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  1. Think I'll have to give this a try. I don't recall in any game any significant difference if I removed the play through middle. More often than not I end up changing the AP to an AM, but he always just seems to be the one totally shut out of games. To be honest, he rarely ever seems to outwardly contribute a massive amount. I think it's a common thing in FM20 that the AM position/roles are just a bit harshly rated, though. I was tempted to think about moving the AM more asymmetrical, shift him either slightly to the left or right? Thinking being he might draw the opposition DM away from his more central position, resulting in more space in that area of the pitch. Cheers, I'll give some of this a try. I think for my current team more often than not we don't have the quality to force the issue and play our way out of situations, so I have tried playing more narrow, but it just results in even very, very bad football. Did it in a game I ended up losing, and in highlight I noticed it was just ridiculously congested in midfield. I had the entire front and mid 3 all basically occupying the same spaces, passing it between each other, but not offering any decent runs or penetration. I'll defo try the man-marking the fullbacks. I agree that more often than not that that's were I seem to lose out with this system. Weirdly enough not against flat 4-4-2's, just always with teams that possess some kind of DM.
  2. I think this is my big issue at the minute that is really, really killing my enjoyment of the game. I want to play Football Manager, not Set-Piece Manager. I find it just bizarre as well that the default settings seem so ... dodgy. I did a bit of googling and research on it to see if other people had similar issues, and I noticed people saying that the default settings will do bizarre things like ask your tiny 5'3 winger to mark the oppositions tall, hulking CB with 18 heading and jumping reach. It just seems inclined to almost force you to use the feature, which is not something I've ever had to bother with too much in previous FM's. I mean, sure. In past versions the option was always there to utilise set-pieces if that's what I wanted to focus a team on, but they never seemed an overwhelming aspect of any match to me. This years version... man, it's just infuriating. Almost every other aspect of the game like training, even tactics to some extent, transfers, etc... you can delegate. But set-pieces are either "default-don't-work-if-you're-the-weaker-team", or "spend hours coming up with routines"
  3. To be fair, I wasn't exactly the best team in my previous League before promotion. Tt wasn't exactly like I was bossing every game and facing nothing but teams playing defensively. For quite a lot of games it was quite tit for tat. It wasn't a case of my team dominated the media dream 11 for the league or something, or even overwhelming opposition. At least not until the end of the season were teams just tried to play against me on the counter. It was more a massive overachievement for my team to gain promotion, helped by the other teams around me messing up big time. Not saying this in an assy way, but I don't understand what you mean with the fact that I'm playing better teams, so I'm naturally going to give away more set-pieces? I can understand if I was the weaker team and conceding all kinds of goals. Conceding beautiful, silky, free-flowing moves. 40 yard blockbusters. Wicked crosses. Tap ins. Anything. Instead, this is no exaggeration, but in the month of October in my current save I played 5 League games. 1 win, 2 losses, 2 draws. Conceded 7 goals. 6 of them from some kind of set-piece scenario. Throw in and indirect being the key. And that's what bugs the crap out of me... I would feel so much happier if I was losing games because I was genuinely getting outplayed and shown to be ... shown up... by better players. Instead I seem to have a fairly balanced game, giving as much as I get, but my players poorer quality results in less goals, and the only discernible way my opposition shows their quality is by scoring every kind of set-piece? I'd expect to be embarrassed a number of ways, not just one way
  4. So, just to preface. I'm not writing this in a salty rage, or out of any "omg, this game sucks cos I don't win all the time" type vibe. It's just a bewildered look at trying to see if anyone else has encountered the same issue as me. I'm more than happy to be told otherwise, and that I'm just seeing a pattern were there is none, that's fine. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed the same trend as me. That trend/issue being; FM20 deals with the step up in quality after a promotion by making your team concede an over abundance of set-piece goals. So, yeah. I've done plenty of saves on FM20 so far, and my favourite way to play has always been either a Journeyman starting from nothing, or building a lower league team and attempting to gain promotion to the top flight of whatever country I'm in. Notable saves for me recently were one with Blackburn Rovers who I got promoted to the Prem after one season, a Journeyman which involved taking a lot of lower league teams up at least one division, and my current save using the database that adds tier ten teams, were I've so far managed back to back promotions to take Whitchurch United to League Two. I eventually gave up the Blackburn save after barely scraping through my first Prem season, then enjoying slightly better success in my second top flight season. Gave it up 'cos I really wanted to try the database were I could take a massive 10th tier minnow to the Prem. But both the Blackburn and Whitchurch saves just lead me to always encounter a problem. That being as stated in the title. Any time I gained promotion to a new league of perceived better quality, my main source of frustration always seem to be conceding goals from set-pieces. I'm not talking any specific ones, just all of them. Throw ins, corners, direct, in-direct. Every set-piece scenario imaginable damn near always seems to equate to most of my teams conceded goals. It just seems to bizarre, and I genuinely can't wrap my head around it. For the most part if I seem to be in a League were I should comfortably be one of the more dominant forces in the league, it's fine. Set-pieces barely register as a thing. But the second you become even ever so slightly the small fish in a new league, well... you've just become suckers for dead ball situations. If it had only happened in one save of mine I could attribute it to just having crappier players, etc... but it just seems to be so ... consistent. As if it's a measure of the way the game deals with the perceived shift in quality of the matches once you go up a division. I could be wrong in this, but I don't think I've ever remembered a real life example of this... of a team who gained promotion, and their major Achilles heel became set pieces which they conceded the bulk of their goals from. I don't know. There might be one out there. I know the simple thing is for people to say "work on your set-piece tactics then, duh"... which is true, yeah. But for me, the last few FM's, and even FM20 for the most part I've never really fussed over set-pieces. Before I've never really ever registered them as anything other than the source of an occasional goal here or there, both for and against. They've never truly stood out to me as something that I could make a strength, or as a weakness for a team I've managed. ... until I've got a team promoted. Again, I just want to add that this isn't written as a rant or anything. Just an oddity that I've observed. Wondering if anyone else has noticed the same thing? Didn't want to fill this post with an abundance of screenshots and stuff to "prove" (not that you can prove something like this), but I have a few if people ask and stuff.
  5. The tactic is basically a hodge-podge of ideas and experimenting that seems to work. More or less, anyway. It became almost a Frankenstein of things that seem to work together, and looks enjoyable to watch in highlights. Really enjoyable to watch when it's going well. Very flowing. There's still some tinkering I need to sort out... striker roles at times work, but then maybe don't, the AP(Att) works in highlights, but get's low ratings sometimes, etc... Having said that, if I was to attempt to put a finger on how I'm trying to play... I think for me, it boils down into being a short passing game that, with the roles and formation, always seems to make nice little triangles and makes it so there's someone who can receive a pass and move it forward. Playing through the middle, focusing it all that way, with the FB's gradually getting forward to provide a killer cross into the box if needed, but not being demanded of. Or at least that's the intention. The Counter-Press is there to try and win the ball back, mostly in midfield since I more often than not congest the area. The counter is to just get the ball moving again, not wanting to patiently do it. Very much want a high tempo, forward thinking style. I did try and play with WB's (it's how I had the tactic in FM19) but more often than not they became my Achilles heel. They always committed too far forward, and left me exposed and open to being overrun and doubled up on in the wings. Defensively they always seemed to get caught out by attacking AML/AMR opposition players, and the WB always seemed to defensively leave a tonne of space behind him, and I get so sick of it being exploited I gave up on it for a while as a tactic. After watching ... I think it was Zealand on YouTube? I gave the FB I try... from what he insinuated, he said that offensively a FB can get forward just as much and as easily as the WB, but defensively they offer that extra element of staying back a bit more in the defensive phase. And so far that seems to be ringing very true for me. I found that offensively the FB is essentially getting forward just as much as the WB was, and providing a decent amount of assists. This is a screenshot of one of my FB's last season; I mean, 6 assists in 24 games is alright. The FB's are asked with individual instructions to run wider, providing some more of the width for the team. I think I still find that having them as FB's over WB's works more. At least at this point knowing that I'm one of the weakest teams in the league I'm in. Once I get to the dizzying heights and become a better team I would potentially change them to WB's if I can attract the better players and know I've got good, quality players to fill those roles. Adding the instruction for them to play wider helps currently. But having them as they are doesn't seem to neuter my teams width, but helps massively defensively. It's still the odd thing that I just get completely shut down when facing the 4-1-4-1. I can't seem to suss it out. Various tweaks while retaining the same formation for myself don't seem to help at all. There's no glaring weakness that stands out. I don't get exploited on the wing overly (in fact, more often than not I totally dominate 4-4-2 formations that focus on wing play), but just that one opposition DM seems to totally shut me down. The 4-1-4-1 is the only set-up I seem to face that even employs a DM of some sort at this point. The AI seems very limited in what it likes to play I'm mostly thinking that the reason I struggle is through by not having those world class style players that are able to play effectively through a defensive style opposition. My players might just not be good enough to play the way I want sometimes. But I don't know
  6. So, been doing a save using the database that adds down to tier 10. Took over Whitchurch United, and been having a great amount of fun and success. Back to back promotions have lead me straight into League Two first time of asking. The reason I managed to get the promotion to League Two was thanks to switching to my beloved 4-3-1-2 (a favourite from some other saves). After a shaky start to my Vanarama National season, were promotion initially seemed a far off, unattainable goal with my old tactics, this one massively boosted the rest of the season and led to unlikely 1st position. It really played into the strengths of most of my players, and seemed damn good for getting me results. The tactic is as follows; This is kind of what I settled on. The main influence seems to be the left-sided PF helping out a lot. Tried the Poacher as an AF quite a bit, but for whatever reason the AF just never got going and worked. I struggled a lot with trying to figure out the right-sided midfield role, before getting a huge amount of joy from just playing a plain CM on support. The only extra instructions I have is on the FB's, asking both to run wide with the ball when in possession. The AP(Att) was a relatively late edition. For a while I had success with a AM(support), but that fizzled out. So tried experimenting, and the AP just stuck and seemed to work. Mostly he seems to just draw attention of attackers, freeing up strikers to do the business. Here are some typical kind of results with this tactic; Both games are handy wins, and it's kind of indicative of most of my results against teams that try to play 4-4-2, or variations of that. Bar the odd result were my team decides not to show up, I tend to really dominate those games. However. I seem to be completely and utterly hard-countered by any team that plays 4-1-4-1. Towards the end of my promotion winning Vanarama National season I suffered a very squeaky bum end of the season after I lost 3 of my last 5 games, only going on to clinch the title cos 2nd place cocked up to. The recurring theme in those dodgy losses was being utterly stifled, stopped and frustrated by teams playing 4-1-4-1. I'm pretty sure the AI knew it was a weakness... An example is my most recent result against a bang average Chester side who have had a miserable start to the new season, but somehow utterly dominated me; It took until the 70th minute for me to get my first shot on target, and that was only thanks to me making the switch at halftime to my own 4-1-4-1 tactic, which eventually morphed into a 4-2-3-1 when I went down 1-0. I felt hard done by, but lucky to get a 1-1 draw. Again, one of those weird games were the team just doesn't turn up, or the opposition turn themselves up to 11. But still, the matter stands that with the main tactic I like using, I just can't beat a 4-1-4-1. Like, it almost seems impossible. In my opinion FM20 is pretty harsh on any and all AM roles, but when facing a 4-1-4-1 he just disappears from games. I experimented with trying to get the AM role to mark their DM role, as sometimes that was their main playmaker/difference maker, but that didn't help at all. Tried changing up LoE, but to no effect. I also tried switching to a 4-3-3, playing 3 strikers, pushing the AM role into a F9 role. Expecting to still be that man who comes a bit deeper and attempts to link midfield and attack. But that had mixed success. Felt I had to play direct, as passing options were limited. Am I barking up a dead tree (defo not a saying)? Does my lovely 4-3-1-2 just suffer from a basic stand point against those hard to break down, defensivey 4-1-4-1 formations? Cheers for any help.
  7. Nice! I think when the world calms down and you're allowed to go to things, I might actually go to a Whitchurch United game now. I might have to leave this as the fix then. I don't get a massive amount of time to play FM, and I've just finished my third season in this save, winning a third straight league/promotion. Feel like I wouldn't have the motivation to begin it all again if it was the only way to fix it. Might have to see how the club behaves come the start of the new season, then possibly have to just go in and fiddle with changing contracts.. though that also feels slightly like cheating. Failing that I'll just endeavour to play through and hope at some point prior to becoming professional that I can actually offer some kind of part-time contracts
  8. For me it was a great help watching YouTubers and figuring out things from what they did, or blatantly explained. Best for me is WorkTheSpace. He did a Lyon live series, were instead of an edited, short video he played through live. So you get to see all of his thinking, nitty gritty workings out and how he approaches stuff. Zealand is great as well for explaining things. He hasn't done a series managing club or anything yet, but does that on Twitch. But he does a lot of great videos were he explains how to approach aspects such as training, explaining player roles, youth management, etc..
  9. Sorry if this comes across as a really dense question, I've never used the editor (despite getting it) or anything yet in FM. But... if I have to edit the league in the pre-game editor, will the changes apply to my current save, or will I have to start a new one? Again, sorry if it's a painfully stupid question.
  10. I've always been rubbish at geography, but wouldn't Whitchurch being in the North West division be sensible? I live in North Wales these days, near the English border, and Whitchurch is about 30 minute drive from me. Also couldn't say about where other clubs are from, but this is a screenshot of the league itself; I totally get this, and to be fair to myself I do a lot of poaching myself. Last two seasons in 10th and 9th division I basically just poached most of the media dream 11 for the league, comfortably getting the best squad for the division. So I don't mind too much about losing some players here and there. And I'm being ruthless enough that, barring 3 players that I might keep for my squad as long as I can, I've more or less changed my 11 each season or half season. I think the annoying nature of getting players poached now is that I've reached the 8th division and most of the other teams in my league seem to be able to offer part-time contracts to their squad, whereas I don't get the option at all. It's only annoying because I'm pegged to finish top, but I've lost a few good players (all 3 of my starting CB's) and I can't poach any of the players from other teams in my league. I can't sign any from the leagues above me for similar reasons, and the fact that I can't offer anything better than what they have, and the two lower leagues below me... well, their best 11's are considered absolute rubbish for my teams standard. So, yeah. It's more the fact that I can't match other teams, despite the fact we are all in the same rubbish league, but somehow they can outdo me financially ... somehow?
  11. Yeah, the club is Semi-Pro. Here's a screenshot of the general info page of the club; I tried going into the editor like you suggested and flicking the professional on and off, but that didn't help at all. Couldn't offer any part-time contracts at all. In terms of the reputation like someone else said, I have the exact same reputation as some of the other teams in the league, but somehow they all have the ability to offer players part-time contracts. I mean, this is the finances if it means anything; Granted, they don't look to great at the minute. But there's zero money to be made in these leagues. The slightly in-the-red wage budget is down to the fact that I've just signed a couple of new strikers in an attempt to rejuvenate my faltering, misfiring season. So, that'll me sold once I release a few of the deadwood style players. But I can't imagine any of the other teams in the league being any better. In fact, most are listed as 'insecure' at best. I don't know at this point. Just seems a bit odd. It's almost killing the fun a little for this save by accidentally creating some kind of 'hard mode' by literally every other team in my league being able to sign players, and I'm (despite being the favourites to win the league) stuck in pay-to-play limbo. Couple that with the fact that every bit of bad luck just seems to be going my way at the minute. Looks like play-offs is the best shot for this season.
  12. Could be. I don't think I would've even thought too much about it if it wasn't for every other team around me seeming to have contracts for players. Hell, just look at this screenshot of the current league leaders; Apparently they're all, bar two players, on part-time contracts in tier 8. Which is a bit daft... but, like you said, probably something wrong with the database. I mean, Colne have a small squad, granted. But still. Probably salty cos they're turning into the effing Liverpool of tier 8... they just refuse to lose, and smash most teams 4-0. Impossible to keep up
  13. I don't think being Professional has to much to do with it from what I've seen so far, I gotta sadly say. Managed Oxford City in Van South once, and they're only Semi-Professional, but I could offer players there Part-Time contracts. Adding on to that for my current save in the 8th tier... about 70% of the teams I'm playing against all have players with part-time contracts, sometimes across the entire starting 11. Before I use to do quite well by just signing all the best players in the media dream 11 for the league, but this time it's impossible, because I can't sign anyone cos they're all Part-Timers, but my players just keep getting poached. Just baffled that the other teams around me are at the point of offering contracts, but for some reason I can't offer the same.
  14. So, got a question regarding a save I've trying out using the database that adds teams down into the 10th tier of English Football. Started this save and chose to take over Whitchurch United... partly because I love the daft nickname, which is 'The Jam Boys', and the fact that I live about a 30 minute drive from Whitchurch. So far I'm into my third season, and enjoying it immensely. So far I've had back to back promotions in my first two seasons, and 10 games in currently sit 2nd in the 8th tier of English Football. My problem now though is that each successive season were I do well, I tend to lose some of my best players because I can't offer them anything other than 'pay as you play' style contracts. At no point have I been able to offer anyone even a part time contract. Finances first two seasons were really good, kept a few hundred pounds below the wage budget, and made sure to make as much cash as I could from FA Cup runs and pre-season friendlies. Struggled a bit this season with attempting to sign players of the quality needed for this league, and suddenly having to double most of my wages with the squad. Though part of the struggle with wage has been down to me panicking about losing players, so I sign an abundance of them, and despite the fact that everyone is 'pay to play' kind of wages, for some reason I'm over spending by about £800 a week. I'm just wanting to ask... at what point do I get the option to offer part-time contracts? Is there any specific requirement I need to hit before I can do this? Is there another way I can stop my players being poached so much? In the contract negotiations I can't offer any kind of contract extensions, or any clauses or bonuses basically. Cheers for any help!
  15. Sorry if it's a stupid question, but is there something wrong with using a MEZ in such a lower league? I've seen conflicting stuff about playing the so called "exotic" roles down in the lower leagues. Some people say the players are too stupid to do it, and I've seen other people saying the opposite. If I'd gone for like a Treq or CF somewhere I'd understand some bafflement, but a MEZ isn't too far fetched is it? I dunno, more than willing to be told otherwise. That's why I'm asking for feedback in improving my tactic.. The only reason I've got the MEZ on the squad is from attempting to gel with the DW who plays next to him in the midfield 4. I'm not bothering with any playmakers as such, because the whole shtick for this league I thought was more or less lumping it forward, and hoping for the best.
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