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  1. Depends on the rest of your tactic. How are we supposed to help you if we don't know the roles of his teammates around him? Post your tactic.
  2. Most of the mental stats are important. You also need players with decent stamina and natural fitness otherwise your players will tire leading to gaps appearing in your defence. You might want to avoid really slow CB's as well, but if they have excellent anticipation and positioning they should be o.k.
  3. Keep in mind though that even if the AP drops back to MC position occasionally he still will not help the Anchorman out defensively, so you only have one midfielder that defends (the Anchorman). Your fullbacks are attacking, even though Walker is on Support look at his preferred moves! You're vulnerable to counters. Personally I think your AM should be on attack duty. BTW why do you not want to use 2 MC's and an AM in this tactic?
  4. I think there is too much space in your midfield. Picture the players movements in your head. Once the mcA pushes forward there is a massive gap behind the attacking midfielders and in front of your anchorman who due to his role won't push up/press. I would imagine your logic behind putting the anchorman there is to protect the defence as your mc is attacking, however due to this there is an ocean of space deep in midfield for the opposition to exploit. Can you imagine IRL someone like Pirlo using that deep space to run the game? Your attacking movement is o.k. but IMO 4-2-3-1 only works really well when the two mc sit. it allows you to control games better and protects the defence. In fact I have, had some success using the two mc's on def duty in this formation recently.
  5. That's fair enough, it's good you have a philosophy behind your tactic in regards to exactly how you want to play. I would argue that is the key to a successful tactic. Too many people create a tactic without thinking first exactly how they want to play. But just remember: I mentioned every tactic has weaknesses and the space you are leaving in behind is a direct consequence of your aggressive pressing. A very well drilled defense will cause this sort of tactic problems as they will soak up a lot of pressure and hit you on the break. This is the sort of tactic that you can dominate weak teams at home but not create a breakthrough and then concede with one ball over the top. What duties do your players have? This is very important to know and what shouts (if any) do you use?
  6. Your setup looks pretty logical to me. I don't agree that changes need to be made second season however teams will look to exploit weaknesses in your tactic. All tactics have flaws at the end of the day. Why not just see how it goes on a game by game basis? You might struggle to break defensive teams sitting deep due to the low tempo play (retain possession and lower tempo). If so this is easily adjusted.
  7. It would also help if you post the duties of your players as well as roles and all your team instructions/shouts. One general point I would make is that a high pressing game and attacking mentality often really struggle against defensive standoffish teams. Your tactic is is overly aggressive IMO. And you are very vulnerable down the flanks to counter attacks with 2 wingers and 2 CWB. What are the duties of the 2 wingers?
  8. We can't help unless you post your team and tactics. How can anyone give good advice, when there's no way of us knowing what your doing wrong?
  9. There is so little movement in your attack and midfield. Your team is far to predictable. If your wingers are ineffective in a game how do you expect to score goals? I would put one of your wingers on support and have the fullback behind him on attack and vice-versa on the other side of the pitch. You might want to look at the role your forward plays too.
  10. You can play with two AP if you want, you don't even need to tweak their instructions if you don't need to. An AP on the wing has slightly different instructions compared to a center midfield based one anyway. Using an AP on the wing in a 4-1-2-2-1 often works very well, BTW.
  11. Don't agree with the previous post. If you play a F9 especially as a lone forward you need to get players running beyond the F9. If not how will you score goals? I have played this system and IMO it is essential to play with a CM attack when using a false nine in a 4-1-2-2-1 system. The midfield you suggested is not balanced in the slightest. Far too little penetration. It would keep possession well, and protect the defence but would severely limit chances created. You won't win games with your suggestion. An advanced playmaker on support (or attack duty for that matter) doesn't get forward enough. If your suggestions were put into practice the roles in his team would be as follows: 4 defending, 3 support, 3 attack. Combined with slow possession football this equals no penetration. BTW since the OP he has changed his system and apparently there has been an improvement.
  12. When playing possession football having roam from position team instruction, can be very useful as it helps your team unlock defences if your players are intelligent enough. Like I said, IMO it is a good idea to remove player instructions and see how things work before any other tinkering.
  13. I would remove all individual player instructions (except goalkeeper distribution if you have changed that). The reasoning being I like to get the tactic working well before I make any individual tweaks. It is very rare I use individual player instructions. There are some contradictions in your instructions as well. The left fullback was being told to overlap by team instructions but the LW is being told to attack the byline. By asking your fullbacks to ger further further forward they're essentially both playing with attacking mentality. You play with a very attacking LW so I think it's better to keep the LB on support duty with no extra instructions. As for the attacking CM I would not give him the roam instruction. You really want this midfielder to make as many runs forward beyond the false 9 as possible the roaming instructions will interfere with this. If you want you could give him get further forward instruction but as I said I would wait and test out your new tactic with the changes first.
  14. I'm not an expert, but there are a few things I've noticed. You play with a false 9 but you don't have enough players attacking the space he drops into. In the midfield you have a deep lying and advanced playmaker both on support duty. Even if your AP was on attack duty I don't think he will get forward enough. In addition you have the look for overlap instruction which means your IF at AMR will not push forward as much as he will be holding his position waiting for the DR to push ahead. And likewise this instruction will stop your att winger on the left stretching the opposition by making runs to the byline as often. You don't need specialist playmakers as your philosophy is very fluid. The other team instruction you have that I don't like is using both retain possession and shorter passing. Using both of these together often lead to a lack of cutting edge. These are the changes I would make: Change Caybaye to a CM support. Change honda to CM att duty. Your dm on def duty should provide enough protection. Remove look for overlap instruction and change def line instruction to higher rather than much higher (this should give you more space to work with when in possession, but you'll still be using an aggressive closing down defending strategy.) Change DR to a WB att. Finally, remove retain possession strategy.
  15. Ist Season playing with Sampdoria in November I was home to Milan and went two-nil up after 20 minutes, then a key midfielder for my side got sent off after 22 minutes. I held out until half-time but by the 55th minute it was 2-2. I was gutted. Milan had changed formation to play with two strikers at half-time and were all over me. Suddenly on 62 mins Ancelotti took off a striker and went back to one up front, and also played with a less attacking mentality. I got back in the game and got the winner in the 82nd minute!
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