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  1. Totally this. If Brexit is going to be cobbled into the game, then for Pete's sake straighten the scouting out.
  2. Pre-ordered FM2021 to support the workers at the company.
  3. Not in the current game, but a feature request for down the line.
  4. Coaching courses are something that managers should be able to negotiate for in contracts.
  5. I got laughing about this because I had a high school coach who would yell at us to "concentrate!" or "focus!" whenever he thought we were drifting a bit on the field - regardless of the score. So, I instinctively did this in FM to less than desirable results.
  6. Totally agree. The context of each shout should be made clear up front in game- not just on these boards. After that, it is up to the manager to employ them productively in the match.
  7. What specific attributes should l look for in an AM if I want him to handle general training and mentoring? Man Management?
  8. Advice form the AM continues to provide little more than mirth, and obscures more than it illuminates.
  9. I also played FM like a morale game and clicked a lot of buttons before and after matches. A lot of buttons. Then, I got tired of it and quit cold turkey. My teams still over perform and win successive promotions, plus an assortment of domestic and Europa/Champions trophies. Nothing changed - except now I click fewer buttons. Your mileage may vary.
  10. The game should absolutely be more clear with all staff positions. Why this continues to be a mystery is a mystery. What does adding extra physios actually do? Is 1 enough? 2? 10? And yes, I get that the number might be subjective for FM players, but where is the point of marginal utility? Too many of these staff positions come across as window dressing to spend money on, which leaves us operating in an information vacuum.
  11. I bought FM2020 to support the company, but will stick with an older version until some of the kinks get worked out. Nothing worse than investing weeks in a new save and then having to restart to avoid some issues.
  12. Work the Space, The Reckonist, the various folks on the FM Scout Channel, FoxInTheBoxFM, etc. Some also have twitch channels.
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