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  1. Hi @RogerSE20, There has been a few suggestions regarding the input issue on your device, if the alignment is off when you first launch the game then backgrounding the app momentarily and returning to the game has worked for other users. We'd recommend not backgrounding the app whilst playing as this can also cause alignment issues so please save game before doing so none of your save game progress is lost. Hopefully this helps, Harrison
  2. Hi, Could we see a screenshot of how the font is appearing in game please? In terms of the matches, we are aware of the performance issues with 3D match engine and are looking to make improvements for the next game; if possible play the game with no other apps running in the background and your tablet at it's maximum performance level. Thanks for getting in touch, Harrison
  3. Hi @Smevs85, Sorry for the delayed response, I've had a look and he seems eligible for all matches in the save you sent me; with no WP showing. Was it occurring in Season 32/33? I continued to the beginning of the next season without any issues. Not sure about your youth contract suggestion but happy to take a look again on another save. Thanks, Harrison
  4. Hi, Could you send us your save game please so we can take a closer. Details on how to send us your save can be found below: Please let us know the name of the file once it has been sent. Thank you, Harrison
  5. Hi @Arsenal457, Thanks for getting in touch. If possible, we'd like you to send us a save game from before the last game of the season; or any save you have from before the promises have failed. Details on how to send us a save game can be found below: Please let us know the name of the file once it has been sent. Thanks, Harrison
  6. Hi @Hynes2020, Could you send us a save game through please as mentioned above. We'd really like to take a closer look at the issue. Thanks, Harrison
  7. Hi, In terms of the match engine, we're constantly trying to make improvements and we're aware the performance can vary across a range of devices. Other Users have noted that the match engine is improved when in 2d mode so perhaps you could try that. Thanks for your feedback, Harrison
  8. Hi @Edd1e, Could you let us know which device you are using and its Model Number? This can be found in Settings > About Device. Thanks, Harrison
  9. Thanks @Invisible Witness, This will now be investigated by our Dev Team who will take a closer look at what could be causing the issue. Thanks for the feedback, Harrison
  10. Hi, entschuldige die Verzögerung. Wir können das Problem sehen, das diese Regel verursacht, und es wird derzeit untersucht. Können Sie nach der Teamauswahl Urlaub machen? Ihr Kader wird automatisch ausgefüllt. Danke, Harrison
  11. Hi, Sorry you are experiencing issues. Could you confirm which device you are playing on let us know the model number too. Is this issue occurring every match or perhaps is triggered by something in particular? Thanks, Harrison
  12. Hi, Thanks for getting in touch, We're aware of this issue and advise users to save the game before minimising to ensure they don't lose any progress if the screen becomes misaligned. We'd like a list of all the devices that this is affecting so if you could let us know the model number of your device that would be great. Apologies for the inconvenience this causes, Harrison
  13. Hi, Could you unistall and reinstall the game off your device please and see if the issue perseveres? Also, do you know if the match engine is only faulty during that particular save? Thanks, Harrison
  14. Hi @Smudger739, Thanks for getting in touch, What team are you managing? This may be something for you to discuss in the following forum to get some ideas from other Users: https://community.sigames.com/forum/135-football-manager-touch-general-discussion/ If you could send us your latest save too so we can take a closer look that'd be great. Details on how to send us a save can be found below: Thanks, Harrison
  15. Dies ist eine absichtliche Funktion des Spiels, die ein Freundschaftsspiel nachahmt, das Schweden jedes Jahr in der Winterpause spielt. Danke, Harrison
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