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  1. in order of pulling this of, you could try to shift your AMC slightly to the left, and your TM slightly to the right.
  2. Have you tried him on an attack duty aswell? Maybe he's not playing so well because he has 2 playmakers behind him. An IW on support is some kind of playmaker himself, so maybe he and one of the two playmakers are stepping on eachothers toes..
  3. I understand, i also like to play like that! Recently i've been experimenting with a Pressing Forward on attack. I must say that i really like that role. A pressing forward (even with an attack duty) tends to drop deep and help out in midfield, before bursting forward in to the box. To create more chances, may i suggest something (just a bit of friendly advice ) You could set up your midfield and attack like this: PFa IW/IFa Wsu DLP/CARsu MEZsu DMde This setup will allow you to create an overload with the Mezzala and the winger. Lobotka would be good as an mezzala i recon. From there, the winger/mezzala combo have two options: - A killer ball to the PFa - A cross to the far post, for the IF/IWa to tap in
  4. I don't know your players ofcourse, but from this GIF i would think that Junca and Lobotka miss some composure, they couldn't keep an cool head during your attempted counter, and when your counter was unsuccesfull. A few other pointers based on that GIF: - Also, your counter wasn't succesfull because Lobotka could find anyone to pass to (this could be down to the player, check his vision, composure). One small tweak you could implement, is too give your striker (or one of your wingers) an attack duty. That will make them available for a long pass. - Arsenal has a lot of space to move between your lines. You can mitigate this by pulling your Line of Engagement down a bit. Having your LoE one notch further down than you DL will compress the field a bit, making it harder for your opposition to find space between your lines. This has the added benefit of creating space behind their defensive line for your attackers to run into (hence my first point about the attack duty). I hope this helps!
  5. Still playing FM19, and i recently started an LLM save with Oxford City. Josh Asby in CM looks really promising
  6. When i'm down 1-0 in the last 10 minutes or so, i'll watch the full match, and i have to stand up! You know, my team can't score when i sit down... And I think i'm not the only one who goes full Simeone
  7. I actually prefer playing against a 4231 Wide, especially the DM version. The thing with these setups is that they leave a lot of space in between midfield and defence. I play a system with a WPsu on the right, who just utilises the space left by their formation.
  8. Something like this would be really nice IMO. I've always felt that press conferences and interviews could be imroved, they are so repetitive and liniar, without any consequences
  9. Maybe this thread created by the mighty @Experienced Defender will help you.
  10. If you hover over the attribute, it shows a small discription of how it's used in-game, and which attributes combine well
  11. Given that i don't know your team nor your players, i'll try to give some general advice. Lately i've been utilising counter-tactics aswell, so i have a few pointers. A thing i've found really effective is to drop the LOE and use roles that attack space (Shadow Striker, Winger attack duty, stuff like that) I don't know much about the 4231. BTW you've got a very interesting save, i do like the challenge of managing in a minnow country.
  12. Maybe try this one from the FMScout website: https://www.fmscout.com/a-epl-champions-huddersfield-fm19.html I've always liked the idea of a three striker setup, but i almost never have the required players for it.
  13. Oops, my bad. My last idea would be to keep the Regista. Your two advanced midfielders could be a CMsu and your APa. Add PI: stay wider and hold position to the CMsu. If i'm correct, your regista would push up, slotting in next to the CM, who will stay slightly wider, and thus create a little space for your Regista to join him. Your APa obviously would push up, and join attacks.
  14. Another option you could try, line up your midfield like this (bare in mind that i don't know your players, so i don't know if you got someone who's capable) : AP VOLa DMd So basically you play with two holding midfielders, but the Segundo Volante will join in attacks (maybe even score some goals)
  15. I can highly recommend that! I'm really enjoying my FM19 save with Lokomotiv Gomel in Belarus atm. The Belarusian Prem has got some interesting rules about the amount of foreigners, and also it's a nice challenge to stop BATE Borisov winning title after title.
  16. Maybe change your Regista to a DLP Defend duty. That way he'll stay back, even when you're on the attack. Also instruct your BWM to get further forward, so in attack he's further up on the pitch, and when you're defending, he'll drop back, because of his Defend duty. Hope this helps!
  17. Surely the first game i play after i make this comment will end in a loss, but at the moment i'm 55 league games unbeaten. I have lost some CL games unfortunately.
  18. I rarely run into troubles when starting unemployed. For me it's the most fun, and most realistic way of playing. I always start without any badges or reputation, and load in a bunch of low-rep nations (with all the leagues loaded in). This time i ended up in Belarus, preventing relegation from the lowest division in the first year, and now I'm the second biggest club in Belarus, just behind BATE Borisov.
  19. Funny enough, i started developing my version of your 343 Cruijff diamond into something like this, when i stumbled upon this piece of brilliance! I've got it set up slightly different (being that i'm playing FM19). I can't upload screenshots at the moment as i'm at work, but my setup is basically this: SKde WBa CDde CDde FBde HBde WPa MEZsu CMa IWa F9su It works like i imagined: WPa generating the most assist, and IW scoring the most goals. I could upload screenshots and go more indepth about this system, if you guys are interested in that let me know! Bare in mind that i'm not a tactical wizard like Ö-zil, nor that i can write about tactics the way he can
  20. I scored 9 goals once against the champions from Malta in the qualifying rounds of the Europa League
  21. This sounds interesting. So much so that i'm really thinking about implementing a half-back in my 4141 tactic. Thank you for the unintended idea mate!
  22. I'll start unemployed in Europe again, as I did in 19
  23. Maybe remove "Work ball in to box" and change your AMsu to an AMat, which would make more sense IMO since you got a PFsu as a lone striker on top.
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