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  1. Yeah, it really bugs me. Even if everything goes well and tactic clicks and players are happy and we're steamrolling through the season, it really gets to me. Attributes - honestly, don't think so - everyone does this, from like Ryan Porteous of Hibernian to De Ligt and beyond. Thanks, I'll try to get the best I can and compare, but I don't have high hopes. I thought it's player level at Alessandria, Brescia, Plymouth and Port Vale, but even world class strikers (Icardi) do this all the time for me. If others aren't experiencing this - don't even know what to do. I'm kind of sure it's not a tactical thing - striker is reliably put into that position and opens up and gets the pass - just fails to convert. I gave it a bunch more thought and played a few games concentrating on crossing in particular, so here's a long IMHO: the "roll" is unsuccessful to prevent bizarre cases of 500 crosses a game happening (and large number of those being converted, if crosser is good and there's a half-decent striker to finish). The way I prefer to play is constantly putting technically gifted good crossers into 1-v-1 situations against defenders - something that in real life is a viable option. Now, in real life we don't get 500 crosses as defending teams will react and do other things - another defender comes to cover, or tactical fouls higher up the pitch, or closing the wide player down even before he receives the ball. The match engine doesn't seem to allow for that, and it relays on just bad rolls (==cross hits first defender) to make the overall outcome believable. My hope is for SI to fix it, otherwise I'd have to start attacking through the center to make this stop - basically try to game the system. Great point - down the rabbit hole of manually setting up training we go. Thanks again for your answers.
  2. Thanks for answers y'all! For 1 - good to know SI acknowledged it and hopefully are looking for a fix. I tried playing out of defense, different tempos and passing, all to no avail. Might be exaggerating, not 1/2 but like 1/3, still enormous amount for something that virtually never happens in real life. I can try to compose an excel sheet :) For 2 - @summatsupeer what other than finishing and composure should I look at, could you help? Or is it just tweaked to to avoid scores like 11-9 and I should accept it? For 3 - really happy it might be addressed by SI too. Understand that if all those crosses go in it might just make it even less realistic though, good point - hope they can make the engine reflect the real game better rather than just doing this to avoid weird scores. For injuries - again, maybe just me being paranoid - that type of thing mostly happens during training in September-ish. Player injury proneness varies too, and it happened in like Brescia or Plymouth with mediocre medical staff, but then in Man Utd with world-class medical and fitness team as well, dunno. Could be the pre-season intensity, thanks for pointing that out. I usually outsource training to assistant, but will try to pay attention to it. Thanks again guys!
  3. hello, and sorry if this has been already covered, but search didn't seem to help much. For the last couple versions of the game I'm seeing same type of issues that just don't go away whatever I try - please point me in a right direction, I don't wanna assume that the game is "rigged" or "broken" or something, but it kind of kills all the fun and immersion: 1. half of conceded goals are coming from my defenders heroically saving the ball from going out of play from opponent just to give it to the wide-open striker - is there a magical combination of instructions to make them stop doing that? I tried playing with mentality, tempo - same thing always. All I can do is try to put bodies behind and sit deep so that at least the opponent won't be in the open when he receives the gift. Every single defender I had does this, and it's incredibly annoying, to a point of just giving up. 2. absolutely any striker in the game misses 4 out of 5 1-on-1's - shoots at the keeper, wide, doesn't shoot at all, waits for the defender to catch up - you name it. High composure, high finishing, player traits - absolutely nothing seems to matter. Every single striker I had in the game does that. 3. millions of blocked crosses - wide players just hit the first defender 9 out of 10 times. Nothing seems to matter and nothing seems to fix it. 4. More of a conspiracy theory thing, but still - from some point after 3-4 seasons horrific injuries become "a thing" - it's just a lottery to wait and see who will miss 10-12 months right after the transfer window closes. Never a fringe player, always someone from the first team. Not sure about this one, maybe I just concentrate on the negative when it happens though. As much as I love FM and played since CM99-00, it just kills me - you fine-tune a tactic, only to be forced to try to minimize issues no real team have ever faced. Instead of playing "football management" I have to try to game the system. Halp?
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