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  1. It appeared about half-way through the beta. I don't know if they deliberately changed something to do with these attributes that caused the issue or if a fix for another issue then caused the problem?
  2. No worries, thought you had Harry Kane at cm for a moment! Had to do double check
  3. The three icons in the top left of the tactics screen, select the first one
  4. Yeah so full game is out, load up a save with Man United and at least half of my youth team has 1 determination, consistency and big matches. Don't want to start a long term save like this, hopefully it gets sorted ASAP! I don't know what changed in the mid-beta patch because it seemed fine before then. Such a shame because the rest of the game is superb this year but this issue ruins it for me right now.
  5. I too have this problem. It makes the game unplayable for me at the minute as it ruins a large proportion of the youngsters in the game Although I know this is only the beta, hopefully its fixed for the main game!
  6. So I want to create a new club AFC Bolton Wanderers in the lower leagues. I am going to make the current club, Bolton Wanderers, extinct. Is there a way I can keep the history of the old club at the new club so that it is like hereford fc or darlington where on the history page is says 'known as bolton wanderers until 2018' or is there no way to do this on the editor? I've set up the rest just wondering if this is a coding thing or not? Thanks for any replies in advance Sorry to any Bolton fans if this is a bit premature
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