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  1. Sooo...having an amazing time playing with Dergview (Irish team), having a 3 game win-streak and got curious whether mentality actually affected my team?.. 'cause I won all my games with a comeback in each! I was 0:1 down in my first game, changed the mentality to attacking and won the game later 3:1! 2nd game I was 2:0 down and again changed the mentality to attacking and won the game 4:2! sensational! But it really got me thinking..whether mentality affected my game? Please be sure to give your experiences and your thoughts! Cheers!
  2. Good stuff! Also curious to know what team you're managing and what league?
  3. Hey! In order to gain more possession just play short passes with slower tempo or just play short passes as they give you more possession! If your opponent plays a formation with 3 upfront then I suggest playing control or defensive, based on the team your playing! For example, if your team's like Huddersfield and if your facing against Man City, then you might just play Contain as they could easily get the ball off of you and start a counter attack and most probably score a goal! At the moment I'm managing a Irish club who are in the second division (forgot the name lol) and if you're managing a lower league team like me, then I suggest you play 4-4-1-1 or 4-4-2 formation! I play 4-4-1-1! So I started the season by playing friendlies and my team played crappy football even though I had more shot and on targets than my opponent! My team was just not clinical and my defence was total crap! I didn't have enough transfer budget, so decided to loan around 3 players and bought in 1 free transfers! The one player I bought was a striker who didn't have great attributes but was a pretty good finisher and I played him in my first league game! In my first league game, we were 1-0 down but later made an amazing comeback and won the game 3-1! I suggest you play in a controlled mentality because it also doesn't let your players to play in a hurried manner and take the game slowly and also brings in some goals so that you win! ALSO Bring in some quality players in the squad! They need not have super amazing attributes either! Just bring in a player who would suit your playing style! For example, I've got wingers who can cross really well, so I decided to bring in a tall Target man! Thanks for taking time to read all this lol! Be sure to give me your opinion about my saying! Cheers!
  4. Soo Hello guys! Recently started a journeyman save on fmm and chose Rotherham as my starter club! It's been a hard time at Rotherham really... Preseason went alright got 2 wins out of 3.! But the championship is falling apart for me!! In 8 games I've only won 2, I drew 3 and lost 3 sitting 23rd position 2 points above Bolton.! I had a Man United save before and had done sooo good! I won the Prem, the FA cup and got to the quarters of Carabao cup and semi's in the UCL! But my run of form at Rotherham isn't the same as ManU. so I would love some tips for Lower league management! Cheers.
  5. Just curious to know whether Journeyman is possible on FM19 mobile version? If it is, then have any of you guys tried it out? Be sure to tell me your experience!
  6. It's a cracked version of the game. It's the 2016 version.
  7. So recently decided to play some FM16 just for fun sake.. and got it downloaded. It worked fine for 3 days or so and later all of a sudden it started showing an error!! Please help me with this as I've tried many solutions to get this game working but it none worked
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