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  1. Hi @Scrappypilot0, thank you for your post. If you restart the game and load the save again do you still have the no network connection issue on the game status screen?
  2. Hi @CountyMan, thank you for your post. We have not encountered this issue, can you advise whether this is only the case on International matches? If you have any screenshots you could provide too that would be appreciated. Thanks again.
  3. Hi @Jibbbert, thank you for your post on this issue and apologies for the delayed response. We have been able to reproduce the issue here and it is now under review internally. Thanks again.
  4. HI @Jack_1308 & @DoubleGlazzen, thank you both for your posts on this. Unfortunately this is not something that was picked up during testing by us, in order for us to get to the bottom of the issue would it be possible to provide a little more information. - What game mode are you currently seeing this issue (Online Career/Offline Career etc.) - What leagues do you have loaded & What team are you (and friends if online) are managing. - What is the current in game date. - Are you experiencing this issue from a new save, or from loading a pre existing one.
  5. Hi @Jakey1994, thank you for your post. We have not come across this issue internally, would it be possible to provide us with some additional info in order for us to reproduce this internally. - Can you confirm who is the host of the online career, and if there are any additional players. - Is this issue only affecting the one person on this save. - What teams are you managing/what leagues have you loaded. - What date did this change occur? I also note that the Role and Role Ability is blank in the attached screenshot, was this always the case or did this disappear
  6. Hi @Stagman, provided you are playing the Xbox Edition on PC and you use the same profile you should be able to pick up progress via the cloud on consoles.
  7. Hey @Gary240503, thank you for your post. In order to promote players to the first team open up a player profile, press the options button to bring up the Actions Menu, select Squad then you should see the option to Move to Senior Squad. Let me know if this helps!
  8. Hi @Tyler127, thank you for your post. We have not encountered this issue or seen it elsewhere on the forum. Would it be possible to send us some screenshots showing the issue? Also if you could provide any additional info like what date they disappeared from the squad that would be of help. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi @OrsonAndCoco, thank you for your post. Have you tried sending invites to the online game either through the Xbox Interface or in game by accessing the Game Status screen via the FM Menu and selecting the Invite Friends button. If that doesn't work for you would suggest following the steps in the link provided by @Morten Daugaard.
  10. Hi @Ross.stewart12, thank you for your post. This option to add/remove leagues is not possible in FM21 Xbox, as @minigod eluded too.
  11. Hi @DeadReckoning100, thank you very much for your post. Unfortunately the issue here is that the manager model generation feature shouldn't be available on the Xbox Edition, this is why you are seeing this issue. It is not present on the Console versions but unfortunately it wasn't removed from the Windows edition, this will be addressed going forward. We apologise for any confusion.
  12. Hey @Vining x, thank you for your post. Can you confirm whether you are not seeing the game through the "Join Online Game" screen, or whether you are not able to send game invites in game via the Game Status screen or through the Xbox menus?
  13. Hey @ciaransheridan, thank you for you post. You should only have the option to use Cloud Saves, the internal storage shouldn't be an option available to you. Are you able to advise if this was upon launching the game/does this option appear every time launching the game or if this was post launching the game perhaps after following a particular set of steps? Any information you can provide would be helpful. Thanks again.
  14. Hi @ChosenScuba, thank you for your post. Unfortunately the issue you have detailed above is a known issue which we are currently investigating internally and as such we are unable to advise when this issue will be resolved. We are at this stage unable to offer any workarounds to this issue however if you have another Xbox device/laptop/pc where you can play this game we would advise trying that, we apologise for the inconvenience this is causing. Thanks again for your post.
  15. Hey @King Doobs, thank you for your post. We have not encountered this issue internally, in order for us to reproduce can you provide us with some additional information. How many players are in the online game, who are they managing and what leagues are loaded. Who are the loan players in question, their parent club at the time of loaning them in and during what window were thy initially loaned in. Thanks in advance.
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