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  1. I imagine cos1 and cos2 are abbreviations of Client Object 1 and Client Object 2. The others will have similar meanings. In this case, simply a way of keeping track I assume.
  2. @wkdsoul Haha you found it too. Annoyingly, whilst testing, I realised that it doesn't lead to the true Competition Overview. It takes you to your domestic league table which is somewhat of a sub section. Same as: <event id="click_event" event_id="GCDR" event_target="glob" /> GCMS and GCDR both lead to almost the same place. Quite bizarre, It is however an option. I have now tested over 3000 buttons and will perhaps wait on an answer from one of the Devs on Twitter. I am now in conversation with one of the lovely chaps at SI and he said he'll get back to me properly tomorrow/over
  3. Haha @wkdsoul I did this morning 😂 I added them all on Twitter and politely asked a couple if they could lend me a hand. I do however think that their workload will be pretty high if they have only just gone back after COVID. Fingers crossed though. Till then, it's trial and error. I'm generating several hundred buttons at a time and clicking them one by one to see which ones work. I've identified a couple other ID's that way but not the ones I'm after. Could be a while. Should be ready for FM21 😂
  4. I have yeah @wkdsoul, though perhaps the abbreviations will help to guess the actual event_id. I'll give it a shot. Cheers.
  5. Unfortunately so @Wozzie. As of several minutes ago I have checked every single XML file possible, including every one in the Football Manager 2020 Program Files folder. I even checked the App Data at App Data/Local/Sports Interactive and there's nothing listed anywhere. I can however tell you in case you are interested, the event_id and event_target pairings I have so far came from the shortcut_entries.xml. I had a brainwave and thought that there must be a list of the event_ids for the shortcuts and I was right. Listed in there is an event_id and event_target for most sidebar buttons as
  6. @wkdsoul Cheers for the info fella. Yeah it seems as though changing the existing menu is out of the question. However I have made considerable progress. @bluestillidie00 It may be possible after all. I have managed to put together an entire row of working icons except for "Competitions" and "Development Centre". Once I have the event ID's for them, we'll be in business. Using all of the ID's I have. I can try and guess the remaining two IDs but that has been troublesome so far. Finally, this is only half the battle as we would also need event IDs for all of
  7. Task: Horizontal Sidebar Introduction: Whilst experimenting, has anyone ever managed to get a functioning horizontal sidebar? I created a mock up recently and I've been experimenting with it since. I am halfway there though I've hit a snag. The first image I have attached is the mock up and the second is what I have achieved so far. What I did initially: I created a 36x36 container and put the sidebar widget from 'client object browser' into it. I used the inset method to adjust which portion of the sidebar is visible so as to get a different icon
  8. It really is a shame, especially when a Public Beta is released several weeks before the game, that the released product that goes on sale has countless bugs/issues/errors etc. I don't mean to bash the game. I love the update to the user interface, the improved Manager Editor (which doesn't work) and the addition of several new features. However, I feel as though the BETA should have at least been released with an older database at least two months ago considering the amount of problems. Game play issues such as the sheer idiocy in regards to player decisions really breaks the immersion o
  9. How To Change Your Manager Picture Without Starting A New Game Just did a bit of D.I.Y and had a bit of a breakthrough. In order to change your picture without having to start a new save, do the following: Start a new career and select the new picture you would like to use in your existing save. Save the new game and exit. Download the 'Football Manager 2019 Resource Archiver' Change the extension of your NEW save AND your EXISTING save in C:\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\games from .fm to .fmf Run the 'Football Manager 2019 Resource Arch
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