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  1. Ah, gotcha - yes, I did use some database add ons. Just checking: this does mean that the current save is gone/useless right? I'm thinking to switch to the default database, I'd need to start a new game?
  2. Just to add a bit of context: the save should start on 9th August, and it crashes when processing 13th August
  3. I've just uploaded my save, it's called 'Slutface Douchebag - Unemployed (v02).fm'. I'm so sorry for the choice in the save name, it was generated by some website
  4. I'm doing a journey man save, and it seems that the game crashes when it tries to proceed past 13th August 2025. The game save file is really large, 200k+ players, and is about 290MB. I've attached the dump and can provide the save file if it would help debug this crash. Things I've tried: 1) Cleared out caches and preferences 2) Reset to the default skin and cleared the skin cache 3) Used the public beta Any ideas as to how I can fix this please? I have 200+ hours on this save and don't want to lose it. Quick edit: I've verified the game files in Steam as well FM 2019 v19.3.6.1242975 (2019.08.14 14.35.45).dmp
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