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  1. We are just under a year away from the Vegas draft. Could we see EHM 2 in the spring?, or even Fall 2017 close to the start of the season and we can 'back date' a start at the draft? exciting news
  2. Will there be any future updates that will allow for the UI's size customization? Playing on a 55" TV sitting 6~7 feet away, reading gets tough. almost used to it now, but still
  3. I really hope there will be a game mode option update to take on as the new Vegas team to experience the expansion draft, The ultimate be a GM mode, starting from literally scratch!
  4. I'm not sure how well a mobile device can handle the massive amount of information / page changing required. Perhaps a Windows tablet running full windows maybe would be fine? I recently spent the entire 16 hour flight on EHM:EA on my 17" laptop. It was fun, and I even got a few people making reminders to purchase
  5. 2. is probably fine, older people do retire and maybe he has changed his mind that he isn't fit for the grind. or maybe a family issue, perhaps a flesh out of the news system where if a guy retires too soon / before contract up, there's a news event saying he has decided to retire due to personal reasons, or health, or family, or got his hand mawed by a snow blower
  6. really dependant on his roster, if he spent ages making trades to assemble a cap friendly dominant roster..then i guess it could happen? also tactics, some tactics out there are simply insane
  7. Before loading your game, go top right, preferences, reset, and it should be fine
  8. Happened to me now twice in 3 games. coach fired over my head? I can accept it, but fire the new guy after 3 games?
  9. Brutal back to back to back games, there's a 4 in 5, a 9 game road trip. anyways, probably known by now, but i can't find a similar thread
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