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  1. As someone who plays Celtic every year, I get what you mean. I've had countless double figure wins against sides in the qualifiers. Even in my current save I beat Sheriff 10-0 at home. One thing I do think needs looked at though is the boards expectations for Europe results for Scottish sides, Celtic especially. Being a season ticket holder, I can tell you if we were to draw 0-0 with Bayern Munich at home I would be chuffed. If we were to have a very competitive match against A. Madrid and just marginally lose 1-0, I again be proud of the performance. However, the board in the VERY FIRST SEASON with the current squad are concerned about these results which is absolutely mental. Bearing in mind that we've not even been in the Champions League for the last 2 seasons and when we were under Brendan Rodgers we had countless humiliations (E.G PSG etc). For the board to be concerned about a close 1-0 defeat to A.Madrid and a 0-0 draw with Bayern is nuts and definitely not anywhere near our realistic expectations in real life. I would like to see this looked at at one stage. even if it is for FM 21.
  2. Would you mind showing goal types? I would be curious to see the amount of goals from headers you've had considering the amount of goals which have led from crosses.
  3. https://gyazo.com/ab6b876f0cde629475c63afcb5f2930a The above sums FM20's match engine up this year in a nutshell. That game finished 2-1 in my favor, both my goals coming from set plays, despite missing three 1v1s (all CCC) and dominating the game possession wise and in terms of chances. The AI on the other hand are presented with one highlight. one clear cut chance and one goal. I'm not complaining, I'm used to it at this point but when I have my side playing hungry possession football and the short passing game, it's quite annoying that the majority of my goals come from set pieces and headers. This is across multiple saves, different formation and style set ups. In one game, I played a side over two legs and had 52 shots, 30 on target across both of them, scored 2 goals and both were headers. At the end of the day, I'm still winning games and having successful saves so it doesn't stop me having success but it does take away some enjoyment from the game itself, especially watching the matches. Anyways, this is the last time I'll post feed back on this years edition as I feel like I'm repeating myself at this point and I would be incredibly surprised if there was any other patches (not like that guarantees anything anyway). It's a good game but in my opinion the worst ME for years, FM 18 & FM 19 are poorer games but have a better ME in my opinion. This is an opinion based on months of game play since the game has came out and with multiple saves so I've gave the game enough time to change my mind. Due to this, I will certainly be holding off on the pre-ordering FM21 until we know the state of the ME. (Again this is just my opinion based on my experience of the game since release) P.S Thought I would provide another example - https://gyazo.com/f95cc0096b343dcd5424154614adc3f9 In the link above, this game finished 1-0 and the goal? You guessed it. Header from a corner. Last example, I promise but this one was too good not to share. https://gyazo.com/43dba2ec7aade8934e92ca1b5b3ef830 https://gyazo.com/38cd6b0295e7cf9b2d9f85c6e9faaf14 Backs up my points perfectly.
  4. FINAL DAY OF THE SEASON FINAL DAY FIXTURES As you can see, promotion may be wrapped up but the league title is still all to play for. We're away to MK Dons who are 15th while Blackpool are at home to Tranmere Rovers who are 10th. It's simple, Blackpool win, they are champions HOWEVER, if they do not win then all we need to do is BETTER their result and we can snatch the league title on the last day of the season. CHAMPIONS!!! Absolute scenes! Blackpool bottle it on the final day of the season and concede right at the end to allow us to nip in and steal the title. Buzzing and completely over the moon as this was not expected at all considering how the season started. Generally would have been happy getting playoffs so to end up going up as champions really is something. We did our part by beating MK Dons 2-0 but it wasn't until the final minutes were the title swayed over to Coventry! Touaizi getting the second to confirm our victory and as you will see in the next update where I show you his form, he become absolutely unplayable in the latter stages of the season and was banging them in for fun. One of only 2 signings we were able to bring in due to our Manchester City link. ....and of course this means we actually did the double! Which is quite incredible really! Next season is going to be a huge challenge, the squad has not been improved outside of only those 2 loans from Manchester City. Our finances are horrendous and we have no money to improve the squad HOWEVER the board are actively trying to sell the club and with the promotion to the Championship, I'm hoping we can see some money pumped in to the club in time to give me a fighting chance of staying in the Championship next season! (Next update will show full league positions, team of year, awards, stats etc etc)
  5. Now on to the league campaign. The results are below, starting with October to January then February to April. OCT - JAN FEB - APR Which means,,, Overall I'm absolutely delighted with the how the season has went. We got off to a rocky start but as you can see from January we really hit on and went on an insane run of form. I personally found the small changes I made to the formation made a huge difference, for example I usually always play positive however switching it to balance seemed to have a much better effect for the majority of the games. Also playing the 4-1-4-1 DM wide away from home while the 4-2-3-1 wide at home seemed to be a nice balance. However...the the season is not done there, there is ONE league game left and you may have guessed, it's quite an important one.
  6. So, when I started this threat I was already quite far ahead in the first season and the plan was to catch up before carrying on but that was ambitious. Anyone who has the FM bug knows it's easy to get carried away and hard to stop so I have decided to get us all up to date, I'm going to be reviewing the season with this update. To make it easier to understand, I'll categorize each competition below. Starting with the domestic cup competitions in this update. EFL CUP - 2nd Round (Board Expectation 2nd round) FA CUP - 3rd Round (Board Expectation 3rd round) EFL Leasing.Com Trophy - Winners (Board Expectation Not Important) Final Excellent season in terms of domestic cup competitions as we achieved all targets set bv the board in the EFL & FA Cup. Well beaten by Fulham in the EFL Cup which is no real surprise and disappointingly put out by Fleetwood at home in the FA Cup which was certainly a winnable tie to have potentially got a cup run going but overall, we achieved the minimum targets set by the board to keep them happy. The highlight of course being the fact we won the EFL Leasing.Com Trophy, which the board were not bothered about at the beginning of the season but it's always nice to get a trip to Wembley and even better to pick up silverware! Was a comfortable final against Doncaster, an early penalty set us in our way before Poveda put is in the driving seat at half time. We aw the game out comfortably in the second half with good game management and gave the city of Coventry something to cheer once again.
  7. So August wasn't a great start to the season, with 3 defeats in a row in the league, the first two being at home. Very hard done by though, we were very much in the games against Sunderland and Oxford United however they were more clinical than us. We did pick up an expected win the cup against lower league opposition to stop the morale from taking a hammering however it then took a hammering with an embarrassing defeat away to Rochdale. The result doesn't show the entire picture, we were far by the better team, had twice the amount of shots and 4 clear cut chances in comparison to there 0, yet again we wasted ours and they were clinical. The story of our season until that point. However we ended the month strongly as we finally found where the net was and turned our domination in games in to results, starting with a 5-2 hammering of Bolton and then a comfortable 3-1 away win at Southend to shoot us up the table. We won't mention the Fulham result, it speaks for itself really. We continued our league from from the end of August in to the start of September with a tight victory at home over Gilllingham. We had more chances to have made the scoreline more comfortable however 3 points is 3 points and our first clean sheet of the season too! We dispatched Bournemouths Under 23's before repeating the Gillingham scoreline again, this time against Blackpool to put us on a 4 game winning streak in the league. This came to an end away at Portsmouth however where it was again a close game however they took there chances and we didn't. So far this season, outside of the Fulham game we hadn't really played poorly, we had always matched our opposition. We backed this up with a 3-1 win at home against Tranmere but then just as I mentioned about us not playing poor we had two absolute stinkers against Accrington and Burton. 4-1 and 3-1 back to back to end the month on a whimper and leave us in the bottom half of the table. League Position - 14th
  8. Good shout, I did try and bring him in but couldn't afford the wage demands this season. If it wasn't for the link we had with City, I would have likely brought nobody in.
  9. Preseason, an opportunity to find out whether or not the boards expectations were realistic or well, not. Started off with a comfortable 3-1 win over the under 23's however I do always hate conceding against them, leaves a sour taste in my mouth but it's just fitness at that point. We then had back to back 1-0 wins, first over Scottish Premiership side Livingston and then League 2 side Swindon Town. Both games we were the better side, created more chances and dominated the possession. Keeping a clean sheet was also pleasing at this stage. We then drew 0-0 with League 2 Colchester in which was the first game were I started to worry, we wasn't great by any means and if that's the level of performance we're putting in against the side in the league below, then I certainly had some work to do. Playing Nuneaton was the perfect game next, was always going to be easy or so I thought, it finished 3-1 but the statistics were far from flattering and we really should have been dominating a non-league side. Reality showed when we played Barnsley, sure there Championship but there not exactly brilliant, we were comfortably beaten and at this point, it was time to change the style. Throughout the preseason we were playing rather direct, which despite only the one defeat against a higher league opposition, the performances were far from great. I have now decided to change this and go for a more slick approach with shorter passing and ball retention.
  10. If you had a keen eye you would have saw the two unfamiliar names in the squad, Ian Carlo Poveda and Nabil Touaizi. Luckily the board agreed that a parent club would be in our favor and offered me the choices of West Ham, Manchester City and Tottenham. As you can see I went with Manchester City, they offered the most money (which at this point is very important) and also have a huge range of talent, it was a no brainer really. Poveda adds much needed depth to the wings and Touaizi does the same up front.
  11. The two formations I have decided to go with this season are the 4-2-3-1 wide and 4-1-4-1 wide, swapping between them depending on the strength of the opponent. Below is the squad depth and shows you which we will be working with this season. You may notice a few new names in there, which I will touch upon shortly.
  12. The boards expectations were a little ambitious if I may say so myself however below are what is expected of me this season. EFL League One - Playoffs (Required) FA Cup - Reach Third Round (Required) EFL Cup - Reach Second Round (Desired) EFL Trophy - Reach Second Round (Favoured) The cup competitions I don't disagree with however the medias prediction for me this season is 10th. Despite this the board are wanting playoffs, which would be OK if we had money to strengthen the squad to go up, but we don't. The best I can do is bring in loans but even that is a struggle due to the wage demands, so I can only hope the board will get me a parent club in the hope to get loans without the wages.
  13. Welcome to my thread about my new FM 20 save with Coventry City. A team which I'm sure most know have went through some financial turmoil over the last decade and even to this day, still have issues on the financial front. They currently don't have a permanent home and are playing there home games out of Birmingham at the St Andrews Trillion Trophy Stadium (more commonly referred to as St Andrews). My aim within this save is still hopefully bring stability back to the club and progress back up to the promise land of the Premier League where Coventry City have not been the since 2000/2001 season. I want to give the club a permanent home in Coventry and then fill the cabinet with as much silverware as possible. This is a long term save with only one ambition and that's to take Coventry City to the very top.
  14. I've also find that going with the attacking mentality will almost always lead to you conceding, regardless. I have it much more effective over the majority of my saves to play on balanced and if it's a game you expect to win, then play positive. Attacking seems to leave you way to open and always seem to concede far more opportunities, regardless in the difference of quality between you and the opposition.
  15. Another issue I'm finding with this years edition is the lack of highlights perhaps on key highlights? I'm regularly finding on almost any save I have (successful or not) that I can have multiple games with 20 shots+ with lets say 10 on target and rarely do I get more than one or two highlights. Immediately I checked the stats to see if they were long shots, no, generally speaking they're not. Then I went in to further detail to find exactly where they were in the box and for these not be showing as key chances when almost every free kick, corner or long range shot is, is mind boggling. I really hope there is another patch for this ME with the Feb update as this is beyond stale to watch. So repetitive, one on ones rarely scored (mostly missed), most set pieces are goals and don't forget your long range wonder strike! ....and no it's not the "formation" because I'm talking about it going for me and against me. It's not a single complaint because I'm not doing well, it's in general. My goals, AI goals, the ME is seriously poor to watch this year.
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