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  1. Nobody knows for sure. It is one of those things tucked under the hood. I've had world class defenders with great technique on CL winning teams, and world class defenders with poor technique. As such, I focus on how players perform in my system and less about attributes.
  2. When you say that one of the wingers plays more centrally, does your formation use the IW(SU)/ FB(A) pairing or something similar? I have always enjoyed the elegant simplicity of a 442, and find myself gravitating to it time and again.
  3. Good grief, do I hate seeing the AI line up in this formation. My team unleashes hell on them for 89 minutes, getting nowhere. And then lose 1-0 on some fluke set piece goal from the opponent!
  4. Been enjoying this tactic with Hoffenheim - appreciate your efforts. So far, very solid at the back. A couple of observations. The two IF(su) are clogging the middle a bit with the AM (at) and I have switched one to IW(su), but not played enough matches to see a difference. Was scoring most of our goals via set pieces and rebounds and grinding out 1-0, 2-0 victories. A win is a win! Since I have speed and good ball handling, vision, passing skills on my front four, I added Pass into Space, and now I am seeing some nice through balls resulting in some fine goals.
  5. I am no tactical expert, but consider the merits of of the following-- You are playing too deep in your own half and inviting your opponent to play right outside your goal. Raise your defensive line to standard/higher, depending upon the quality of your CDs compared to the league. Shift LOE to Lower (not much lower). This will keep you compact, provide more of a mid-block so that you can challenge for and win the ball back higher up the pitch. I would put both my CDs on Defend duty, and shift your defense width to force opponents outside. If you have tall defenders, with good jumping
  6. This board requirement should either be clarified/fixed in game or deleted by the developers until it can be implemented more rationally.
  7. Try asking your board for a Senior Affiliate and then have a scout from your team conduct a Team Report on your Senior Affiliate to identify potential players they will loan to you. The benefit of this is that Senior Affiliates will usually loan you players for free, while other teams may try to assign you some portion of the player's salary and/or a monthly fee.
  8. Have one of your scouts produce a Team Report on your Senior Affiliate and you will eventually receive a scout report listing potential loan players.
  9. I am working out the kinks in a 4-4-2 and using a similar midfield. How do you recommend setting your IW and W in terms of support or attack? My current tactic is using IW(A) and W(S).
  10. Has the issue of Scouts recommending players that can not gain a work permit been fixed? Will "player is eligible for a work permit" (or something similar) be added to the Scouting Assignments criteria? For players that are not eligible for a work permit, will some indication of why they are not be added?
  11. Totally this. If Brexit is going to be cobbled into the game, then for Pete's sake straighten the scouting out.
  12. Pre-ordered FM2021 to support the workers at the company.
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