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  1. it is: Nikolas Stamboliev - Hansa Rostock (v02).fm I am running on: ryzen 1600, rx580 8gb, 16gb ram, win10 x64, latest drivers Hope you can fix it. Thanks again!
  2. Hello, i uploaded the replay and sent you name in pm. Thanks again for your time!
  3. No. Just logos and face pack. Which i removed, as well as all the above actions.
  4. Anyone? Can i upload my save somewhere, so you could take a look at it for example?
  5. Hello, pressing continue on a specific dates, just gets the game loading indefinitely. I have removed graphics and logos, deleted cache and preferences, verified integrity, completely emptied sports interactive folder in my documents. Nothing seems to work. What else can i do? It's a 10+ years save. Thanks
  6. A lot of south american regens have often a big foreing release clause (15-25M) and a small domestic release clause (1-3M). So as a european team, you have to pay the big clause to get them. BUT... I just shortlist them and often, domestic teams will try to sign them with the small clause. So i make a bit higher offer, and the selling club of course accepts, as they will loose the player anyway to the domestic club. Works great! Key is to keep every prospect shortlisted.
  7. Thanks for the input. So i suppose, only singing staff with actual knowledge will increase team's knowledge.
  8. So i feel that my scouting knowledge is broken. My scouting knowledge of bulgaria is as seen below: But my team's scouting knowledge of bulgaria is not going up (i've been in the club for 8.5 years): This guy has been scouting scandinavia for 3 years: What is happening? Am i understanding something wrong?
  9. Well, i would suggest you look at this from a different agnle. The ME is just a "bad" representation of what happens on the pitch. Don't dwell on the specifics, on the stupid movements and animations. Often these animations are confusing and misrepresent what actually happened. Especially animations regarding mistakes that lead to a goal. I.e. a common one is: the wing back makes a pass to the dc, the dc controls the ball and stands still for 2-3 seconds, the attacker steals the ball and scores. You would assume that it is the dc's fault in this situation if you just watch the highlight. But in reality, the wing back is the one that gets the "mistake led to goal" stat! So the game tried to show you a highlight in which the wing back made a bad and risky pass to the dc, and you conceeded as result. But the representation is bad and misleading. So, don't believe everything you see in the ME, and try to understand what the game want's to tell you. Similarly with you, I am on my 8th or 9th season with Hansa. Have a really good team capable of challenging for the title. Started the new season with bad results and conceeded a lot of stupid goals because of mistakes. Goalkeeper passing to opponent, dc going for a 5 second nap while having the ball etc. So i investigated a bit and found out that all these teams were pressing me high with their 4-2-3-1 tactic and not really giving me space to build form behind. My dc's are good, but not really BPD's, so not the best passers. And the cherry on top was that i had "play out of defense" instruction. Well, as soon as i removed this instruction, all these mistakes went away.
  10. Hello, i'v been managing Hansa Rostock for 8-9 seasons. The team starts with 5 affiliated clubs. One of them is the reserves team, so ok with that, but the others are some lower league german clubs. I am now a Bundesliga challenging team, so this affiliated clubs are useless to me. The problem is that, the cancel link button is greyed out all these years, and when i ask the board for new affiliates, they say that we have enough. How can i cansel those links? I want new affiliates so i can send players on loan etc.
  11. Let me explain better: I know that if opponent is doing X, i have to do Y to counter him. But i am having hard time understanding what is happening tactically, because i am watching at extended highlights (i do not intend to watch more). What tools, or screens, or tabs do you guys use to understand what is happening tactically, without watching highlights? Before the match through scouting and during the match.
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