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  1. Augustinsson and Olsson take the set-pieces between them, for the most part. So a lot of their assists I think are inflated from that. They still get a quite a few from open play, however. But defo the set-piece's do flatter their numbers. The front 3... Malcolm as the Treq just acts as a kind of ... wild card. Some games he gets massively involved, and it feels like he's the hub of the attack, linking everyone together, making clever movements to open up space. Other games he just seems to disappear for large chunks, then just make one or two decent contributions. In terms of his goalscori
  2. So, I wanted to update this at the end of the season that I showed originally, just to see if it panned out well. No slump, no January mid-season blues or anything. And... welp. We won the league. Convincingly. Final Season Results Pretty damn good. As you can see, we had some pretty great performances in terms of two of our players getting 33 and 32 goals respectively, two smashing the assist's with 24 and 21. In terms of results. In my first post I showed just after I beat Chelsea in the cup, and the following game was Blackburn. So showing from there; Followin
  3. So, recently made a topic asking for help with my favoured 3-4-1-2, and after taking some help on board and tinkering I started a season with it, after having a romping pre-season. Currently a few games into the season and really want to share my excitement with how the whole thing is panning out so far. Never felt so tactically proud of myself than with this. So without further ado; The Formation: The Results so Far: How (I think) it Works: To preface, I am by no way, shape, or form a tactical mastermind whatsoever. Half the time I don't even feel like I understa
  4. So, thanks to those with helpful feedback and input. For anyone who decides to read this to see if a 3-4-1-2 is a useable formation, I've taken on board some suggestions and arduously gone through all my pre-season friendlies watching the games, tinkering as I was going. Was quite a blast finally re-living my old favourite tactic and seeing how it coped with more "modern" football (games) Start of Pre-Season First pre-season game started with this as the set-up; Unfortunately, I panicked after about 8 minutes into the game. The team just didn't seem to be gelling. The midfiel
  5. Thanks for the suggestions and feedback. I didn't think I needed the CB's to run wide, but then was second guessing myself. I seem to remember doing it in an old FM, and having a great time from it... though now I don't remember my 3-4 year old logic for doing it. In terms of the Libero... to be fair to my own ignorance on it all, I wasn't aware that they were so much of a playmaking role themselves. I've adapted the way the team lines up (there's a screenshot in my reply to a few other comments), so hopefully it fits a bit better. For the role though I'm tempted to re-train this new regen
  6. To be fair I think I had kind of tunnel vision when I was putting the tactic together. Didn't realise how many playmaking roles I'd kind of put in. Think when I looked and remembered the TQ, I kind of misremembered the role. I had it in my head that it was a player in the vein of, say, a Messi. Someone who basically has free rein to wander around just working on goal scoring/assisting. Thought less a playmaker (spotting the pass that can set up an assist later on, etc) and more of a one-two kind of player. Now realise how wrong I was with properly looking at it all again under the cold lig
  7. As the title says. My favourite formation I've ever had across any version of FM that I've played (or just football games in general) has always been a 3-4-1-2. Inspired by first young days playing PES on the Be a Pro mode (or is it Become a Legend?). The mode were you have your own player as the only guy you control on the team. Think it would've been PES15 or something, but my dude I made ended up signing for Juventus at one point. At the time Juve were playing a 3-4-1-2, and at that time it blew my mind seeing it. First time seeing 3 at the back was a novelty for me, then the fa
  8. So, started up my beta save with Blackburn, all good. But for some reason I've just gone and had the exact same knee ligament happen to 3 players within the space of about 12 days... a 6-7 week injury. Haven't adjusted my training settings or anything yet, but I've been told all the injuries have happened in training. Just seems either very ****** bad luck, or something bug-wise happening.
  9. I'm still carrying on with this save, and thankfully managed to get some pretty miraculous and fortuitous promotions back to back, and I've currently managed to get Whitchurch into League One. Which I'm now struggling like mad in a bit... promotions came from just snapping up some of those super good regens that get released and are happy to have crappy contracts. Ended up losing about a dozen on crappy transfers, but always be on the look out for amazing young players you might be able to snap up. They can really boost you through the leagues super quick. .... in terms of finally being abl
  10. To be fair, looking through my previous results... the Ipswich game is indicative of how I play when I tend to near enough clinch the game easily enough. Opponent has less shots on target, I have more, and end up winning. More or less never goal fests with my team, but it rarely is. I more attribute that to the tactic itself that I use, and the quality of the players at this point in my clubs climb up the leagues. I think the Ipswich result was my team playing at the peak of their confidence, then it all just started going down hill from there, and the rot just started setting in and gettin
  11. This is defo the problem. We were playing amazing in the League, arguably massively overachieving, but it was good. Then had one bad game against Arsenal U23’s in a cup a didn’t care about... then the next 3 games were just those speculative 0-1 losses, were we just didn’t have a clinical edge, and things just went a bit dodgy Tried not to panic, because we had just been edged out of those games. On reflection they were all games decided by fine margins, and silly little mistakes. But then the rot just set in, and those mistakes just crept in more. Bu
  12. So, I played the next 3 games in my save. Think the last one is cut off in the screenshot of it, but it was against Blackburn. All 3 games finished as 0-1 losses, just driving me up the wall in sheer frustration. All three losses more or less mirrored the other ones I showed in the screenshots above. My team had chances but didn’t finish, and the opposition scored just a daft goal. Doncaster 0-1 loss, yeah. They were second in the league, but their goal game about from my RB faffing around and getting caught out. But it was an otherwise tight angle for the striker
  13. So, in my current save I'm experiencing the most infuriating, heart achingly, totally soul destroying bad patch with my team. It's nearly driving me to hurling my laptop across the room in sheer frustration and anger. Any tips or help would be great. Here are some screenshots. Starting with current form; As you can kinda see, things were going swimmingly and amazingly. Going pretty well. Then I played Arsenal U23's in the cup. Got utterly, utterly embarrassed. Didn't play our football at all, and played off the park. But it was a competition I wasn't bothered about at
  14. Think I'll have to give this a try. I don't recall in any game any significant difference if I removed the play through middle. More often than not I end up changing the AP to an AM, but he always just seems to be the one totally shut out of games. To be honest, he rarely ever seems to outwardly contribute a massive amount. I think it's a common thing in FM20 that the AM position/roles are just a bit harshly rated, though. I was tempted to think about moving the AM more asymmetrical, shift him either slightly to the left or right? Thinking being he might draw the opposition DM away from his
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