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  1. You play with the best tactics from the pros. Try to play as many people with your tactics and you may change your mind
  2. Tell me, if we change the team's attitude from attacking to more cautious, will it be effective? because the roles of players in tactics remain attacking
  3. there is no reason to stop playing in the harsh English amateur leagues) BriefFloweryFlickertailsquirrel (1) .webm
  4. Knap, could you please check your good old 4-1-4-1 LL tactic for an outsider, It is possible to improve it and set standards for 2021 4-1-4-1.fmf
  5. I copied 4 of your tactics into the 2021 game, I will be grateful if improvements are made. 4-1-4-1 Игра через фланги.fmf КП-Темп выше.fmf КП-Темп ниже.fmf Фланговые полузащитники(выездная тактика).fmf
  6. Hi Knap! these are your 2019 tactics, very promising for amateur weak teams. !!!!!!!!!!!19.3.5PILGRIMAGEKnapCD4141P106ALLCUPSNOLOSS.fmf AWAYv4_!!!!!!!19.3.5WULF4141SPKnapP106ECCCKINGP107_SOLOUNAMIGOP104KINGP104.fmf !!!!FM19.3.4PILGRIMAGE4141KnapP107EC.fmf
  7. hello Knap , playing tactics !!!!!!!!!!!19.3.5PILGRIM AGEKnapCD4132P106ALLCUPSTHP98.fmf . There are difficulties against tactics 4-4-2 and 4-3-3. How to play against these teams?
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