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  1. It's about time that Middlesborough started paying me the right amount of money
  2. Am pleased to see Kyrgyzstan doing so well, and finally have a half decent player in a sign up game instead of a bench warmer. Lets hope we can go all the way now
  3. Hmmm, can't be long until my contract is up and I can go join a club that will play my person more often
  4. <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Walcott's Wonderkids: Yeah 10-0 is a lot - Azeryk now has an outstanding national record of 8 goals from 4 games. This ignores his U23s performances of 5 goals from 4 appearances!! </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Wahoo - Finally a sign up game where I do well, what can I say - Kyrgyzstan rocks \m/ KUTGW
  5. wtg with the updates My player needs a better club than Middlesborough, not enough league games Nice to see him do well for his country
  6. Least I signed for a decent club and have a good value already, must be a good sign. Shame on missing the first match
  7. Kyrgyzstan Data Card First Name: Craig Last Name: Dolling Nickname (optional): Azeryk Nationality: Kyrgyzstan 2nd Nationality: English Position: Striker 5 stats at rating 20: Finishing, First Touch, Technique, Pace & Heading 2 stats at rating 1: Corners & Long Throws 2 Preferred Moves (optional): Places shots & gets forwards whenever possible Favoured Club (one max please, optional): Tottenham Positions: GK: GK: DR: DL: DC: DC: Proffesor Frink DR/L/C: DM: MC: AMR: AML: MR/L: AM/FC: ST: ST: Azeryk ST: freealdinho
  8. A better ability to edit the game, failing that make it possible to have a proper league system had up of International teams where you can't have transfers due to nationalities so have to rely on brining up better youths to improve.