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  1. Hello, SteveDavis85! Let's take a look at your roles and duties. You are using two IF-su. That's fine in some cases, but it could be one-dimensional most of the time. As my poster above said, try a IF-at+WB-su pairing on one of the sides; RMD+WB-su/FB-su could also work well if you want to increase the goal-scoring focus. On the other side you could use a WB-at+IF-su pairing in order to create dangerous overlaps. One thing I noticed is that you use two Mezzalas. Usually Mezzalas attack the same space as IFs. They might help each other at times, but often they are going to impede each other. Alternatives could be AP-su (if you want to control the centre) or a CAR (as a balancing element for a WB-at or even CWB-at). Team Instructions You ticked a lot of instructions. That's not always a bad thing, but in this case there are some contrary instructions that could lead to serious problems. For example, you are using a high line of engagement although you want your team to play passes into the space (but where is the space when your team is defending that high up the pitch?). Because you are mainly aiming for a possession-based tactical approach I would recommend the following changes: remove Pass into Space (this instruction is rather made for counter-attacking sides or situations where your team's back is against the wall) remove both Overlaps (if you use WBs and IFs you won't need this setting) remove Play Wider (width is provided by your WB's and the narrower your team width the bigger are the half spaces for your IFs) use Much Higher Line Defensive Line paired with High Line of Engagement; or: Higher LOE + Default Defensive Line (this will give you vertical compactness and more passing options once you win the ball) (OPTIONAL) remove Tighter Marking if your backline is rather slow (OPTIONAL) Because you are already using counter-press there's not really a need for extremely urgent pressure. Rather go for more urgent or default pressure. (OPTIONAL)
  2. Sounds good! I would probably use the same approach for the first five games because there's a chance that much stronger teams might underestimate yours. In case your team doesn't steal enough points, you might consider lowering your line of engagement and defensive line by a notch and using default passing directness in terms of Team Instructions.
  3. A solution might be to change your attacking Depay into a supporting Depay as IW. The downside is obviously that he won't score as much. In order to shift your goal-hunting focus further towards Haaland, the Advanced Forward role might work. But I'm not sure if your players will score enough to make you happy after these changes. Bare in mind that any changes could break your well-working tactical setup (judging by your league position).
  4. Both, Messi and Suárez, only played 20 respectively 17 games. Their projected goal tally would be much higher if they weren't / aren't injured. It's a well-known fact that Top 5 League teams score, on average, 10 to 25 per cent goals less than their real life counterparts. If no one doesn't believe that — start 100 test saves, check the final end of the season tables of the Top 5 League and count the goals, then compare with the real life numbers of the last five years, then come back and show us your results. Messi has been underpowered in FM for years anyway. With this in mind, just treat any striker as if he scored 20 % more than he actually did in order to make you feel less stressed until goalscoring data gets more realistic in FM.
  5. A WB-su would be a good choice to pair with an IF-at on the same side (and vice versa a WB-at in combination with an IF-su). This will give you more overlaps in comparison with the aggressive free-roaming CWB. Another more cautious options would be a normal FB-su or a FB-at in combination with an IF-su.
  6. That's worth a try, maybe even try two CD-des. A SK-at is really aggressive and needs great ball-playing and game-reading abilities in order to take full advantage of his qualities. Most of the time it depends on your opponent if there's a need for one or two IFs. Maybe use one of them on support and the other one on attack for more variety (if you do this consider changing the mentalities of your full-backs in order to keep the mentalies balanced, especially if your opponent is considered to be stronger than your team). If your opponent tends to use inverted wing-backs it might be better to use another roles instead of IF or IW since they could get neutralised more easily.
  7. This tactic really seems to be extremely attacking. It's likely that your rising reputation has caused the other teams in your league to play a more cautious-counter-attack heavy style when facing your team. Try to use different and less aggressive roles on the wings and use one or two normal CDs at the back. Especially if your goalkeeper's build-up quality is good enough there's no need for two ball-playing defenders.
  8. Just because a game has been in a not-so-acceptable(-hey-but-it’s-working!) state for a long time doesn’t mean that the consumer simply has to accept this. It’s a consumer’s right to either inform the product’s developer or contact a consumer advice centre in order to get help or her / his money back in case the organisation isn’t willing to improve a product that isn’t working as intended or described. What’s the point of a forum if dedicated users have to tilt against same-old windmills? If no constructive or unpleasant opinions are desired, then it’s best to be clear about this or to remove the whole online presence since there’s no need for a circus of a one-sided echo chamber. Football Manager would sell anyway. I’m pretty sure that most users just want this game to improve, but mostly they only get confronted with ignorance and obscure, repetitive answers in a "just deal with it" fashion. With the way things are working currently it won’t get no one anywhere. But maybe that’s exactly the intention of a forum’s existence? Well played then. My suggestion: Be more sensible and open-minded towards committed and new users. There’s no downside to this and you could heavily profit from your consumer’s views. Try to find common solutions and appreciate other people’s efforts. Football is evolving fast. But also the video game industry is evolving pretty fast, therefore it’s not a good idea to conserve the state of a video game, just because it’s working.
  9. The passing and possession percentages are mostly random in any save. However, real life offers a wider range in terms of possession (39 to 62). In the game those stats are rather compressed like in your example (48 to 56), guess the bottom teams have around 42 to 44 in your save. And in terms of passing accuracy (68 to 89). In your save file they range from 83 to 90 with the bottom teams most likely having about 75 to 80 per cent of passing accuracy. Looking at my current save they range from 43 to 59 in terms of possession and from 69 to 78 (that's really awful …) in terms of passing percentages. I suggest opening a specific thread for this issue in order to gather other user experiences and means of evidence. SI will need a bigger sample size. I've already noticed this issue in FM 19, too.
  10. Hello, luka_! Team Instructions Positive mentality suits Bayern well. Short passing already affects your tempo, therefore I would set the tempo to default. Based on your roles and duties upfront there's probably no need for Run at Defence -- I'd suggest unchecking it for a few games and see how things fare. If your players' quality is the bee's knees consider to up your high defensive line to much higher. If not, use higher defensive line paired with default line of engagement. Since you already have counter-press activated there's no need for extremely urgent pressure -- try more urgent or default pressure instead. I'd also remove the tighter marking instruction, especially if your defensive players are rather slow. Player Roles and Duties Balance-wise it looks okay. Maybe change your left FB to WB-su for more overlaps. If you want your striker to score regularly you probably have to use him as an Advanced Forward or, in the worst case, as a Poacher. I'd also change your BPD to normal CD. That will lower the risks your team take on build-up.
  11. It's not about that they are dominating. And it's certainly not complaining. It's about how they are artificially dominating by an unrealistic margin. You simply cannot deny that Liverpool won most of their games by an eyelash. It's simple logic and there's proof. Why do you ignore it? Looks like you haven't seen anything. Sorry, but I have to put it this way.
  12. They only won two games by a margin of at least four goals. In the OP's example they won their first seven by at least and mostly more than four goals. So again: no.
  13. Well, that would be helpful for a lot of people, but it will turn out to be a disappointment if nothing else changes since tactics don't really do what they promise right now. Long story short: It's no solution at the moment. I'm sure many who can't enjoy this game actually know what they're doing and understand what the tactical instructions do, but the game doesn't really translate them the way it should. You just have to take a look at all these successful exploit tactics which hurt FM's credibility and absolutely make no sense. This game doesn't reward logical tactical setups as often as it should. There are simpy too many things that are out of control. It's tiring to create an attack-heavy tactic just to end up with amazing defensive achievements and just a boring, low amount of attacking plays. It's like you get something totally different opposed to what you really created. I won't say this game is broken. It rather contains lots of fundamentally unacceptable inconsistencies.
  14. Hello, Jaydenoren, first of all: when something like this happens, and this happens too often, don't take it too personal. It's just some of the illogical flaws in the game's morale system that occur from time to time. So let's take a look at your tactics. In possession you want your team to play fast football with short passes. However, you also want them to counter and play high up the pitch. That's a contradiction, because you need space to abuse for a successful counter tactic (unless we use illogical exploit tactics). Team Instructions 1.1) Therefore I'd remove the counter instruction and set the line of engagement to default for better vertical compactness. I'd also remove the "Run at Defence" TI, because your team isn't made of enough quality. It will also further slow you down. 1.2) Another option: remove higher tempo and keep the counter instruction. Player Roles and Duties 2) Change your W-at on the right to IW-su and your MEZ-su to MEZ-at. Maybe also use a FB-de instead of WB-de if you want to keep the Winger role. 3) No need for a SK-at really. It's a role that only makes sense for possession-heavy, extremely strong teams with lots of support roles. Use SK-de or normal GK instead. Mentality 4) Rather play on balanced or cautious mentality, because on positive your players take too many risks which causes them to make bad decisions more frequently.
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