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  1. It's the second season in a row for my U23 team without any League matches But i've checked and i think the issue is because my Youth Level is still at Level 4...and all U23 teams from U23 Division 4 have Youth Level 3. This may be the problem, i'm not sure. Please tell me if you have further informations. Thank you!
  2. Hello, I'm at the beginning of 2023-2024 season with York City and I just have promoted to League One. Last season i made board request to create an U23 team, but since then, my U23 team does not play in any competition. As we can see in this screenshots, there is a bug with start date and end date (1/1/1900) of English U23 Division North, where i think that my U23 team should play (and with number of teams...17?! ). Also, can you please explain me or give me a link where i can read about rules for U23 competitions? The league in which my U23 team plays has anything to do with Youth Level? For now, I have YL 4, but from next season the board said I will have YL 3. Thank you!
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