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  1. it is unrealistic. transfers such as ronaldo, kaka etc. are definitley very very rare. however, on the game there are many many 50M+ players. also money is too easy to get on the game. big clubs pay stupid stupid prices.
  2. i'd rather they improve the transfer system. right now i can buy a good player for 10M, him play absolutley terribly then sell him on in january for around 20M EASILY. nice realism there!
  3. Discipline

    all you have to do is warn them.. not even fine them.
  4. i have seen many of them scored from the followup.
  5. spain isnt that hard. there is less money floating about for the lower clubs so they're really easy points. the only clubs you should be losing points to is barca, madrid and possibly atletico/valencia (due to aguero/villa).
  6. I bought a youngster who was "very ambitous". Same thing happened to him. I think its because of their pressure stat. Either way, very annoying and I'm shifting 3-5 of them for some foriegners + veterans.
  7. could it be because my clubs average age is 19?
  8. hm now 8 of my players are feeling the pressure of public expectation. we're playing well though. predicted 24th, 11th atm but i feel we have the quality to be in promotion places. im thinking im going to have to sell 4-5 of them and buy experienced players. sad because quite a few of them are quality prospects but oh well.
  9. I tried the manager interactions. They all just got annoyed that I was praising another team. I forgot about the dangerman thing though! Definitley will do. x
  10. im just not going to buy him. 500k is a lot of money for me and i can't risk it on someone who won't progress. i'll keep an eye on him instead...
  11. none of my youngsters can be tutored atm because i dont have any old players. i bought in 2 old players but tutoring didn't come up for my youngsters.
  12. player on the decline

    stat drop can be due to foot accuracy increase.
  13. Assistant manager team talk

    its good to have it like this. otherwise i bet EVERYONE would just click "ask ass man" and then back to the match. a bit easy, no?
  14. it stops complacency which is always handy if you're a big club with players who get cocky after winning 5 matches in a row... usually means you'll win 6 in a row .