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  1. Flair is one of my most important attributes. My way of playing is attacking players with high flair to help unlock defences
  2. Higher tempo and shorter mentality together is probably asking too much of your players. Id drop higher tempo to standard. Because you are playing 3 at the back i would change dlp on support he will still hold position but will up his mentality. Throw it long kind of conflicts playing out from the back? Also you dont really need overlap left you have a natrual overlap with if s and wb a. you are making your lwb really agressive
  3. too me your roles and duties look fairly balanced one glaring issue i see is canales on cm defend who can't tackle nor has very good positioning. However i cant imagine betis are expected to finish too high. you look to be doing a decent job
  4. Obviously not but end of day we are playing a game and id imagine it would descend into chaos if not.
  5. This saved my sanity for playing this game. Its just simple and makes things easier to understand.
  6. The treq is a wonderful role but people like high pressing and replicating liverpool. So it really never comes to peoples mind i think. I also think people use what they know.
  7. I think gegenpress is just easier to set up. People love the 4231. Struggle to create space when they try to play possesion based tactics so revert to being super agressive looking for people with good physcals and team work.
  8. Presets shouldnt give people a ceiling. They are there for people who struggle with the tactical side and gives them a base. You still need the right players regardless of tactic. Let people enjoy the game wether thats making signings and progressing rapidly or digging deep into the tactical side of the game. Should be able to enjoy it either way. Id rather see someone using a preset than some exploit.
  9. it is about how fast you move the ball but no team in the world zips the ball around at a high speed for 90 mins. its in phases when they see an opening
  10. Depends who you are and maybe expectations are. i was real Madrid with control possession on 19 and won league and all domestic cups. To me they are a base and some a little extreme.
  11. Much higher tempo is probably making your players rush the play to much. Leave it as normal. Why play through the middle and play wingers and want overlapping full backs. Dribble less isnt needed. Your out of possession instructions are extremely aggressive but if it's working for you leave it.
  12. can any one tell me where player traits are on fm touch 20 i cant find them
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