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  1. Lets have a little fun! Who is the best wonderkid you have ever had or regen player on any FM? I remember years ago I was managing Chelsea & had Theo Walcott from soton & he turned out to be a beast! Not so much in real life though 🤭 However roughly 5 years ago I came across a Brazilian wonderkid at benfica! He was labelled the next Ronaldo. I signed that guy and he was a top player for over 10 years & broke the all time top scorer record for my club! His name was Jacarè! So tell me yours....🤔
  2. Hi All! Just a quick post; Ive played football manager for years back to the days Theo walcott was at soton & Robinho was still a Brazilian wonderkid! My laptop broke last year so I never had last years edition, however this year I’m buying a new laptop just so I can become a manager once again! I will be posting my progress here when it comes out, month by month in game. Previous editions I’ve taken soton to top of the premier league, 2011 spurs to the top of the game & I last took Parma to back to series A from the low league in Italy 2 years ago! I usually take a good team who isn’t quite the finished article and add the finishing touch! However as a lifelong MUFC fan I will be taking over Man Utd on this FM as it’s not too nice to see how far they’ve fallen in real life. Might be an easy challenge to some of you managers but it will be a passion of mine to make my team great again! So I will see you managers soon!
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