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  1. Deeper management about Director, Players, Fans and Media - market relations (synergies) with other teams, senior-junior relationship: like JUVENTUS-SASSUOLO): possibility of buying a player together, resulting in a termination clause in favor of the senior team (such as DEMIRAL) - market reputation: if you withdraw from a market deal at the last, or you do not have enough money, the market reputation "stains" - opening to sales with technical counterparts, even 18-younger, only really interested in transfer - more real financial Fair-Play management: blocking of market sessions (like CHELSEA), appeals and proposed annual, two-year, three-year plan to exit FP - training with choice type of preparation: rapid start and performance drop after a certain number of games, slow start and gradual growth, etc. etc. - recalls of athletic preparation: domestic withdrawal (lower morale, fewer accident complications and physical condition, more performing but with malus for fans, media and management), withdrawal of foreign countries (happier players, more injuries and fluctuating less effective physical conditions) but bonuses with management because more money, fans and media becayse more visibility) - possibility of creating a personal staff that follows you: the payment of the salaries of the same can be done by the same coach, at 50% or by the team. Possibility that one of the staff abandons you to stay in the club when you leave or due to technical-tactical differences - tactically unruly players, who change their own roles or positions during match - face-to-face requests if the coach insists on changing roles or positions as players - players unwilig to be replaced during match and explode blatantly against manager or staff - players who complain about assigned tasks (like: I don't like cutting in the middle, I prefer to do the band and cross over ...) - players too "social" that embarrass the management - interviews of players who point the finger at the coach, the management or the fans - introduction of the EXPERIENCE factor: too young team create more problems with behaviors or declarations injurious with fans, management, coach & staff - Training too young people who get out of balance or are easily intimidated despite the coach's settings - emoticons on the players' heads during the game: anger, frustration, fatigue, happiness, "on-fire", revenge - internal locker room regulations: for example greet the team mate after replacement, stay on the bench and do not return to the locker room, do not protest against the referee, avoid runs under the curve to celebrate with the fans ... - communication in the pre-game press conference of the starting line-up with technical-tactical doubts, lack of condition, injured recovery and reaction of the players at the conference (i.e.: "Manager told to press he made me play but is not true", "My condition is good", "I recovered from the injury and I'm ready to play", etc. etc) - players on the bench who go away after all substitutions (unruly) - possibility to convene a press conference to: attack journalists or management, attack a footballer or a group of hostile players, - relationship with the fans. introduction of the concept of HYPE or FEELING, influenced by the market, tactics (too defensive or too offensive), results, player treatment, locker room management - advise of what could happen if you buy or sell an important player (like: much more annual subscriptions, desertion stadium, ...) - give the right "weight" if you play in a stadium with positive or negative fans (i.e.: Fans want, or do not want, a footballer on the pitch and they whistle or claim it for entry) - players and journalists who ask at the end of the game the reason for the substitution (tiredness, technical choice, listlessness) and players who react if they are not in agreement or simply because they are unruly for example - team that refuses to take the field if an unruly footballer has returned to the group too soon - sport agent who put players in trouble with damaging statements against the coach, management, fans and the media (like WANDA NARA and MAURO ICARDI) - Manager unique characteristic: tactical teacher (like SARRI, MAZZARRI: tactical improvement bonus), manager (like ALLEGRI: bonus for solving problems in the locker room discipline), hunter of young promises (like WENGER: market bonus for recruiting wonderboy), philosopher (like ... ), reckless (like ZEMAN, GASPERINI: offensive soccer bonus), "catenacciaro" (like TRAPATTONI: defensive soccer bonus), provocateur (like MOURINHO: media bonus), motivator (like CONTE, MIHAILOVIC: moral bonus), fundamentalist (like DI FRANCESCO : bonus only with one type of tactic). Suggestion: creation of a tree of ability like RPG... and more... - fans who complain about the presence of too many foreigners in the team, a request that is more offensive or less reckless, sectors of the stadium that go "against" the coach, manager or a specific player - obtain a certain economic surplus - bad economic administration of the management: table penalty for unpaid contributions ... (very usual in Italian Serie C and sometimes in Serie B) - small managerial objectives: inclusion of 18-young players in the team, buying a "guide" for young players, successful leaving financial Fair-Play - sale or recovery of unruly players (if you do not, it will go out team, like Maurito Icardi): possibility of repairing the manager-player relationship "by spending" the credit accumulated with player and management - friendly organization in certain countries to promote merchandising - purchase of a footballer of a certain nationality - adopt a certain game module (in Italy Milan owner, Silvio Berlusconi, always called for 4-3-1-2 ...) - Manager reputation and coaching labels based on the choices made: corporate, fan idol, respect for players, media darling
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