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  1. Thank you all for your imput. I have been following Feyenoord but I'm unsure whether that's the same as subscribing. I will look at the job center.
  2. Hi Yolixeya, How do I get notified or even apply, because they have just appointed a new manager and I wasn't aware that the previous manager left. I'm still following Feyenoord but never got the memo that their was a job opening. I also just signed a new contract with Napoli for another 5 years because I was unaware of Feyenoord's predicament. I can't imagine Feyenoord will have the funds to buy the contract. Thanks for your input so far. Hope to hear more.
  3. After having lead Feyenoord for 5 years, the club was financially well and doing really well in the Champions Cup. In the 6 years after that I've been leading Napoli now, but now Feyenoord is going downhill and I'd like to become the manager of Feyenoord again so the club can grow again. Can someone tell me how to do that if it's even possible? Without starting a new game! I'd like Feyenoord to expand the stadium for instance which had taken forever in this game. Thanks, Sjoffer
  4. Hi Roykela, First of all thank you for your input. Secondly, I admire your commitment for playing in 2055. I might like to do that as well. I have improved my club as well in the 5 years I was running it and except for building a new stadium which they wouldn't allow all other options were eventually allowed and I had no more options available to expand the club's facilities. I think that at certain point the club has enough scouts and will not expand any further. The same for all the other staff I imagine. Because my scouts were unable to find any good players left, especially the ones with a good ratio of scouting them early so to buy cheap and sell high, my money dried up as well. As for signing players for free I always had to do that and was quite succesful, but as I mentioned these options dried up because as below mentioned by Afced7, maybe this has to do with my team getting better and relative to it's quality the less players become available. Young players by which I mean younger than 30 preferably around 25 with a 3.5 star recommendation became extinct, which is weird of course since they don't suddenly all stop playing. I also leave all the scouting to my staff, but what are good scouts? I myself highered all scouting staff that have a 16 or higher in terms of judging actual quality or judging potential quality and I don't really look at their reputation, do you? Why did it start snowballing for you when you start to qualify for continental cups? Does that increase the range your scouts are able to discover players or vice versa so that more clubs, especially international ones discover your players? As for my database I always pick advanced configuration for my club which is Feyenoord and select the big database. It always advices 5 leagues and that's what I've always done, but you now suggest that I literally select all the leagues that I can find, even ones that have no league to speak of and will never provide a player that's interesting for a club as Feyenoord? Doesn't your game/ PC get very slow? To provide a bit of context as well; I've been playing Football Manager since it first started but I've always been primarly interested in managing the club Feyenoord, I just want to make it the best club ever, best facilities, best staff and very rich of course. Since the options to grow evaporated I took another Job after 5 years finally, but I much rather continued to grow Feyenoord. As I mentioned I always set up my game as recommended, but at your suggestion I'm willing to select a lot more leagues if that will improve the availability of players to scout so that I discover a lot more players that will make a good deal and/or I'm able to sign a lot more good players that are free. Please let me know your thoughts at your earliest convenience. Thank you
  5. Dear Sega, Every Football Manager game has a problem discovering new players via scouting or signing new players that are any good after 3 or 4 seasons of playing the game. I would think that the game should be able to generate new players for as long as one wants to play the game or at least until al board requests are handled and there is nothing you can do anymore to improve the club you are managing. Same thing is happening with trying to sign players that are getting out of their contract. The first 3 seasons you are able to sign players at the end of each season that can improve your club with a rating of 3.5 stars generally as maximum. After 3 seasons these options seem to vanish as if players no longer get out of their contract and certainly no players that are 3.5 stars or above. The same thing is happening with scouting new players. After 3 seasons the scouting staff is somehow unable to discover any new players that are any good, let's say with the rating of 3.5 stars or above, especially ones that can be a very good deal money versus quality wise which vary in age. Now you can only find players that are young, quality wise medium to low and only available in the very expensive price range, all players from young talents and up cost at least 20 Million Euro, unaffordable unless you manage one of the 20 biggest teams. I hope you can remedy this request as soon as technically possible. I look forward to your response. Sincerely, Jeffrey
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