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  1. 1) Blackburn 2) Nope 3) Nope - just won 4th consecutive premier league and third consecutive champions league. Won everything there was to win both this season and last except the FA cup. Definitely nothing to do with reputation - been top of the world reputation rankings for my 2nd season now I think, and easily above arsenal for the last 4. They are ranked 15th in comparison. In terms of finances, I am ranked 34th in the world and Arsenal 35th, so we are basically neck and neck there. Already checked his contract details earlier, and annoyingly there is nothing there I would not have offered It's just the usual loyalty bonus, appearance fee's etc, and a 5% sell on clause.
  2. Tried searching posts regarding this, but not found anything for FM19. Finding threads pointing this issue out going back to game versions as early as FM11, though. In a nutshell, I'm sure everyone has experienced a new signing asking for ridiculous wages so you don't end up signing him, only to then see them go to another team on a much lower wage. After seeing this on previous versions going back many years, have developers ever stated that is there a reasonable explanation as to why this happens? It's very annoying. Example: I spent a good season and half to unsettle Donnarumma from Milan - a world class goalkeeper was the last part of my puzzle. Finally, he becomes unhappy that he wasn't able to talk to my team, and I have a bid accepted. Scout estimated wage to be 220k p/w, but come contract talks he wanted 400k+ and trying to get him down to any less than 250k resulted in him asking for yearly wage rises of 25% or something which would plunge the Club into financial crisis, so that didnt happen. Anyway, 1 transfer window later it comes up in my inbox that Arsenal have bid on him. I check his status, and he is still unhappy that he was unable to move to my club. I give it another go. I have to bid more than Arsenal to have offer accepted for some reason, but hey, thats just the way FM world works for non AI. Contract negotiations go pretty much the same way - he wants 450k p/w this time, try to bring him down and he wants a huge yearly percentage increase and I just can't do it, so he naturally walks away when I try to bring him down to what the club realistically can afford. Couple days later, he shows up as moving to Arsenal. Screenshot attached to show what they are paying him. (Spoiler alert -it's basically what my scouts predicted he would ask me for :D) Why would he desperately want to join my club, become unsettled, but then demand 450k from me and walk away when I offer him 250k - only to go to a lesser team for less money than my lowest offer? We have won Champs league 3 times in a row, prem 4 times in a row and pretty much everything else. The only cup that keeps eluding us is the FA cup, only ever made 1 final. By comparison Arsenal have won one UEFA Cup and were runners up in the FA Cup a few years ago. In terms of wages, Arsenal has a first team wage bill of £3.1 million per week, with their highest paid player earning £325k per week. I have a first team wage bill of £2.9 million per week, and my highest earner is on £275k per week. I don't understand why a goalkeeper desperate to join me would ask for 450k per week, and then fob off my 250k offer to join a has been Arsenal team for 230k per week. Makes no sense. If anyone knows why the game works this way I'd love to know - would also like to hear any of your own similar stories to this
  3. Hardly made any signings the last 3 seasons, been gradually introducing youth once they have had enough odd appearances in cup games/from the bench to make them more or less a good rotation option. Squad has pretty much been together for years bar a couple of changes.
  4. At the start of every season, I have inconsistent form and end up around 12 points off the table leader. Form eventually picks up, and by the time Febuary rolls around I've caught up and overtaken the leaders and sit top of the table and go on to win the league. Happened the last 3 seasons and the one I'm currently in. My squad consists of a lot of world class players, and I have 3 different tactics in play - My main tactic I use all the time, a "different approach" one in case main tactic isnt working well in a match, and a park the bus defensive/counter for when I am 1/2 goals up against dangerous opposition. Familiarity of all tactics is good as there isnt a huge shape difference between them. I think the slump might be something to do with my pre-season training setup, but being completely honest I have not gone anywhere near the team training in this years edition. It looks so different to past versions that I've just left it all up to AssMan and have never touched it. It hurts my eyes when I look at the interface. Basically just looking to see if anyone else has the same start of season slump, and if they have rectified it with a different approach to pre-season. Also just looking for any advice in general. If it helps, for my pre-season I usually just make sure I have enough friendlies set up to make everyone match fit, and the opposition teams I pick are always minnows that I know I will absolutely thrash to get morale as high as possible (this always seemed to work well on past FM editions).
  5. Aye glad I sold, Saraiva has been a beast taking up the vacant role so far and I re-invested a very small amount into another youth 18 year old CB. Not a starter, but good enough to give games against easy opposition and still better back-up than my 4th choice. Should use the money to try and get mbappe from PSG now
  6. Not sure if I've had better in the past but was just on the brink of 12 in a row vs Crystal Palace in Prem League, but drew 0-0. Still a great run that has seen me go from 3rd/4th to 5 points clear at the top.
  7. I sold. Makes me feel a little empty inside, even if it was a record transfer For the good of the club though I suppose!
  8. So, PSG just offered me £150m for my best CB Ramon Penuela (see screenshot). Purchased him originally for 500k, had him out on loan in Germany for a few seasons and he has played 1 and a half full seasons for me so far. I'm currently challenging for all cups, so not sure I want to let him go. My backup (Saraiva, see screenshot) is quite good - although my 4th choice CB is Darragh Lenihan who has been with me since the championship, so any injuries and I will be quite short on options. Don't really need the money that much - have a young squad and some more talent almost coming through, so dont need to spend in the transfer market. Club balance is currently 170 million. If I were to sign a ready made replacement though, then they would be asking for 200k per week. My guy here is only on 21k per week for another 2.5 years, and I have an option to extend his contract by 3 more years, so thats a big factor. If I dont let him leave, he will become unhappy. What would you guys do?
  9. At a guess I'd say not really. If your U23 or U18 squad dont have enough players for one of their fixtures then the game will just auto generate temp players.
  10. I only ever do on two conditions with my key players: 1) My staff point out they are jaded and could do with a rest 2) I think I can win the next game with their backup/rotation option 9/10 they always agree with me, but on the occasion they tell me they dont want to be rested I agree with them and include them in the next game, as them saying they don't need a break also removes their Jaded/need a rest status. If I really need them in the next game, I just dont bother interacting with them, and instead manually rest them from training in the days leading up to the next match.
  11. @enigmatic agree entirely with everything you said mate, nice way to sum it all up.
  12. Based on my other thread regarding youth intakes being fishy (and the fact he looks a beast), if these are his stats as a brand new youth intake then there is an 82% chance that he has already peaked and will not develop much further
  13. Ok, so did a test of 100 intakes and now have repetitive stress disorder - I can't do more of these. May do the same test on next intake. Here are some numbers: The youth intakes went a little something like this (1 shows an intake generated a high CA player, 0 shows no high CA player generated on that intake) 0000 11 0 1 00 1 0 11 000 11 0 1111 00 1 000 111 0 1 0 1 0 1 0000 11 00 111 00 1 0 1 0 111 00 1 0000 11 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 111 0 1 000000 1 0000 11 0 11 000 1 It's farily split down the middle, with 45% of intakes loaded providing positive samples and generating players with a CA above 120. The 45% positive samples provided a total of 55 individual players (taking into account multiple players occasionally being generated on single intakes), of which 13% (7) were generated at my own club. Players showing little improvement - 82% (45 players) Players breaking the mould (PA increases of >20) - 18% (10 players) ---------------------------------------------- Out of the players breaking the mould (showing PA increase of >+20), they fell into these PA brackets: Players that broke the mould had max PA of 140-149 (3) 150-159 (3) 160-169 (3) 170-179 (0) 180-189 (1) 190-200 (0) Players that broke the mould had Individual PA Increases of +20-29 (3) +30-39 (3) +40-49 (3) +50-59 (1) Average PA increase of approx 34 for the above. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Of the 45 players that showed little to no PA improvement, they all generally had CA 120x PA 130x so I won't list all their max PA's, but I will list their individual PA increases: Players that showed little to no improvement had Individual PA increases of +1-5 (9) +6-10 (27) +11-15 (6) +16-19 (3) Average PA increase of approx 9 for the above. My favourite from the above selection was Callum Burton, the last guy I got (CA 129, PA 131). ---------------------------------- Attached is a screenshot of all these generated players CA and PA stats. Players highlighted are the ones that showed a +20 PA increase. Players within black borders were all generated together on the same youth intake day. Interpret it all how you will, and feel free to download the save here to see that the database/editor is not being used and test the intake yourself. Game is saved right before intake so no messing about.
  14. Sorry - as soon as I typed "I did not look at your numbers" I actually did think "I'll take a look", and noticed you were using search parameters that had absolutely naff all to do with my OP or what this whole thread is about (purely newgens on youth intake day with CA 120+). I'm not guaranteeing first teamers every intake. I said it was happening on a high rate. Since I've been doing more testing, I have a better idea on the actual percentage which I will show once I have a larger sample. You say you searched 15-16 year olds and out of hundreds of regens only one met my criteria. You didn't. In fact your post said you were searching 14-15 year olds (no idea now whether you were searching 14-15 or 15-16, but it doesn't matter), and your parameters were not following my guidelines form the OP. In fact, the most relevant search you made was the following: "Players aged 14-15 with CA >100 AND PA <130: ONE" That search isn't going to help you with the circumstances I am finding, because you are excluding players above 130 PA (which is the bracket most of these "problematic" intakes I am finding fall into). All I'm saying mate, is from your very first post you've hardly contributed anything worthwhile to the actual relevant data I'm finding, other than casting your opinion on how realistic my CA/PA scenario is compared to real life players and youth development, quoting names such as Francis Jeffers and Didier Drogba, followed by making presumptions that I am making this post due to being unhappy about not uncovering a Wayne Rooney every season, coupled with a hint of "must be database editing". You also make contradictory statements like this: To close this off mate, this post is not about your opinion, ego or anything else. It is about me getting 120+ CA players on a regular basis in this particular youth intake, with the vast majority (more testing showing my OP is not 100% the case) showing no potential for improvement. I will be doing more testing and revealing much more data, so if you are interested to see it, stick around. If you can't believe me when I say I am using no editors or skewed database, then this post isn't for you as everything I present will be too easy for you to dismiss if it doesn't follow your own experience. If you want to contribute (which honestly, I would appreciate), wait til your next youth intake, save, reload, use search parameters CA 120+, max age 16. Newgens only, no 16 year olds that have been developing in France or Germany since they were age 14. Apologies if I am sounding an arse, but really mate - I just posted this here to show people the data, not get into a discussion on five different fronts to cover 5 different topics.
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