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  1. Aye glad I sold, Saraiva has been a beast taking up the vacant role so far and I re-invested a very small amount into another youth 18 year old CB. Not a starter, but good enough to give games against easy opposition and still better back-up than my 4th choice. Should use the money to try and get mbappe from PSG now
  2. Not sure if I've had better in the past but was just on the brink of 12 in a row vs Crystal Palace in Prem League, but drew 0-0. Still a great run that has seen me go from 3rd/4th to 5 points clear at the top.
  3. I sold. Makes me feel a little empty inside, even if it was a record transfer For the good of the club though I suppose!
  4. So, PSG just offered me £150m for my best CB Ramon Penuela (see screenshot). Purchased him originally for 500k, had him out on loan in Germany for a few seasons and he has played 1 and a half full seasons for me so far. I'm currently challenging for all cups, so not sure I want to let him go. My backup (Saraiva, see screenshot) is quite good - although my 4th choice CB is Darragh Lenihan who has been with me since the championship, so any injuries and I will be quite short on options. Don't really need the money that much - have a young squad and some more talent almost coming through, so dont need to spend in the transfer market. Club balance is currently 170 million. If I were to sign a ready made replacement though, then they would be asking for 200k per week. My guy here is only on 21k per week for another 2.5 years, and I have an option to extend his contract by 3 more years, so thats a big factor. If I dont let him leave, he will become unhappy. What would you guys do?
  5. At a guess I'd say not really. If your U23 or U18 squad dont have enough players for one of their fixtures then the game will just auto generate temp players.
  6. I only ever do on two conditions with my key players: 1) My staff point out they are jaded and could do with a rest 2) I think I can win the next game with their backup/rotation option 9/10 they always agree with me, but on the occasion they tell me they dont want to be rested I agree with them and include them in the next game, as them saying they don't need a break also removes their Jaded/need a rest status. If I really need them in the next game, I just dont bother interacting with them, and instead manually rest them from training in the days leading up to the next match.
  7. @enigmatic agree entirely with everything you said mate, nice way to sum it all up.
  8. Based on my other thread regarding youth intakes being fishy (and the fact he looks a beast), if these are his stats as a brand new youth intake then there is an 82% chance that he has already peaked and will not develop much further
  9. Ok, so did a test of 100 intakes and now have repetitive stress disorder - I can't do more of these. May do the same test on next intake. Here are some numbers: The youth intakes went a little something like this (1 shows an intake generated a high CA player, 0 shows no high CA player generated on that intake) 0000 11 0 1 00 1 0 11 000 11 0 1111 00 1 000 111 0 1 0 1 0 1 0000 11 00 111 00 1 0 1 0 111 00 1 0000 11 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 111 0 1 000000 1 0000 11 0 11 000 1 It's farily split down the middle, with 45% of intakes loaded providing positive samples and generating players with a CA above 120. The 45% positive samples provided a total of 55 individual players (taking into account multiple players occasionally being generated on single intakes), of which 13% (7) were generated at my own club. Players showing little improvement - 82% (45 players) Players breaking the mould (PA increases of >20) - 18% (10 players) ---------------------------------------------- Out of the players breaking the mould (showing PA increase of >+20), they fell into these PA brackets: Players that broke the mould had max PA of 140-149 (3) 150-159 (3) 160-169 (3) 170-179 (0) 180-189 (1) 190-200 (0) Players that broke the mould had Individual PA Increases of +20-29 (3) +30-39 (3) +40-49 (3) +50-59 (1) Average PA increase of approx 34 for the above. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Of the 45 players that showed little to no PA improvement, they all generally had CA 120x PA 130x so I won't list all their max PA's, but I will list their individual PA increases: Players that showed little to no improvement had Individual PA increases of +1-5 (9) +6-10 (27) +11-15 (6) +16-19 (3) Average PA increase of approx 9 for the above. My favourite from the above selection was Callum Burton, the last guy I got (CA 129, PA 131). ---------------------------------- Attached is a screenshot of all these generated players CA and PA stats. Players highlighted are the ones that showed a +20 PA increase. Players within black borders were all generated together on the same youth intake day. Interpret it all how you will, and feel free to download the save here to see that the database/editor is not being used and test the intake yourself. Game is saved right before intake so no messing about.
  10. Sorry - as soon as I typed "I did not look at your numbers" I actually did think "I'll take a look", and noticed you were using search parameters that had absolutely naff all to do with my OP or what this whole thread is about (purely newgens on youth intake day with CA 120+). I'm not guaranteeing first teamers every intake. I said it was happening on a high rate. Since I've been doing more testing, I have a better idea on the actual percentage which I will show once I have a larger sample. You say you searched 15-16 year olds and out of hundreds of regens only one met my criteria. You didn't. In fact your post said you were searching 14-15 year olds (no idea now whether you were searching 14-15 or 15-16, but it doesn't matter), and your parameters were not following my guidelines form the OP. In fact, the most relevant search you made was the following: "Players aged 14-15 with CA >100 AND PA <130: ONE" That search isn't going to help you with the circumstances I am finding, because you are excluding players above 130 PA (which is the bracket most of these "problematic" intakes I am finding fall into). All I'm saying mate, is from your very first post you've hardly contributed anything worthwhile to the actual relevant data I'm finding, other than casting your opinion on how realistic my CA/PA scenario is compared to real life players and youth development, quoting names such as Francis Jeffers and Didier Drogba, followed by making presumptions that I am making this post due to being unhappy about not uncovering a Wayne Rooney every season, coupled with a hint of "must be database editing". You also make contradictory statements like this: To close this off mate, this post is not about your opinion, ego or anything else. It is about me getting 120+ CA players on a regular basis in this particular youth intake, with the vast majority (more testing showing my OP is not 100% the case) showing no potential for improvement. I will be doing more testing and revealing much more data, so if you are interested to see it, stick around. If you can't believe me when I say I am using no editors or skewed database, then this post isn't for you as everything I present will be too easy for you to dismiss if it doesn't follow your own experience. If you want to contribute (which honestly, I would appreciate), wait til your next youth intake, save, reload, use search parameters CA 120+, max age 16. Newgens only, no 16 year olds that have been developing in France or Germany since they were age 14. Apologies if I am sounding an arse, but really mate - I just posted this here to show people the data, not get into a discussion on five different fronts to cover 5 different topics.
  11. Further update. Because of difference found by @Karnack I decided I am going to re-run testing on this youth intake, and also run on next years intake to see what difference there is. I've already started re-testing, and can confirm I have found some players that go against my original findings - most by not massive margins, but one definitely by a really impressive margin (127 CA, 186 PA). There are some really interesting finds in here, and I'm sometimes getting as many as 3 120+ CA players in one intake. I have kids and other commitments, so it might take me a few days to get this years results, but I'll keep going at post them on here as soon as I'm done.
  12. So, because of new account I reached post limit yesterday so couldnt reply. I'd like to clear a few things up. I posted this here for discussion - I wasn't sure if it was a bug, so after testing (admittedly limited, no-one is paying me to reload thousands of games for a bigger sample size) I made an effort to try and show my findings to you all and put it into an easy to view format. I am just trying to share what I found. I do not use any edited database or in game editor and have already clearly stated this. I am using the microsoft version of FM via game pass, downloaded straight from the store and un-touched. The only custom thing I am using are club/league badge packs. I understand if people have their view points on how CA/PA works and how they personally compare it to real life, but making pointless accusations and/or calling me a billy liar really doesn't help. I am not here to argue your viewpoint on how players develop, or how CA and PA works. Just to point out my findings. Finally, to re-instate. I do not want a Ronaldo, Rooney or Messi to magically appear in my youth intake every year. I do not care about that. I simply had 2 cases over a 4 year period where 2 regens that looked like monsters appeared in my youth intake, and after the first didnt develop, I checked the PA of the 2nd when he appeared in my intake to find that he too, would not develop, which lead me to reload youth intake several times to see how many I could spot, to which I spotted lots as you see in my screenshot. I have no idea why on this intake I am getting these 120/130+ CA youth intakes. I literally just realoded youth intake day to see how many tries it took me. The first, I got nothing. The 2nd try, this guy showed up at birmingham (please ignore the 2 Germans on the screenshot, they are not newgens and are on their third season) https://pasteboard.co/IwL33gw.png @RBKalle You can maintain your personal and unfounded opinion that I've modded or edited all you like. I have not. I've also not looked at the numbers you just made in that post mate, but again ill point out, Im only referring to newgens that just came out of youth intake with a 120+ CA. Not all regens across the game with random 100 CA stats after who knows how many months have been in game. @Karnack Thankyou! Thank you for not completely bashing me and actually taking the time and effort to try this out yourself to see the results. It does appear that you are getting something different to me, with 2 players there over 120+ CA showing +33 and +37 PA increases respectively, so it appears is it not a fixed set of parameters. With regards to your 119 CA player, I can't tell you if I have had any similar - you can see from my search parameters in the screenshot on this post I have only been searching players up to max age of 16, minimum CA of 120. So, to finalise. One person so far @Karnack has actually tested his own youth intake day, and has found 2 players that go against my results. There are still lots of people on here and on Reddit though describing incidents themselves identical to mine, with high CA players coming in with no scope for development. If anyone else wants to test their youth intake days, please do. With there now being something going against the grain I might actually take the time to load up a few hundred youth intake days to see if I can also get some that go against my original findings, and share the result with people that actually would like to see the results, rather than those who just want to pointlessly talk about Francis Jeffers.
  13. @herne79 Not using any type of edited database, nor any in-game editor (not even available on Windows version). I've no idea how often 120+ CA youth intakes should appear, but can confirm that the 5 found across Premier League top flight clubs in those screenshots were over around 8 loaded games so yep, quite a high rate. None will develop further though and are destined for low level Premier League if lucky, although likely the Championship. @RBKalle I have not once said "I think I should get one, or many, such players". Please, do not put words into my mouth and then over-exaggerate them to substantiate your own point. I have not said I want 4 or 5 Rooneys year in year out - in fact, I have not even come close to that. I am saying that judging by my testing, it would be impossible to ever get one, no matter how many years you play. If you are telling me that it is completely realistic to have every 120+ CA youth intake have no scope for development, then I don't know how I'm meant to debate with you. Please understand my point - I am not saying I want 5 Rooneys. I have more than enough youth talent. Youth talent is easy to find. I am merely pointing out a flaw I have found, and that flaw is that high CA youth intakes never develop much further beyond their CA. If it was CA 130, PA even 25 points higher at 155, I'd drop the point. But the proof is there - you will only ever get a PA anywhere from 5-10 points higher than that CA (100% of the time until proven otherwise). It is consistently the same pattern, of a PA 5-10 points higher than their CA. Surely you can admit that blanketing all high CA youth intakes this way is highly unrealistic? I mean, if one had +5 PA and another +25 PA, then ok - but all have +5-10 PA. Again, I did not come here to argue with peoples viewpoints of "realism". I came here to point out that CA/PA appears to follow a strict set of guidelines in the circumstances I am talking about, and is therefore entirely scripted and not randomised. This is fundamentally flawed and does not lend to a "realistic" experience if this is the view point you wish to take up. *Edit* So I just started loading more games to try and push this point, and the pattern remains consistent. Over 3 saves, several more 120/130 CA intakes with the same virtually non-existent increase in PA. I'm not going to bother with more screenshots, feel like the first should be enough. I've apparently reached my daily post limit, so I am just going to leave this now as most here seem happy with this scripted system and feel the need to debate - and each to their own. I myself though find it a let down that I now know that any youth intake 4/5* PA "almost first teamer based on CA" I might get coming into my intake will not be worth the effort, and I should focus on the ****** CA's with 4/5* potential instead. Did not make this thread to debate with people and their views of realism. I've read enough of peoples same old "real life" comparisons on other FM discussions, and have done for years. I made this thread to simply point out the extraordinary (and so far unbreakable) consistency of zero progression on high CA intakes. A spread of +5/10 100% of the time is not right in my opinion. Anyway, if S.I see this and would care to comment on why it's like this, great. I'm just raising the issue. *2nd edit* @jozza800 below me, just posted as I finished my first edit Cheers for the rational reply. Maybe I have just had consistently bad results on my marginal tests, so I do hope someone can disprove this and post an unedited high CA youth intake day player with also high PA - not just the +5/10 I am finding. The checking the CA and PA was due to my previous experience of "The next Frank Lampard" not developing even a tiny bit. Did it out of curiosity to see if my new regen was equally as dud, and doing it here in the name of FM science! Edit 3 @herne79 with regards to your reply below me. I told you I wasn't using an edited database, and you replied saying "I said in-game app". You did, yep, but you also asked me about edited database. Check your OP. I confirmed that I wasn't using one, nor an in-game editor. With regards to in-game app, I didn't think I had to re-affirm that I used FMSE to check PA, as that was clear to see in my original post as you have just pointed out. It may not be apparent as you would have to check my reddit post, but I used FMSE to check the current regen I had out of ciriosity due to the fact a regen I had gotten seasons before (with great stats) had shown no development. FMSE did not play any part in the previous dud regen. I continued to use FMSE for the purposes of the experiment, otherwise, what would be the point in doing it? *Edit 4* @CFuller In reply below, you said "This is a discussion on whether there are too many newgens with high starting CA but low PA. Let's stick to the topic, shall we?" - That kind of isnt what its about - its not the "quantity" of these players that bothers me - It is about why these particular players seem to be guaranteed to have zero scope for development. *Edit 5* @CFuller You said "A potential 10-point increase in CA does not equal zero scope for development." - if getting hung up on technicalities to make a pointless point makes you feel better mate, go for it. I'll re-phrase for you and say "a consistently low spread for all of the effected players of a +5/10 increase in CA". *Edit 6* Can a mod not give me more daily posts? lol. @santy001 That doesn't disprove what I am saying though. As youve said yourself, the screenshot you have provided shows 17 year olds that have had development time, and wouldve started with CA's below 100 for the most part. I am only referring to players that come into youth intake day with 120/130 CA. Not players that have 100 CA and a years worth of development under their belts.
  14. @RBKalle I am not disagreeing with you that there are 19 year old regens ready for NT football. I have some myself. I do, however, disagree with you that in FM19 it is possible to get a 120/130 CA on youth intake day (at least in England, as I have only tested there) that will have more than a +10-15 PA scope for improvement. I have done my (admittedly) limited research, but I have uploaded my proofs. So far, my proof demonstrates that if a youth intake is above 120+ CA on youth intake day, he will not improve. Again, I challenge anyone, yourself included, to find me an unedited youth intake with high 120/130+ CA, with a high PA.
  15. @RBKalle Im not here to make real life comparisons mate, as mentioned in my previous post. I'm not arguing your point that bad CA players can evolve into great CA players (as per your example of say, Drogba). You are entirely correct. But find me one single CA youth intake of 120+ with a high PA. So far, I have not been able to. If this is comparible to real life, then players such as Rooney making a debut at 16 years of age would still have been the exact same player aged 26 as he was aged 16. Turns out he was a lot better at 26. I really hate getting into these real life comparisons. The games youth intake is broken, and again, I challenge anyone to find me an unedited CA 120+ youth intake with a high PA. I am trying to do this myself still, but cannot.
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