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  1. I was thinking of downloading a custom league database and managing a club in an Asian minnow (Pakistan or Tajikistan maybe) and eventually produce enough decent regens to get these sides to the World Cup. That was the goal of my Astana save, but it was the AI who eventually coached them to a Euro win (they never won the World Cup). The success I achieved at club level was by poaching foreign regens who would play for the likes of Germany etc. I'm not sure if this was a custom database limitation or an FM12 limitation but I could only max out my facilities, and never got the option to upgrade my Youth Recruitment Network past "Fairly Basic". Meant my academy products were never really good enough . The National team would end up relying on players I'd signed who'd gain Kazakh nationality after a few years and weren't selected by Germany/Spain etc. If that has since changed, and it's possibly to "grow" the club's academy over the years like that in a nation with a low youth rating, I would love to try that and hopefully win the World Cup with them!
  2. Haha a quick Google search tells me no. The record seems to be 2238 or something. Not sure I'd qualify anyway; there was a period in this save where my side was too strong for the Kazakh League and still only competing for a Champions League group stage spot so I mostly just holidays the league games. Did this for a few seasons. Anyway, it was an incredibly fun save, and the reason why I didn't buy (or play, when I did buy) most newer FMs. Enjoying my FM19 save now though, and I have an idea for an even more ambitious save on FM20!
  3. I only put my FM12 Astana save to bed this past year. I was in the year 2200 or something. It's something I'm both proud and embarrassed of
  4. Have you tried running it on compatibility mode for Windows XP or something?
  5. Haha yep fellow Sunderland supporter. He seems like a nice bloke, and I recently came across an interview where he said his time with us is probably his biggest regret career-wise
  6. Cheers everyone. Surprisingly I went with Heywood's suggestion and got a positive reaction from everyone - looks like the lads are ambitious!
  7. I just achieved my biggest FM success in a while, having missed out on most editions since FM12. Won the Premier League and Europa League having been expected to qualify for the Europa this year. It's time for the End of Season Team Meeting now and I'm getting these options: I nearly bottled the title by holding a team meeting when we needed a win home to West Ham to secure it and picking the wrong option; the squad reacted negatively as they weren't expected to win the title. Lost the game 2-0. As this feature is still fairly new for me, I don't want the squad to react negatively if I tell them I want to challenge for the title again. In my experience so far, if you overachieve it's better to play down your expectations for the next season or you risk lowering morale. Would aiming to qualify for the Champions League/defending the title be considered too ambitious? Or are these not actually that important and I'm overthinking it
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