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  1. Worth noting that it's happening in games without this mod too. Canadian regens are all european and most of them see no benefit in taking canadian nationality. Odd.
  2. Seems sensible. Probably wasn't in line with trending 'woke' themes to have south americans down as dirty players lack sportsmanship in a database like this - something of an 80's throwback.
  3. Yup, my last three or four updates to a series of competitions have not given me an option to update the existing file.
  4. Seen a couple of files where there are changes to nations that might be either geopolitical or religious rivals, example a file from an israeli user in FM17(? or 16) where the attribute settings for personal attributes had been reduced to minimum for all adjacent arab countries, couple of Scottish/English files where the 'auld enemy' had been tampered with. I've seen files where the sportsmanship rating for the entire man city team had been reduced to 1 despite the file being a competition with no changes to players declared. I guess they used an old file, or perhaps it was intentional. Always worth checking the file you download in the editor though, there's been a surprising number that contain changes outwith what you expect to have installed.
  5. Yeah, I noticed all my newgens in Sweden were Welsh, with typical English names. Can't see why though?
  6. Bury will be messy as Englands advanced rules contain a lot of extra rule sets added to accommodate the changes to club numbers, relegations, promotions etc. AFCON will require new continrntal rules, but the editor STILL doesn't allow for coefficents so anything built is fundamentally broken.
  7. Probably a legal thing. I've seen a couple of editor files where certain (seemingly rival) countries have been 'maligned' shall we say... Didn't they remove certain behaviour or character related command lines or editor options in the past?
  8. Agree, the linear and unrealistic interactions make this element of the game both a chore and an annoyance. Similarly, I'd like to be able have my assistant manager convey my praise to all those who have trained well, whilst expecting some minor concern that their training performance didn't get them into the match day squad.
  9. Random, I've not had a chance to look, but does Bristol City v Millwall still feature as a grudge match in the database or the file?
  10. Yeah, it's fine. I realise they have to learn the new dialect, so English shows up in the profile, the intensive course is for Southern British English. (Shouldn't Liverpool be Northern?)
  11. Yeah, I noted that Liverpool's foreigners all have some English, but the likes of Trent have no language at all and need to be taught southern british english. Hey ho, I'm too heavily invested in 3 days of scouting, staff signings and training/tactics to start over so it'll pass.
  12. Um, this is weird, but none of my English players speak English? They all need an intensive language course??
  13. Which..... is what the creator is aiming for You do you
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