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  1. I just uploaded it under the "last save overwrite backup.fm" but I ain't sure if it's prior to the adjustment cause I really went further in my game hoping I'd have the opportunity to ask for a wage budget raise.
  2. Hi, After posting on Steam about it, I've been redirected here. Here's the bug I apparently discovered: I'm currently managing Barcelona for my second season where everything's been perfect until my board tells me they unlocked some cash for the transfer budget. To my surprise, when I checked, the budget was indeed increased to over a hundred million euros but to the expense of the wage budget. I had indeed a surplus of around 40 millions per year in my wage budget, with approximately 90-95 millions as a transfer budget. It crippled my wage budget to the point where I ended up with a 88 millions per year deficit. The total balance is actually good; over 300 millions. Now I tried fixing the thing myself by dragging down the transfer budget to increase my wage budget, but I couldn't go any further. I could also use the in-game editor which I own to fix this myself, but I don't really wanna "cheat". Now maybe it's the only solution. I uploaded my save to the cloud under the "Barcelona.fm" name. Thank you!
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