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  1. Thanks for answering, i understand that you don't like the changes on tactics in the recents fm editions, but i will be awesome to see the magic you can make in fm 21, you will have the latest database and will be awesome a new topic about tactics or a new save. The topics that you made were really helpful for me to understand better the game, even that were made in older versions of the game, but like i said it will be nice to see what you can achieve with the new fm. Looking forward to the next Benfica update in this topic.
  2. Hi @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! are you going to switch to FM 21 or you will stay with FM 18? Greetings from Argentina
  3. Yeah i figured out, that i disabled the 1st transfer window that may be why i can't make an enquiry, thank you for answering.
  4. i don't know if i have found an important bug or it's me doing something wrong but i can't make an enquiry for a player, i go to the any player profile and the from transfer the option to make an enquiry it dosen't appear
  5. And why not SI set it in that way, instead of making the players starting at their new club? it would make the game more realistic.
  6. There is a way to make the trasfers in the real date they were confirmed? For example Haaland going to Borussia in January instead of starting at Borussia when you create a new save.
  7. The vertical tiki taka is a set of Team Instructions, like a preset, there a few more, i think they added it to make it easier for new people to the game to understand differents styles of football and also so they dont choose contradictory TI, but you don't have to use this presets, you can choose a blank one, and add all the Team Instructions that you like.
  8. Hi @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! i love this thread, and inspired me to start a save in fm 20 with Benfica or Ajax, are you considering to move to fm 20? would be awesome to see your tactics in the new me. Greetings from Argentina
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