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  1. The key here is having fast wingers and strikers (All of them have +15) and strong competent Centre-backs. If you want the full instructions (it's in Spanish, but it's easy, if you need help, let me know and I can translate if for you) it's in this Twitter thread UESA 442.fmf
  2. Thanks! The squad registration are really a pain if you're not used to it, I hope I can win here before the team starts to age haha I have to tell you I'm pretty surprised as well. I use the same tactic on every team, just with minor tweaks depending on my players. It's an attacking 4-4-2 based on a tactic from Tuitbol (A really great argentinian FM streamer) and I change some positions/instructions based on the rival, players, rotation, etc. It relies quite a bit on playing rough, so the downside of playing with Instant Result is getting more players sent off than usual, because I can't tell them to ease off tackles when they get their first yellow. When I'm home I can upload some screenshots and the tactic, if you want.
  3. End of 2029 review So after dominating Asia we moved to the United States for a new challenge. Got there on preseason and got carried away so there's only one update for the year. Also, since MLS has the weirdest squad registration rules, I just hired a DoF and let him manage signings and contracts. Anyway, things were great, I think the tactic is just OP. + So, we got out of the cup in SF, but we dominated the league and won the MLS Supporters Shield in a brilliant way. There was a little suffering involved in winning the MLS Cup but we did it anyway and we qualified to Concachampions so things are going awesome. This are the squad stats after this succesful year
  4. End of season 2028 We had a perfect year domestically, winning every possible competition. League, both cups and the Super cup. We had to play the finals of the AFC Champions League, and this was the second leg. A very FM like match, given the circumstances. We won the cup on away goals! After blowing a 1-3 lead away, we were able to secure a tie and became champions! After that win, we faced the FIFA WC, which saw us fall in Semi Finals giving our best against Barcelona in extra time We beat River (and that's always nice being a real life Boca fan haha) for the 3rd place, so I'm pretty happy with how we did. In the end, we had a great year, with an awesome squad. Now that I finally completed one continent from the challenge, I'm moving out of Asia.
  5. The most defining five matches ever (Well, we already won the league so not really)
  6. I'm not done with the season yet, but some sneak peek of what's coming We had to suffer, I suffered a lot of mini heart-attacks but here we are. This will be my fourth continental final, I lost two with AS Manu Ura in Tahiti and won with Osaka, who I just beat in SF.
  7. Hi! Thanks for reading! Yes, I'm using instant result for most of this save, I only watch continental finals, if I get there. It's something new I'm trying for this save, I spent the whole year doing shorter saves that took a lot of IRL time and with this one I just wanted to advance a lot of years and try different tournaments, league formats, etc just for fun. I started it because I was just like you, wanting to have a multi-national save, on all my other ones i just stayed for 8-10 years in the same team until I got bored but couldn't leave after all the work i had put there. I resign because I can get a new job faster if I advance/go on holiday without a job, it's just that.
  8. Midseason 2028 So far so good in the league, for the first time in a row we complete the first half without giving away any points. In the cups section, we're doing good this time, and we already won the Xerox Super Cup, so we're playing the Club World Cup at the end of this year! We're playing Saitama again on AFC CL, we already destroyed them 8-0 on the league, hope we can repeat and get revenge after last year. This is our current squad, forgot to post it at the beginning of the season.
  9. I love how ambitious your goals are, definitely following this one!
  10. End of season 2027 As was expected, we didn't keep our winning streak until the end of the league, but we won it breaking almost every team record. We had a good cup run and ended up winning the Emperor's Cup. But the main objective keeps running away from me. We crashed badly on Champions League SF. We had to play Saitama three times in ten days (AFC CL and Emperor's cup SF), won the first two and then bottled it. Next year, I hope.
  11. Mid season 2027 update As you can see, our performance in the league has been somewhat decent, I guess. (Because that's nicer than saying that Japan is my bi***) One full season and a half and we still haven't lost a single game. Of course, as usual, cups are different, it's like they forget how to play. In our main competition we're doing better than expected, and that's perfection. Seems like this is our year, and we're focusing all our efforts on the AFC CL, so let's hope for the best.
  12. End of season 2026 I made a fun transfer on the mid-year window that I thought you may like. After that awesome start of the season, the rest was a walk in the park. I have to say I'm pissed that we dropped points against Renofa, when they just had 1 point out of 20 something matches, but at least we got to end the season unbeaten. Even after this awesome year with the current squad, I already signed 4 new great players for next year and I'm hoping to get a good Japanese RB to get a good run on the AFC CL and get this challenge going!
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