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  1. Like it says in the title for some reason I didn't get notified. I only know of the message because I went back into it and noticed there was an answer 8 days ago. Really unfortunate. Any idea of what could've gone wrong?
  2. I've sent you a detailed pm about this yesterday. Hopefully it's of help.
  3. Sure I'll make a list and post it on here later this afternoon if you are interested. I've seen probably 95% of their matches the last few years so I know the team pretty well but I would go off memory and can't back it up with advanced statistics since I don't have access to any of them. Would love to help though. I just asked if it was also a similar situation with players like Davies and Kimmich who have been updated but haven't found their way in the game yet. Because I wrote down every players fm 20 ratings and I couldn't find anyone in the team that changed. For all I know
  4. @Fire_03Are the updated ratings for VfB Stuttgart players not yet in this Beta version like with Bayern or does litarally no player get changes and no additional youngstars get fleshed out ratings? I can't believe what I'm seeing there now if thats the final cut.
  5. It seems to be solved. Without a new start it's normal again after just doing these two tasks: I had a weird freeze after step 1 and 2 but after 5 minutes my PC went normal again and the taskbar problem was solved without having to restart. No freezing after as well. Then I started FM 20 quickly and went out a couple of times with the windows button and it stayed normal. I can't say for sure it's fixed because especially in the beginning of a session it sometimes doesn't happen but I feel like it's working now. So thanks for the super quick support @Kyle Brown. If it still
  6. When I'm in FM 20 and momentarily go out with the windows button to check stuff most of the time when I'm returning to the game the taskbar won't go away. Almost everytime actually, I feel like getting lucky whenever it doesn't happen. When that happens it also stays like that when you stop playing FM and watch a video or something. Even in full screen the taskbar will stay on screen. The only solution to this is restarting the PC which is really annoying. Been playing the last few FMs and this is the first time this happend to me.
  7. As in the title how can you edit in a bay back clause to a former club? Can't see the option just the general stuff not a specific former club.
  8. I get that it's frustrating happening on day one but it seems very realistic that a young player gets attracted by a higher rep club and isn't talked into anything from you and having his mind made up. If you had the option basically every user would keep his talents because you'd probably pay him 2 mil a year now to keep him since it would make sence in time. And if you read @KlaaZ post you'll see that they lose that exact kind of player in RL too sometimes. As for the other comment I agree unnessesary and off base with developed talent that wants to leave Ajax for the next step i
  9. I do see your argument but I think it's positive. Man City definitly should sway some people towards them even from better teams in europe. Maybe it's not too realistic because it's Ajax and considering their academy status I don't know but a team with a reputation of City should be able to get a youth star from a club with Ajax reputition at times. And seeing the AI get their elbows out more is needed anyway imo. Edit: With the provided extra info of @KlaaZ it makes even more sence to be fair. Happens apperently on a regular basis even for an academy as strong as Ajax if top clubs
  10. Is that a thing? I actually had a lower pressing style at the start of fm 19 in my Stuttgart save and was doing really well but experimented a bit with high pressing and prefered it slightly but I was actually on my way to win the Bundesliga with a lower LoE anyway. Changed it around the winter break I think. But the closing down option I always had at least slightly aggressive to be fair. The most important thing in 19 I felt like was a quick counter-attack anyway as it was harder to break teams down in the final third. But if those options would make it challenging I'd really lik
  11. Sry to answer so late. I reached the maximum amount of posts on Wednesday and had to wait 24 hours... I always build my own tactics but I feel like if you keep improving them and they make sense with the player pool you have it gets very powerful fairly quick, at least that was the case with my last 3 or 4 longer saves. As far as other countries go I've been around a couple now but in terms of going into low tier countries where football isn't as big thats not too much fun for me. Thats probably the biggest challenge to win internationally but there will be a lot of dominating coun
  12. That's interesting. The new stuttgart manager Tim Walter actually has a really unique playing style I want to try to emulate in my new save. The thing is just in my head I would improve that thing as much as I can regardless how much it moves away from his idea to make it work well. Maybe I shouldn't do that and stay very close to the principles all the time and just make sensible changes within. Thats maybe what I'm searching for actually. Thanks
  13. Maybe I should add a little bit of info. For some it may sound confusing for me on one hand to want to have a challenge but not wanting to manage in a very low league or use a hiding tool like @wdksoul mentioned. For me it's just not that enjoyable to go in a very bad league and still overachieve like crazy but be very limited because your team is totally terrible and it's just impossible to win some games. And my problem with the skin is that it doesn't address the tactics issue at all and it brings challenges I don't necessarily like personally. I don't want to spend hours scouting players s
  14. Thanks for the response. That certainly would make it more challenging but I wouldn't really enjoy to play it like that. I also think with my knowledge of players from previous fms I would need to set extra parameters to make it work. Like don't buy anybody you've ever seen/remember ratings from and don't analyse the make-up of a player like relative market value to league/reputation and age... My idea was maybe one or two minus EV tactical set ups that make it harder to make a tactic work and won't allow massive overachievement. Like maybe force myself to set "stay on feet" or hav
  15. Hey guys, I'm getting a little bit frustrated and I haven't even played a whole season of FM20 yet. It's just too easy to be successful. Do you have any way of making the game challenging without handcuffing yourself to a ridiculous degree? In FM19 I started a career with my favorit team VfB Stuttgart and won the Bundesliga straight away the first season. With the success I'm having again in the Beta I feel like a super easy promotion and title challenge the following year is super likely. Do you have any idea or set up that makes it harder to win without taking the fun out co
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