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    Granada, IF Elfsborg
  1. EDIT: I posted in the wrong place *facepalm* Hi all, I'll try to be brief... I'm trying to improve the standard of the Welsh League & I have spent a fair bit of time improving teams, stadiums, reputations etc.. across three divisions. However, I'm stuck with European coefficients & more specifically "Nation Club Coefficients". I have improved the historical coefficients of all the teams in the league, but Wales is still listed in 50th position in the table. I have wildly exaggerated these ratings too, having 8 or 9 teams sitting in the top 40 European teams just to prove it is having no effect. Wales are still 50th. What am I missing? I've spent hours (days) trawling through the forum & searching through the menus in the Editor for an answer and I'm getting nowhere! Please help, GrunDMC
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