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  1. hey tff, your tactics are great, i use annihilator v1 the most, but only in cup games i got problems against olmost ever level team. Am i doing something wrong? How can i change this? Greetz, dani
  2. ok great :). I am playing with oxford city and using it now, only lost in cup and it was so unlucky, we where much better!
  3. hey tff are these tactics also for lower leagues?
  4. i play LL with oxford city best tactics for home and away knap?
  5. hello knap. I am playing with Manchester United and i am in year 2036. I Always used gladiator tactic, but afther 3.5 it,s not giving me much fun anymore. Could you have a good tactic for home and away where my striker(s) score goals and i have fun again. At this moment i am winning a lot, but not have a lot of fun. greetz, Daniel
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