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  1. (So, just to preface I wanna clarify that by no means do I feel like I'm any kind of tactical wizard in the least, so feel free to just tell me I'm an idiot or stupid for not understanding basic principles or something. Enjoying football is something that came late in life to me (lived in Australia in my teens, at the time it wasn't really a popular sport there), so most of my fun and enjoyment of the sport has come from watching it and playing video games. So, I've had no "schooling" as it were by playing any real life football) So, I was fiddling around wanting to try something new as a t
  2. I was watching the game on extended highlights, but next time I’ll watch further. For the instructions I removed pretty much most of the instructions, almost a default mode, so I could make changes on the fly as I was watching the game. After the first goal went in I decided to try a Higher LoE, because Everton just constantly dinged the ball around the back and split me open. So, I thought press further up, stop the passing from the back? Shortly after the daft second goal, I changed back to both lines being Higher. We responded with a goal. Also, Everton
  3. I don't feel like I'm fundamentally changing that much that the familiarity struggles for. for the most part I've settled on a formation, and now just fiddling with player roles to try and figure out the issues in it. For the entirety of this new season, including all pre-season friendlies, I played the formation I put up recently were I was complaining about conversion rate. So for about 18 games or so we've been settled, barring the odd instruction removed/added here and there in an attempt to fix my problem. Cheers, most helpful! Wasn't aware (clearly) of how the unde
  4. I tried a game making use of some of the suggestions you gave, and it's hard to say whether or not I was FM'd, or if it's just ... I dunno. A bad day at the office, as the game likes to tell me. This is what it looked like after a few changes here and there. Dropped instructions in and out of possession, changed the MEZ to attack; Then this was the preceding result; I'm not sure if it was just one of those catastrophic days were none of my players turned up again, as seems to just happen every 7-8 games, or what. But it was just stupid. The thing I kept noticing until I changed t
  5. I can see what you mean. The gameplan I envisioned/wanted was to force everyone into the centre like the tactic does. Defensively I was sick of always seeming to be hit on the counter on the wings, which now is a thing that no longer happens, 'cos as you said, I've literally forced everyone into the one area of the pitch. Defensively I think it kinda works for me, but I can understand what you mean about not being able to then make use of that domination by turning it into anything meaningful, 'cos the areas to crowded. In my head I thought I can force everything into one area, then allow the
  6. So, looking for some help with this again. I've edited the title, so hopefully some people can have a look again and help. Overall I've settled for what I had going in one of my last posts, with something like this; (Ignore the fact that Rashford is on the wing playing as an AP, that was just a mistake from me) It's working well. Changes I made from the last one was swapping the CM(a) to a MEZ. This was because things were getting too crowded in midfield, what with playing narrower, asking for underlaps, and asking the AP on the right to sit narrower. I at first thought it'd m
  7. So, for anyone to give some further feedback (positive and negative both welcome), after much fiddling around again I've gone for something like this with my 4-3-3; A few changes to the last one, for sure. To go through it a bit; Attack Starting with the front 3... I dropped the F9. It was just ... eh. Very ineffective. No goals, no assists from open play (a few from set-pieces)... very little influence, which was annoying. Switching him to a PF(a) at least seems to provide some kind of momentum and forward oomph for the team as a whole, instead of having no focal point at all up fron
  8. I did contemplate running an AP on the right, 'cos I bought this guy who's a natural in that position; It's not something I'm familiar with at all doing though, so I'm unsure if it's something feasible or advised at all? I don't recall seeing or reading anyone using AP on the wings to any real effect. The idea intrigues me, but like I said, I've no idea how it'd work, or any real confidence that it could. Or maybe a Treq?
  9. Fair point, I’ll have a look at it. My thinking was that I still want some width, some outlet out there. From my understanding, a FB will not be as willing to bomb high up the pitch like a WB would. I still want them to go high somewhat, I don’t want like a rigid back 4 or anything, but by the same token I don’t want them so high that we’re vulnerable on the wings on the counter. That was my thinking anyway... that the FB will still go forward, but not as frequently and intensely as a WB But I’m more than happy to be proved wrong. And the ove
  10. I think the overall tactic was just one of those hodge-podge messes created out of sheer frustration, were I just thought 'sod it, go for it lads'. Looking back at it now with the cold light of morning, a lot of the pieces of it are all chopped and changed and leftovers/changes that I kept making while trying to to figure out what the hell I was doing Not at all, if anything I don't like this tactic at all myself. If I'm honest, I think I was trying to modify WorkTheSpace's Nottingham tactic he's using in his Park to Prem save on YouTube... while trying to play to at lea
  11. So, as the title says. I feel like I'm going absolutely out of my mind with rage at this point in my current FM save, because I seem to have magically reached that point again were; either I'm having bad luck and reacting too early and making too many changes... or something has changed with the games reaction to me or something, and I can't figure it out. As reference, I'm managing Southampton in my current save. It's the 30/31 season. And the last 3 seasons I've more than handily won the Premier League. Add into that a Champions League win, an FA Cup and 2 Community Shields. So, an es
  12. So, was wondering if this is just in my save, or if anyone else has had it. I started my current save when the full release of FM21 came out, with the intention to be doing a kind of Journeyman save, but wanting to try and manage/win in other leagues across Europe. I've just come to the end of the 27/28 season and finally won the Premier League for the first time. So, started casting my eyes over other leagues to see if there's any spicy jobs going. And bugger me, nobodies moved. Like, nearly at all. As an example, here's the Spanish League; Arguably the only teams I'm look
  13. I did try him on GK Defend, but his performance was even worse somehow. He's just ... I don't even know anymore. Half the time now I go into a game, and any time I see the opposition having a highlight I'm expecting us to concede. It's almost to the point now were when he concedes a goal I have just stare at the screen with a bemused smile, thinking "yep, classic Hornicek... living his best life, forgetting to do what we pay him to ****ing do". In terms of tactic and things, and how it relates to the GK and how much he has to do... this is like a classic example of Hornicek just do
  14. I forgot to like... preface this as well with another point. In as much as, I know how integral it is to have key players who are amazeballs in all positions, that goes without saying. But if you’re one of those teams trying to slowly establish yourself as a top dog in the league, season by season, due to only being able to make a few good signings a year... ... how big a priority is getting that amazing GK for your side? Is it the last priority? Medium level?
  15. So, wondering about this at the minute. How pivotal and important to a team is a world-class Goalkeeper in terms of actually bringing home trophies and the like? How much would you willingly want to spend on a truly spectacular Goalie for your team? The reason that's prompted me to thinking about it is because of what's been happening in my current Journeyman save. It's currently the 26/27 season, I'm managing Southampton, and managing to turn them into a top four side using my weird and wonderful tactical set-up. In my first season in the Prem using my bizarro system I ended up finishi
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