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  1. if you play high line are your defenders fast? to help deal with the inevitable ball over the top, pressing them with a higher line of engagement and more urgent pressing would be a good combo imo, you dont want your defence high but then give their playmaker all the time in the world to hit hollywood passes through to a lightning quick striker, so pressing and limiting their time on the ball is important with this systyem. With a low line and low line of engagement and less pressing your stepping back keeping shape and letting the opposition attack you without running all over the pitch makin
  2. hey bud you could if you want try some downloading tactics and read the desrciptions or watch the videos some leave to explain what they are trying to achieve and use that as a sort of base point. About conceding in the last 20 mins some teams will attack you like crazy to get equaliser try making your tactic more defensive in final part of match wbs who are on support maybe put on defend drop the amc back into dmc, take off tied players, use time wasting keep the ball or try to go more direct and counter to get a second goal. You really need to have a idea of how you want team to play
  3. What is so bad about using two attack duties on the same side wide players? A IF/IW on attack and A WB/A in the fbl slot. Dont often seem to get caught out in fm21 with issues tracking back. I use the mark tighter PI on the I/w to hopefully have him defend more.
  4. Easy fix add a iron man mode, I bet 90% of these 3 season win streaks would stop, casuals can just play and reload till they win. Fm is a simulation more than a game in my eyes being part of a experience that plays out whether I decide to participate or not. Such as dimming 30 years into the future and seeing what's changed. Imo Fm is best with no reloads where every wrong tactical choice, lucky a.I goal and last minute gut wrenches are felt hard would be cool to have an option for no reloads as a way to help people play like this who want to but get tempted by the reload and also as a badge
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