmicky splits. 2 Teams would be relegated to the division below and the 3rd bottom club would enter the relegation playoff system. These 30 teams would become the main league teams Below this I’m thinking off merging League 1 and 2 into a regionalised League 1 (North & South), each league would have 10 teams who play each other 4 times a season. The top team off each league would be promoted to the Championship while the teams finishing second in each league would meet in a two legged playoff with the winners facing the team finishing 14th in the Championship in a promotion playoff. 2 teams will be relegated from each division into the Highland/Lowland pyramid below. The idea of regionalising these leagues is to make the transition in expanding the league pyramid more finically manageable for smaller sides. The League Cup To address the loss of 8 league games for SPL sides and 6 for Championship sides I propose a new format to the League Cup. 12 clubs from the Highland/Lowland pyramid and 20 clubs from League 1 North & South will play 1 qualifying round, 16 teams from the Championship will then enter facing the winners in a second qualifying round. The winners from the second qualifying round will then join the 16 SPL teams in a group stage with 4 teams to a group playing 6 games, all games will be played from the start of July to mid-August before the season starts. This is designed to give clubs match practise before playing European qualifiers, the games from the last 16, will be played throughout the season on weekend dates The Scottish Cup and Petrofac Cup will retain their current structure. B Teams I’m also toying with the idea of ‘B’ teams lower down within the structure, my initial thoughts where that not all teams could finance a full time B team, however teams like Berwick Rangers and Peterhead have had B teams playing in the lower leagues. So do I give all teams B teams, just the top teams or no teams at all?
  18. I'm looking to get myself a new laptop which will mainly be used for FM (running 4/5 nations per save) and watching Films, I'm looking for a HD screen, good processor and good graphics from a budget off £600; I have found the following four and I'm just looking for a bit off feedback or any other suggestions http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/9S7-16GD51-1829-MSI-CX61-2QF-1829UK_1803392.html http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/CB-CZ5840-756MF-Cube-Chameleon-CZ-5840_1737790.html http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/X555LJ-DM541H-ASUS-X555LJ-DM541H_1771352.html http://www.ebuyer.com/715555-msi-cx61-2qf-gaming-laptop-9s7-16gd51-1829
  19. We don't need a stadium editor, too have realisitc stadia in the 3d engine all we need is a tool which can convert .3ds files into the .sia format used by FM, that way the community can build and use stadia if they want too and SI can concentrate on improving more important parts of the game
  20. I am trying to create a domestic cup with 2 qualification rounds leading into a group stage and then onto the knockout rounds, Champions League/Europa League style. I've tried a few settings and even tried copying the advanced rules for the Champions League however no matter what I try I keep getting a "no teams found for stage 1 (Group stage)" error when validating the settings in the editor. I have split the competition into 3 sections; Stage 1 - Qualifiers Stage 2 - Group Stage Stage 3 - Knockout Stage Within my stage 0 settings I have the following fate action to qualify the winners into the group stage; Qualify team for stage, second qualifying phase, winning team, 1, group stage And within the stage 1 settings I have the following team rules to add the qualified teams to my group; Get qualified teams from stage, 0, qualifying round, second qualifying phase However I have had no luck, does anyone have any ideas as to what else I could try?
  21. The stadium Template file is used to assign a specific stadium template and layout to specific clubs, so far only Watford and Stevenage have entries in this and adding other clubs has so far had no results. For what its worth I dont belive any stadium editor should ever be incuded with FM and even being able to add 3D stadiums as much as I would love to see it, shouldnt be a pressing priotirty for FM16
  22. Yeah it's a possibility I guess, it's all just guess work until SI come and say why this isn't possible and I'm not holding my breath on that happening anytime soon. Just a pity this has never been addressed as IMO it would add a lot to the 3D engine and crack up the realism a fair bit too, even being able to edit the Stadium_templates.xml settings to manipulate the current stadia appearances would be a step forward!
  23. I don't know tobe honest, I wouldnt think so as these would be unofficial addons with nothing to do with SI, there are massive FIFA and PES communities who build and import stadiums and if there where leagal issues here then surely FIFA and PES would hardcode there games to prevent these form being added too! If we can add our own unofficial unlicensed logos, kits, players faces, adbaords etc why are stadia treated differently?
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