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  1. I think it's just the visual impression caused by peculiarities of 2D match rendering where 'circles' (or whatever the community accepted term for 2D players is - I even met 'ladybirds') may 'seep' or 'ghost' through each other. But I guess this 'seeping' or 'ghosting' happens when certain calculations are made, like RNG (or whatever mechanics rules it in FM) decides that in that certain moment the attacker's value for breaking free is more than defender's marking value. 15-20 header goals is too much of course but also there's no 'always efficient' marking in football, especially
  2. I know. The weirder it looks. I even tried to replay the same matches in 2D and 3D, and in 2D they look and feel more natural, logical and realistic. Maybe, 'feel' is the key word though
  3. As for tactics mechanics and match engine of older FMs (let's broaden the scope to 2005-2012, until tablet GUI and tablet philosophy as a whole finally swallowed us, chewed up and spat out for good), after having done some testing I found FM2011 very coherent and convincing, balanced between simplicity/accessibility and depth/realism. And no enganches and raumdeuters and other empty words that give hipsters the illusion they know football and have control. FM2010 looks truly ugly and still has the players role-system newly implemented and underdeveloped, while FM2012 is also very ugly and seem
  4. FM2008-2009 have the best GUI methinks. In every later version you are besieged and bombarded from all sides by megatons of excess information presented every time in more and more indigestible forms. FM2008-2009 have the last PC-friendly GUI. From then on, the tablet rectangular view comes to pester us. FM was always an Excel-game but since 2010 this growing Excel-ness began to kill the charm for me. Skins don't help much (the default ones are better as a rule), and it's not that skins being bad but about the form of presentation of information, the very layout of blocks, tabs, menus. And whi
  5. Another representative fact for me is the growing abundance of 'super-winning tactics' in the later FM iterations. Posts like 'Killer 4-4-2 for Gil Vicente, 5 championships and 5 UEFA CL cups (we beat Real Madrid five times 5:0 in every final!) in five years!' are aplenty now. I do deeply respect Gil Vicente but the grade of realism (in terms of the impact of tactics on season results) is steadily decreasing every year, despite SI efforts to make it more 'realistic'.
  6. I would be even more surprised if the term trequartista would be as cleanly and thoroughly understood by players around the rest of the world as it is understood by players in Italy.
  7. Talking about 'realism', I can't imagine a manager telling a player "John, now I want you to be a trequartista" or "a deep-lying playmaker" or something So these 'player roles' seem to be just the preset 'sets of sliders' anyway, just like a manager tells "John, now I want you to hold the ball more often as long as you can, looking for chances for more through balls" or "just look for Peter's head, he'll do the rest of the job" and so on.
  8. This exactly was ever my concern about FM games: in each next version they add some stuff that game AI seems to cope with harder and harder. It's like the same old discussion on 'simulation or videogame' topic. Being a fan of old-school CRPGs and strategy games I'm rather in 'videogame' camp. Trying to imitate reality and simulate the real life of a football manager as wholly as possible is a wrong way IMO. There must be a distance between me and game world, a level of abstraction. If I'd want to play real football I'd play real football as I did in my long past teen years. So I look at my
  9. Quite a helpful link, Svenc, thanks. BTW, I may be wrong but isn't touchline instructions, shoutouts and the such just more convenient and easy-to-use presentation of measures to affect your team playing that had been already implemented in previous FM iterations? I mean am I not capable to change the same things in FM2006-2009 by pausing and messing with submenus, sliders and so on? The new GUI was the first change that drove me off the newer FMs. The second was the step-by-step introduction of plenty of 'non-football' things like opulent media interaction and other babbling. Yes,
  10. Hi to all, newbie here. Sorry in advance if I posted it in inappropriate forum section. I'm a fan of older (VERY older) versions of FM, namely from 2006 to 2009 (until a new fashionable GUI appeared, in fact). Still (paradoxically) having not so much experience in them (I just recently rediscovered scratched-over CD boxes in a long-forgotten carton box). So I'd want to ask the elders of football wars and hear from true veterans of the series, in which version from 2006 to 2009 the match AI and match engine (does not matter it being 2D or - as in case of 2009 - 3D) are the most rel
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