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  1. If memory serves, the Cleon formation was possession oriented. That's a key factor behind the CWA. Your idea is to be risky/ careless with the ball. That's going to really accentuate the gaps your dual attacking fullbacks leave behind them. Picture this, you win the ball in your own half and the Regista plays a high risk direct ball up field. It gets intercepted (which will happen a lot with high risk long passing.) Your fullbacks and CMa and Advanced Fwd have all got forward incredibly aggressively (by virtue of attacking duties.) The opposition just has to play one ball and they're in
  2. TMa IFs Wa DLPs BBM A FBa CB CB WBs Mentality: Positive instructions: shorter passing, lower tempo, pass into space, low crosses, counter-press, higher defensive line, offside trap, dribble less Those are the basics. I occassionally toggle the tempo to normal if teams are pressing and catching me on the ball. If the TM is struggling to get in the game a switch to PFa is useful (often I combine that with switchi
  3. Yeah preset TIs are good hints as the kind of instructions for a a style, but too many just confuses things---especially given I wouldn't actually know how they affect my play or matches without testing with and without. When I visualize a "wing-play" tactic I imagine having a very solid central midfield partnership. One that's main goal is to stay in shape and just recycle the ball around the flanks- who are going to be doing all my final third attacking. Defensively, I'd also like them to stay in shape rather than have them running out to press the ball and leaving a gaping hole behind
  4. When I took over a club we were in a similar situation with a lot of oldies forcing the low tempo short passing style. experimented a lot with defensive and cautious mentalities but conceded pretty regularly from dumb mistakes, set pieces or long shots also struggled to score. Just to give a bit of counter balance, I'd go for the possession style in your situation (which I did with a 41221.) Higher defensive line, positive mentality for the slightly more pressing, counter press, then normal line of engagement and off-side trap, lower tempo, shorter passing. With the right roles and duties
  5. @Experienced Defender Was going to make a thread but I'll just jump onboard this one. I signed a player with the "get further forward" trait. However, I'd like to play him as an inside forward support in a pressing possession system (usually with a positive mentality.) Is that trait going to make him play like a inside forward attack? I have previous issues with the "break offside trap" instruction because it removes players from the buildup. Are the effects similar the above trait? Should I train him to remove it?
  6. I had a style like this in a Wrexham save. A fast winger with good dribbling, flair and determination as well as at least one striker with excellent off the ball are absolutely essential to pull it off (at lower league level 13-15 for off the ball can wreck the opponents defensive line.) I taught my winger the 'run with ball flank' and 'hug touchline' traits. The rest of the squad profile you mentioned in your OP is all good. One thing though, you don't necessarily need quick defenders (Robert Huth and Wes Morgan were plodders) better to have good jumping etc since you'll be defending cro
  7. It sounds like you're describing a direct, counter-attacking style. The teams that come to mind in real life that play this way might be an Athletico Madrid, Leicester of a few years ago or Wolves? Most teams that play the style you're after use a 442 or a variant of that (like 4411) because it allows you to keep players high up the pitch when defending. With one up top you reduce the probability of collecting those quick, direct passes up the pitch so you might find your players just hoofing the ball to the opposition defenders all game. In terms of defending rigidly, it is going t
  8. Hey The wingback on the left hand side is sitting too wide which wingbacks like to do. That leaves a space between your wingback and left centreback for a opp. striker to exploit. The Anchor man isn't a natural pressing role which means the opp. players have time to pick that pass into space for the striker. For a quick fix you could just swap the LB to a Full Back (support or attack) and the RB to a Wingback (support). A longer term solution might be to think about how much pressure your midfield is putting on the opponents midfield. Anchor man and treq are both quite passive
  9. I often play the game with no qualifications or club from the start with the ambition to move up the league table. There are a few things that are constant throughout FM versions and could help in your LLM journey. Roles are split into basic and advanced groups. If you're lower league its better to focus on the more basic roles. You can judge them based on the stat highlights/ requirements for each role but also by just thinking about them. A winger, for example, operates in one area of the pitch and essentially just runs up and down that area, the flank. An inside forward, starts in the
  10. I think that will depend on the types of roles you use. I'd say your team needs to be pretty good to play on the counter. If your team is crap, you may end up just hitting aimless long balls forward in a counter attacking setup or watching endless periods of pressure against your backline. As for "boring and wasteful" you can fit some pretty cool roles into a defensive, possession system. wide playmakers, halfbacks, sweepers, box to box midfielders, deep lying forwards as well as more exotic ones like trequartistas or roaming playmakers. Probably I'd focus a lot on being able to play in
  11. Going against the grain here, but for me Giggs was never an out and out winger. In fact, I think he was a bit of a trailblazer in the way he played on that left flank which became instrumental in the modern wide-player. He was very much a template for the inside forward/ inverted winger of later years. Basically, he cut inside. A lot. In FM20, I think Pepe is pretty similar to giggs. I'd see giggs as a left sided Winger/ Inverted winger but with the traits run with ball down left and cuts inside from the flanks. Looking at some of his highlights from 93/94 he often seems to be on the righ
  12. Defensive football suits possession football. You don't need to play like Pep Guardiola to play possession football. But equally, its a myth that you have to play route one football in a defensive setup (at least in FM.) I agree with most that a bottom heavy formation is a good idea for defensive tho. Roles I'd avoid with defensive mentality are Advanced Forward, Winger, Inverted Winger because they are all very aggressive roles that will just lose the ball without a lot of supporting players around them. Inside fwds generally won't defend that well either. I'd also be suspicious of DLP,
  13. For me thats a big issue. Aggression, work rate, tackling. I look for players with at least two of these three. A lot of goals come from an opposition getting too casual passing around in my half then suddenly my strikers or midfielders nick the ball and we're in. I'm convinced that's because of those three attributes. It's especially useful late in games when I've got a narrow lead.
  14. Well I was floating around midtable/ bottom half. But since I landed on this I've had 9 wins and a draw (all competitions.) Draw was with Chelsea but we battered them. One game against Newcastle was 5-4 and a crazy one so for sure there's still work to do, but i got a lot of clean sheets and sitting in the top four now. I actually quite liked FBs with Wa. I assume you're playing Stossberger there? Looking at his stats, I'd make Stossberger Left Wide Midfielder on attack duty. Good positioning, teamwork, passing decisions etc. Tackling could be better (and aggression) but otherwise per
  15. Hey man, I've been following this thread with interest as I'm also trying to put together a 442. The latest incarnation you've posted is very similar to where I'm at with my Arsenal side. At Arsenal there's a choice to be made between getting the best out of Aubameyang or getting the best out of Pepe. I chose Aubameyang which meant using him in his best position as an Advanced Forward on the right. In answer to your very first question on this thread my thoughts are this: Advanced Forward has two hard-coded player instructions, get further forward and move into channels. So I'm jus
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