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  1. Finished Assignments (Dark Theme) are difficult to read due to the black text on the dark grey background. In comparison to other inbox messages, it looks as though a panel is miscoloured and the text should be white.
  2. It really is a shame, especially when a Public Beta is released several weeks before the game, that the released product that goes on sale has countless bugs/issues/errors etc. I don't mean to bash the game. I love the update to the user interface, the improved Manager Editor (which doesn't work) and the addition of several new features. However, I feel as though the BETA should have at least been released with an older database at least two months ago considering the amount of problems. Game play issues such as the sheer idiocy in regards to player decisions really breaks the immersion of this game. Time and time again players are 2 vs 1 against the opposition Goalkeeper, a square ball and a tap in away from scoring, only to either sky it, blast it wide, shoot into the side netting or simply be foiled by the keeper. Not once in any scenario does a player even consider squaring the ball for an easy tap in. Everything that builds up to that moment such as the tactics, player positions, in game shouts and even player transfers to create the "perfect" team...it all comes crashing down when things like this are encountered so frequently. Furthermore, it man not be entirely crucial to the game, though the 3D Face Gen/Manager Editor has been broken since the release of the BETA. Countless posts have been submitted and to be fair I have seen slight improvements to the 3D models to remove clipping etc. though once a 3D face is generated, none of the editor sliders do a thing. Can't modify skin tone, can't change the dimensions of the managers face or ensure he has the perfect jaw line :P It's surprising that these bugs even made it to the BETA stage as they are pretty obvious and one of the first parts of the game experience a player encounters when starting a new career. Moreover, graphical overlays (possibly due to animation timings), match engine stuttering (even on super high end systems), missing game options such as offering a player for loan and demanding a monthly fee (in the personal assistant section). It screams of a lacking of time, development staff, testing etc. It is understood that games often have glitches here and there, though this game seems unfinished despite its beta release and its full release this very day. Can I play the game? Sure, it "works". Does it work as intended? No. Is the immersion of the playing experience disrupted by these many factors I have listed? In my opinion, yes. If anything, I would like it to be noted that come next year when the inevitable FM2021 is to be released, please ensure it is at least worthy of the money spent on it, especially considering that many people are essentially moving to it from a product that IS presumably fully functioning due to a full year of updates etc. I appreciate that there is a very small amount of time to work on updates and improvement considering a new title is released every year, though if the team is too small to cope with the demand, increase the size of the team. Increase the price of the game a little if need be in order to ensure that come the release date, the product is at least near to being faultless. Cheers for the hard work that has been done on the game. Hopefully I'll be able to play it in the coming weeks when more updates have been released.
  3. How To Change Your Manager Picture Without Starting A New Game Just did a bit of D.I.Y and had a bit of a breakthrough. In order to change your picture without having to start a new save, do the following: Start a new career and select the new picture you would like to use in your existing save. Save the new game and exit. Download the 'Football Manager 2019 Resource Archiver' Change the extension of your NEW save AND your EXISTING save in C:\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\games from .fm to .fmf Run the 'Football Manager 2019 Resource Archiver' tool Select 'Extract Archive' Select your EXISTING save and extract it to a folder called 'Existing' (or whatever helps you keep track). Select 'Extract Archive' again Select your NEW save and extract it to a folder called 'New' (or whatever helps you keep track). Close the 'Football Manager 2019 Resource Archiver' tool Open up the location where you extracted your NEW save. Inside will be a folder with the title of your saved game. You will see a file with a name similar to this 'human_portrait_1915404706.dat' (This is your NEW picture). Open up the location where you extracted your EXISTING save. Inside will be a folder with the title of your saved game. Again, you will see a file with a name similar to this 'human_portrait_1915404706.dat' (This is your OLD picture). Change the file name of the NEW 'human_portrait' file, to the name of the EXISTING 'human_portrait' file and overwrite it by placing it in the EXISTING directory folder. Open the 'Football Manager 2019 Resource Archiver' Select 'Create Archive' Select the folder within the EXISTING archive which has the name of your saved game. Save the archive to your saved game folder located at C:\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\games Change the extension of the new archive back to .fm Load your saved game and you should see that you have an updated picture. Additionally, removing the 'human_portrait' file entirely brings back your 3D Avatar. This hack also allows you to add pictures to saved games created before installing the Manager Picture Mod. Simply ensure the ID number of the 'human_portrait' file matches your managers ID. You may notice initially that your new saved game file is considerably larger. However, upon loading and saving the game, the size of the file will return to normal. Let me know how you all get on. Have a good one!
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