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  1. Hello everyone, just wondering if I could get some help with something... Currently playing a Journeyman save on FM20, starting with nothing and getting onwards and upwards through building a reputation, etc... In my third season I got offered a job as manager of Preston. Nice club that I (probably controversially for a Blackburn fan) actually enjoy watching in real life. My problem stems from trying to get a decent tactic working for the team. I got the job in October, so any chance for signings had disappeared, so have to make do with the squad I've got... here's a couple of quick screenshots showing the squad; So, from looking at the squad when I took... we have 6 Central Defenders in the squad, with 4 of them being four star rated. No clear defensive midfielders in the team, no real wingers, and not much in the way of strikers. The initial tactic I went with was this; Overall I feel as a tactic it just feels an... absolute mess, to be honest. This is it in a heavily edited format from when I started, to where I am now. Initially I had Play Out of Defence, and both Lines of Engagement I seem to recall being a lot lower. Possibly the PF(at) changed to a Pf(sp), and often the AML kept changing roles constantly, due to never appearing to get in the game, and always suffering with an average 6.4 or so rating. Experimented a while with Maguire playing there as a Raumdeuter , with ... inconsistent results. The overall performance of the team always seemed okay, but never stellar. at the time I attributed this to the team having only won once in the league, and being in the relegation zone. So low moral, no everything. So I felt it was a matter of building form and confidence with a more defensive formation, and hope to squeeze some results to build from there. Goals seemed to come from a lot of places, and I almost felt more like I was riding a wave of luck in each game (penalties, free kicks, lucky deflections, etc), rather than any tactical masterclass on my part. This is why the team seems to be doing quite well when looking at the recent results. This is how we've fared since I took over in October just before the West Brom game. On the basis of a glance of that, it looked almost like it was alright, but truth be told throughout most of the games there was a lot of chopping and changing of tactics and formations. This has been a save I've only had a few hours an evening to play, so I forget exactly what I did each game. What I do remember doing is starting with the 5-4-1, or some variation of a 3 at the back system. However, each game seemed to almost conspire to teach me the same lesson; 5-4-1 get's demolished by 4-2-3-1 without fail Like... every time. I can go into a match being considered the favourite, with a quick glance at the oppositions team showing me that I even have the overall better squad, yet still they absolutely get obliterated against that particular setup. It seems to be the common tactic being used by lots of teams, and I can't seem to find any answer at all with this set up, with 3 at the back, of overcoming it. Here's a screenshot of the last result against Brentford, a game I lost. Again, potentially looks like a game of fine margins, but at the 40 minute mark I had to drop into the now super common 4-1-4-1 formation. Pushing my usual BPD(St) into a DM role of some variety. At that point I pretty much, magically got instantly back into the game. To preface, I'm not an idiot... or I don't feel like I am. I can constantly see were the problems arise. It's always the opposition AMR, AML who get all the space and all the shots. Mostly appearing to receive the ball pretty freely out wide, or even more insultingly, just basically strolling into the box from as narrow as a wide player would be. Or they basically have the free space to run in behind my higher WB's. In fact any play on the wing seems to completely undo this setup. I played against a bog standard 4-4-2 Millwall team and they mostly utterly dominated me (I only won due to their poor finishing, and my near enough single shot on goal). Even when asked to press more, my own AML, AMR don't seem to unsettle the opposition fullbacks in anyway whatsoever. So it's always after seeing about 20 minutes or so of the game unfold that changes happen, and more often than not a defender has to play out of position, and we switch to some other formation with a flat back 4 instead. Is this because the higher WB role's are just not set up defensively to press the wide AM roles? Is that why I always lose them? Even setting them to WB(De) had absolutely no effect. In my mind I always feel like it should be the left and right sided CB's who should deal with the AMR, AML's, or is that me being misinformed/stupid/naive/an idiot? Is it as simple as having a Standard Defensive Line or a Lower one to stop that space being exploited? Am I vastly overthinking it? As a side note as well, just to ask... The other thing I really don't understand with a tactic that has the same back 5 configuration as I've shown is how all the in game analysis shows that near all of my play comes from the wings. Even if I have 3 central midfielders, and 2 strikers, all central style roles. Even with the team asked to focus play through the middle, I see absolutely nothing happening in that area as the main place of build up. Would I literally have to change the WB's into IWB's to see more focus in the middle of the pitch? I feel like this as a setup and tactic is almost the only real option I have to work with considering the squad, without upsetting everyone about playing time, etc.. Pretty much for the entirety of this season I can't see shifting too far from this, because brilliantly my predecessor signed 3 of the 6 CD's in the summer, meaning (bar loaning them out) I can't even shift half of the defenders. The other absolute shitter with taking this job is that the clubs vision is to play possession based attacking football, but somehow do that with the squad I've got. Like, can I even play that style of football with no dedicated DM's and an abundance of CD's? So yeah. I suppose the tldr; version is... helping with a 5-4-1 and struggling to get into games against 4-2-3-1 mostly, but often just creating much of ... anything. Consistently that is.
  2. Sorry, should have said used most of the advice that you gave. To explain my choices; I ended up adding the Focus Play Through The Middle because my best players in the first season ended up being my midfielders. Got Stefan Mols who has great passing, technique and vision, and the other midfielders were pretty great in that regard, too. More often than not the play that would end up with a goal would start with those guys, either passing to a forward, receiving it back and scoring, or spreading it to the wingbacks who'd be coming forwards. The Hold Shape... it was a weird one to put in, but for me the team when asked to press would keep running themselves around, winning the ball back, but then being unable to find another pass to build anything. Especially the forwards. They always seemed to be so out of position, so there was no option for a forward pass, because there was nobody to receive. I could've been wrong, but as soon as I added the Hold Shape, my possession stats went up, chances were up, and opportunities were way better. And yeah. Won a.miraculous promotion from League Two to League One with Cheltenham. 8 games in and I've only really risked using the against one team in a cup game. I've tried it a couple of times for the first half of a match, or second half if I'm a couple of goals up, aaaaand.... it doesn't seem to be happening. The front three seem to just be completely non-existent. My only other question is... I know my team is awful for the league, but even in the previous season in League Two I seemed to massively struggle against 4-2-3-1 as a formation. I could never get anything going from it. Is it just this tactic is just too inherently weak on the wing to beat a team that plays 4-2-3-1, or could it be doable? I know I can't at this stage because the players are just far too poor to make it work.
  3. Thanks for all the replies and help, and sorry for not replying to people from when I posted this over a month ago. Real life got too busy. So I ditched my Blackburn save, because these days I've got this thing for starting Journeyman saves with no badges, no experience... tried to get this tactic working in non-league, but had literally no luck. A bit into my second season Cheltenham took a punt on me in League Two, and about halfway through my first season there I started up using this tactic again. This is what I ended up with, going off the advice of Experienced Defender up there: The main change I took from this advice, was doing this: I ended up changing the False 9 into an AF, and changed the suggested PF(Att) into a Support duty. It works really well as a tactic, but the main issue I seem to have (also seem to have it regardless of tactic, to be honest) is getting consistent scoring from the forwards. Every game I make a decent amount of chances, there's no problem there, unless the tactic just gets totally nullified, or I'm way, way too much the underdog to attempt a passing game and switch to a more boring formation. So anyone got any help for the misfiring strikers? They aren't the best players in the world, and I have a distinct lack of clear strikers in the squad, mostly they're either Attacking Mids and Attacking Wingers who can play up front as well.
  4. So, I'm looking for a bit of help developing a tactic. As background (not that anybody but me cares), I started using this particular one last year in FM19, when, in my journeyman career I ended up taking over a Stevenage side that had great depth in midfield, plenty of striker options, but very, very week on the wing. Once I stumbled upon this tactic we ended up securing promotion into League One at the first time of asking. Since I started playing the game in FM14 I've always loved a 3-4-1-2 formation, but find it's the tactic that you have to build towards once you know full well that you can have world class players in every position, and it's not one I've often I get to work due to the sheer dominance of wing play that seems to go in these days. So that's how this tactic game across, going for a flat back four, and hoping the midfield/strikers do all the work. Started a save with my beloved Blackburn Rovers, who yet again, have a distinct lack of quality on the wings, or actually wingers per se. These are all the roles I've got at the minute; I started the game at the end of pre-season, so I've only had a couple of games (one a cup match, one against a struggling Cardiff) to try this new formation, and had ... interesting games. The passing I wanted almost seemed to be there, but the lack of finishing (which, tbh, typifies real life Blackburn, I suppose) is what kept us having a good result. To explain my current decisions before people make suggestions (of which I'm more than happy to listen to)... - Having two Fullbacks on Defend is there simply to keep a better shape, and less attacking intent from them. In FM19 when I first started developing this tactic I had them set as support Wingbacks, but they often got too far forward, and exposed me far too much on the wing. I could be horribly wrong in what I'm attempting with them, but I want them less to be involved, and only really to get forward rarely, when given the chance. Not to be a main outlet, just to keep a defence shape and pass to the midfield. - Midfield three... I've toyed with having two MEZ on attack either side of my DLP(def), and that seemed to work better... sometimes? I don't know. Again, in my old save I found great success having the one MEZ on attack one side, and a CAR on the other. I'll more than freely admit that I don't -quite- understand the way the roles work, but from what I understand of them, they seem to work when there's no direct wing support for them. - Front three... the roles there often change, because I can't seem to settle and find a good combo for all of them. Always seems to go that one or two of them seem to have a struggle in the game, and this (and mostly help with understanding a better midfield 3) is what I think I need most help developing. So, anyone got any opinions? The main thing for me is to keep this shape, and keep this formation. I know it'd probably be better if I dropped the central midfielder into a DM role, but for me that would then make it a 4-4-2 diamond, and that's not what this is meant to be. Probably being pedantic there, but I want this 4-3-1-2 to work. Cheers for any help!
  5. I made some changes going off the advice you've given here, and upon realising and figuring out things myself. In retrospect now I realise one issue I've probably had is the amount of instructions I kept giving the team, so I decided to focus on a few things on simplify it across the board, quite in line with the advice you've given. Funnily enough as well, the entire middle four roles you've suggested were more less what I originally chose to have at the start of the season, with the CM(de) and BBM. Despite the fact that both players were naturals in those positions, they were constantly having poor games and receiving low ratings, and seeming to have no influence on the game whatsoever. I'm not sure if that's not because I had the entire team pushing higher, both the DL and LOE? With the suggestions in place as well I just seem to concede a lot of goals from range. I know it's lower league and some poor goalkeeping could be expected, but it's like ... last 3 games I think I've conceded at least 1-2 goals from range per game.
  6. Albion Rovers v Stenhousemuir.pkm Finally sorted the problem, so uploaded the pkm of the match. The weird free-kick is at 94:30. And in terms of free-kick set-ups, I've not changed anything from the default options to what the game started at. So, I've not been fiddling with and directing free kicks to go to other places at all.
  7. So, this has happened twice now for me, in two separate matches... forgive posting a screenshot rather than a pkm, having laptop issues. In both scenarios that it's happened I've been nearing the end of a game, losing, and desperately trying to claw back some kind of result. Right near the death we get given a free kick in a central area. For some inexplicable reason, the free kick taker on both occasions (two different players, too) has decided to hoof the ball out on to the wing, despite the fact that there is LITERALLY nobody there. I mean, I don't understand what would seemingly be going through the players head, like... what is he trying to achieve here? First time I put it down to a peculiarity, second time is just annoying.
  8. From watching the goals and the gameplay, it barely seems to make any more sense for me. Pretty much none of the six goals I conceded came about in a similar manner. 1st goal was from a ball over the top on the right, their fullback passed over the head into space that they attacked, crossed low, scored. 2nd goal was a set piece 3rd goal started on the left wing, moved into the centre, then a rocket from 40 yards 4th goal started on the right again, I think it was another low cross from looking at it, but not sure if it took a deflection of my player to fall kindly for them 5th goal was another rocket from distance, literally worked from an interception, then blasted in from about 50 yards this time. 6th goal was just ridiculous, with them getting yet another deflection of one of my players, only for them to fumble it in. In retrospect of my season, goal scoring has never been the issue. The issue has just always been the bizarre defending, low ratings and the seeming nonsense that always stems from them seemingly being unable to replicate what they so easily did the season before
  9. ... Just tried it, changed some stuff and focused on the strengths (wing play), removed tight marking, didn't ask to focus on anything... and this **** show happened. Like... seriously. 3 goals conceded in first half stoppage time, and there was literally no chance for me to even edit it. Almost felt like the game was taking the mick out of me for going 0-4 up. I seriously feel like I don't even understand this game anymore at times!
  10. I think the tactic just ended up becoming a bit of a mess because of me trying to constantly figure out the issue with the low ratings in the midfield and the fullbacks. Initially it was one winger being attacking (usually on the right), and Viera as a BBM was set with edited instructions to get further forward, try more shots, and basically be an extra attacker. The second striker as a PF on support is just there because no combo seems to work between them. Basically, the team is pacy on the wings with decent dribbling, but only average passing or crossing, so not really sure how to make use of them. But none of the midfielders can dribble (bar Viera), so usually have them edited to dribble less. Everyone has good marking (between 12-15, which I think is decent for the league we're in), passing is average for the squad. Initially in the first season during the beta release, the fullbacks were either set as attacking, with overlapping set. But all of a sudden they're just awful at that.
  11. Looking through the data in matches now, it just doesn't seem to make much sense really... case in point, my midfielder and the underlined match in this screenshot; I mean... is it me, or do those stats look actually decent? And he gets a 6.4? I suppose I should ignore the ratings and stuff, but when it comes round and shows a board review and assessing how I'm doing, it now keeps mentioning how they are displeased with the loss of form of certain players. Mainly Veira and Summers, the two who constantly seem to struggle for some reason. ... that and I keep having effing interviews constantly questioning at one point I think players will come good again.
  12. I can understand players having a loss of form, and struggling a bit throughout a season, but it’s like there’s literally been no form whatsoever. Even pre-season friendlies against absolute nobody teams (play a crappy team to thrash them for morale as the usual build up to a season for me) the fullbacks and even one of the CD’s were just utterly terrible most games. I think I’ve found it more irritating because in the beta version of FM 20 all my players were performing more often than not, it just seemed that as soon as the full release came out they just instantly fell apart. I know that a few people (myself included) noticed that the fullbacks were a tad OP in the beta, dinging cross field balls left, right and centre, but now it’s like they literally don’t understand what football is. Only played so far in the one save in Scottish 4th division, so I’m not sure if it’s a problem that only exists with the crappier players, and it solves itself the higher you go. But, case in point again... here's the display showing the right back, my supposed best player, and his absolute loss of form... despite getting the same amount of assists as the season before in far less games? ?
  13. Right, so for starters I'm not sure whether or not to put this in the tactics forum, or just leave it here, so hey ho... don't have a go about that please. Bought the game and played through the beta stage, deciding to do a save starting out as a Sunday League level manager, with only the most basic coaching badge. Managed to get a job with Stenhousemuir, who are in the Ladbrokes League 2. In my first season had a great time, top of the league, until injury hit both my star midfielder and main goalscorer. We faded, made it through to the promotion play-offs, but ended up losing to utter nonsense, but that's beside the point. Left the game for a bit, then came back to it after the full release. Everything has changed. Essentially what I've noticed since the full release of FM 20 is that irregardless of the tactic I seem to be using, or seemingly regardless of any factor I put into the game, my back four are continuously getting low ratings. Talking between 5.9 and 6.2 on average for lots of them. Even my midfielders are completely going missing during games, and my former star midfielder from last season has gone absolute dog ****, including all the other supposed good midfielders I've bought. Here's a screenshot showing my star midfielder guy, and just his utter loss of seeming ability to play football; I have had to fiddle my tactic, I will admit. He was initially playing as a BBM, alongside a BWM (changing from support to defence depending on flow of a game), but all of a sudden he just... can’t play like he used to. The only other major change I've made to my tactic, and it was only recently (about 18 games into the season), was to stop asking for a counter-pressing, high intensity press, and instead going for low intensity on the press, and ask the team to re-group instead of counter-press, as most of the goals I seemed to concede were ridiculous ones were nobody was really marking anyone. So, God knows what’s up with him. But the problem doesn’t stop there, it’s most of my team. This mainly goes for my first choiceleft back as well... Yeah, first season he wasn't stellar, but he was alright. Second season? My god, he's just awful. And no different role/tactic seems to fix him. in the first season I’ll admit he was playing as an attacking Wingback, and doing well, but then all of a sudden in the new season it was like he didn’t know how to play in that role, so I tried to change him to be a defensive FB instead, to try and simply his role. It's not just him either, because my backup left back struggles just as much, and gets equally as bad ratings. As does my first choice right back, playing a similar role, and, despite the fact my first team right back is my best player (supposedly). ... so, what's going on? I literally can't figure it out. Nothing seems to fix the problem that I try and change. Here's a screenshot of my tactic I've currently been going for; Is there anything like glaringly wrong there, or is it just an oddity? Most games I ask the assistant to sort out the opposition instructions, and he did that all my previous season too. so, yeah... Like, this isn't ruining my game as such, because I'm still second in the league, no scum reloading or anything, just grinding out games. But I'm just utterly confused by the atrocious ratings my players continually seem to get.
  14. I can concede that my defenders are worse in the air potentially to the opposition (with all of them having heading, jumping etc... stats in the 14-15 range), and just not as good players all round, but by no stretch of the imagination should they be THAT inferior as to lose every single bloody set piece challenge near enough ALL the time to the top teams. Especially when the vast majority of goals from set pieces aren't coming straight from a dead-ball into an immediate goal, but more often that not it's a ridiculous scenario with the ball getting cleared by some outrageously sub-standard clearance, ping-ponging around the box a few times, then just so happening to fall either at an oppositions feet for a jammy tap in, or some 35 yard effort from outside the box. Like, I'm sorry... but when do we ever find ourselves saying that the top teams in the world are just that because of their prowess from set-pieces? Y'know, Man City... God, they won the Prem so well thanks to their dead ball prowess. I have tried several different tactics, going with a a five at the back, etc... and also tried having a look at the set piece defending settings, changing it and adding a few different routines, but still find myself in the same situation. And in my defence for the scum save thing, I only tend to do it when I have a ridiculous result, like a 7-1 loss to Liverpool, and not exaggerating, 5 of those goals coming from either set pieces or ridiculous rebounds that just fall to the foot of the striker who just tried his luck (something I've never seen happen for my time, bar one time). And I don't scum reset to get a win, just to get a more credible showing from my team.. case in point, here's how my terrible first Prem season is going; Strangely enough the set piece bollocks started to happen just after the 2-4 loss to Wolves. A game were I conceded twice in stoppage time to lose, then just found myself in bother trying to get out of a rut.
  15. For a frame of reference, here's the basic template of the tactic I used for most of my save to achieve lower league promotions. Main changes from the screenshot to my normal (before I got fed up and started changing crap) were that I used the RPM as a DLP on Defend duty. Also had be more expressive as apposed to disciplined, and the defend narrower wasn’t there. I haven't edited any of the set piece settings for routines at all, so they're just the normal ones.
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