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  1. Well, hopefully someone reads this and can provide me with a videoclip of it then (And it should definitely not be as rare as it is. If it rarely happens - the frequency should for sure be increased - so consider that as a change request in that case. )
  2. Please someone provide me some video evidence lol, i dont believe it.
  3. No other comments on this? Has anyone ever seen the ball go into goal by the posts or the crossbar? Would be fun to actually have a confirmation on this, and to have some devs answer on it. It bothers me that this just isnt a part of a ME.
  4. I have the same taptaptaptaptaptap sound repeated from the ball. I think i hear it in every game. 3d / key highlights
  5. Hi I dont think i've ever seen a highlight or a game in FM19 through the year i've played the game where a goal has been scored via the posts / woodwork. Is this something people have experienced? Is it a bug? Just a strange coincidence? I've truly never seen a goal scored with the ball bouncing from the woodwork and into the net, either from the posts or the crossbar. Something that can be truly spectacular and quite satisfactory in real football. I've seen plenty of situations where the ball have bounced BACK from the posts and the crossbar though. Am i the only one missing this in the game engine?
  6. I want to build and follow my team for as many seasons as i can, but each time most players i know from IRL retires or gets too old, the game gets more uninteresting. It would therefore be a cool functionality to be able to freeze or drastically slow down aging for "People".
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