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  1. I see rules for the FIFA Under-17 World Cup on this screen shot. Does this mean the rules are active? Thanks for clarifying!
  2. Thanks! But no, this doesn't help! Because the competition to pick the runner-up from is not fixed, but should be dynamic! The regional division of the team which won the last Finals competition should get an additional qualifying spot. Example: First stage consists of three regional divisions (A, B and C), finals stage consists of a league of 4 teams Last winner of finals stage comes from regional division C The three champions of regional divisions A, B and C qualify for the finals stage The fourth spot is allocated to the regional division of the last finals competition winner; so this year regional division C runner-up also qualifies Lets say this year's finals competition is then won by the champion of regional division A --> then next year the three regional champions + the runner-up of regional division A will qualify for the finals stage I hope this is clearer now? Thanks for any hints!
  3. Hi! I am struggling to implement a specific structure in he advanced rules: Finals Competition with 12 teams Teams qualify from 11 regional divisions (fixed allocation of teams to these 11 divisions) Each division Champion gets a spot in the finals competition The 12th spot is given to the runner-up of the regional division of the last Finals Competition winner How can I implement such a rule (last bullet point in bold) with the advanced rules? Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)) Cheers!
  4. Hi all, simple question: I try to create an international competition where the national teams can only select local players (so no foreign based players allowed). Similar to the African Championship of NAtions (which is in the game). How do I set such a rule in the advanced editor? Did not find anything in the fixture rules... Thanks a lot!
  5. As I said - I don't know. But my guess is no more that 5x.
  6. Claasen's leagues are very basic. Here is a high quality league structure for Mali: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/381045-FM2014-Release-MALI-League-Structure-for-FM2014-(Ultra-High-Quality!!!!)
  7. This is not true. It works - you just need more repetitions of the names. In prior versions, it would be enough to have a name twice in the database - now you need more instances, but it works at some point. I have added 1000+ malian players, and the name variety of newgens has dramatically improved.
  8. Using edt files is a waste of time!! Only a very small percentage of the names will ever be used by the game. Instead, you should create actual editor files: Create persons with the names and nationality that you want. Make sure that every First Name and Last Name occurs at least 4 times (not sure about the actual number - it used to be 2 times, but it was changed for FM14). In this way you could create thousands of names which will all be used by the game. Best thing to do would be to create officials with birth date 1.1.1920, who would immediately retire at the start of the game, but their names will be used henceforth.
  9. With so many people working with the advanced rules and releasing competitions, I can't believe that nobody has found out how to do this properly???
  10. This editor data file was created by FuryG. Download Link Installation: just put the folder that is inside the rar archive into the "editor data" directory ******************** GENERAL INFORMATION ******************** Now updated for FM14! A Data Editor File (XML-Format) for Football Manager 2014. Adds the Malian League Structure as accurately as possible. Added Malian Domestic Awards Dozens of new clubs created. 700+ players and staff added (mostly low reputation players for newly created Clubs. Added dozens of new cities and stadia with correct coordinates. Regionalization works with geographical league sorting works PERFECTLY due to dynamic league sizes in the 8 regional championships (D2)! Added several native languages and assigned to specific regions in order to get a realistic representation of differences in ethnicity in such a large country as Mali. Hence, Newgens from the northern Region will have differently sounding names compared to newgens born in the south of the country! Tested until 2023 without issues. ******************** COMPETITIONS ******************** Championnat National de 1ère Division (D1) Championnat de 2ème Division (contains 8 regional sub-divisions with the winners of each sub-division playing a promotion tournament playoff to the top flight) Divisions Inférieures (contains the third tier for Bamako and Ségou Regions) Ligue de l'ACEFOOT (League of Malian Football Schools & Football Academies) Coupe Nationale du Mali Super Coupe du Mali Coupe BDM-SA (pre-seasonal cup played among D1 Clubs and D2 Clubs from the Bamako District) Coupe du Port Autonome d'Abidjan (pre-seasonal cup played among top clubs of the top flight) Coupe de l'ACEFOOT (Cup of Malian Football Schools & Football Academies with the academies "Centre de Formation Naba Kango" from Burkina Faso and "Aspire International" from Senegal as invited guest participant!) The League Structure: The National Cup: ******************** Awards ******************** Malian Player of the year (global) Malian young Player of the Year (global) Malian D1 Top Scorer Malian D1 Team of the Season Malian D1 Newcomer Club of the Season Malian D1 Best Goalassistant Malian D1 Player of the Season Malian D1 Young Player of the Season Malian D1 Manager of the Season Malian D1 Goalkeeper of the Season Malian D2 Top Scorer (all regions) Regional Top Scorer (Bamako District) Regional Top Scorer (Koulikoro Region) Regional Top Scorer (Kayes Region) Regional Top Scorer (Sikasso Region) Regional Top Scorer (Ségou District) Regional Top Scorer (Mopti Region) Regional Top Scorer (Gao Region) Regional Top Scorer (Northern Region) ACEFOOT Top Goalscorer (Cup) ACEFOOT Best Player (Cup) ******************** Languages ******************** Bambara (Main Language in Mali; also spoken in large parts of Guinea, Burkina Faso, Gambia, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Sierra Leone) Fula (more common in the Southern/Western Regions as well as in Guinea and Ivory Coast) Moré (South-Eastern regions and Burkina Faso and Northern Ivory Coast) Wolof (Western regions and Sengal/Gambia) Soninké (Western regions and Sengal/Gabia) Dogon (Eastern Region around the city of Bandiagara) Songhai (North-Eastern Region) Tamashek (Northern Saharan Region) Hassaniya Arabic (Northern Saharan Region) ******************** Cities ******************** more than 30 cities with correct geographical coordinates and weather conditions ******************** Newgen Names ******************** linked cities with languages to get a stunningly realistic modelling of newgen names (hence, newgens from the northern part of the country will sound different from newgens from the southern part (as Mali is a HUGE country!). Example for a northern name: "Aboubacrine Assadeck"; example for a southern name: "Fousséiny Diakité". Also Newgens from the south-western part (near the Guinea frontier) that speak the Fula language are more likely to have names as "Diallo", "Sow", "Sy", "Sylla", "Bangoura", while central Bambara speaking newgens will rather be named like "Traoré", "Touré", "Coulibaly",... --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download Link ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. Thanks, but this is not what I am asking for! This approach only works if you want to seed teams based on their position in ONE table. But I have FOUR groups, and each team has been either first or second in its group. How do I ensure that the group winners can only play against runner-ups in the cup stage?
  12. Hi all, I need some help with the advanced rules. I have set up a cup structure with two stages: Firstly a stage with four groups of 7 teams, which is then followed by a knock-out cup stage (each group winner and runner-up qualify). I would like to have fixed draw in the quarter final, i.e., 1st from Group 1 vs 2nd from Group 3, 1st Group 3 vs. 2nd Group 1, 1st Group 2 vs 2nd Group 4, 1st Group 4 vs 2nd Group 2. I can't figure out how to do this - the fixtures are always random. Tried to experiment with Team Indices and Cup Tie Mappings, but no luck until now. Any help/advice on how to get this to work? Or even example files? Thanks!
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