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  1. Excellent skin. Thanks for the fixes @budwaiser4
  2. Not sure situations created by the editor are deemed bug-worthy. In theorem Man City's affiliates are presented as development, feeder, youth strategy, but in reality they are simply a means to launder money in and out of the parent companies for tax avoidance purposes, so we don't see much inter-club activity in real life.
  3. Yes, last year I tinkered with affiliates to see if players would move on loan or to parent clubs. Broken element of game. Probably because it doesn't happen. I gave Edinburgh City some affiliates with same board, lends players etc etc, but rarely saw anything move between clubs. Where-ever I manage I like to have small groups of 3-4 players on loan at my feeder clubs looking to aid them whilst increasing their own standing and using them to develop U21's who are not part of my first team.
  4. I recall around the time of Icelands exploits in the Euro's that I gave some German and English teams an Icelandic affiliate. This gave them some Iceland regens at the time, some decent, but either it, or I, didn't do it properly in Fm19
  5. I'm unsure. In FM19, I changed all the major leagues rules to either 10HG & 6HGC players in squad, or 14 players in squad who were HG in Club or Nation, and did this as a means of combating FM's stupid ability to build squads with players who don't meet HG criteria. Didn't work, clubs like Man City just bought a fourth world class RB who was never picked in a squad because he was deemed foreign. I think league rules are the most effective place to increase home-grown player transfers, but even extreme measures like same nationality rule seem to see teams buying foreigners they can't use still.
  6. You can, but chairman don't always match the nationality of the club. A Scottish club with a Brazilian chairman makes life difficult as a manager because you can't scout that far afield and they don't wan't to play in a low rep league, for example.
  7. Anglo-Scottish Super Cups: Premier League Champions versus Scottish Premiership Champions The Emirates FA Cup Winners versus William Hill Scottish Cup Winners Loaded up older FM's to run realistic games with existing squads in order to add history for immersion purposes, some surprises, not many.
  8. Also noticed if I create a new game it's there. Save FM and close, restart and it's gone. So it's not a couple of seasons, it disappears when something else is reassigned?
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