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  1. Want to start a new thread where you list the cheapest players bought by top teams and the player actually doing good. Similar to Chris Smalling going to fulham and now man u from the non league. I got this guy called Jason Beardsley, 22yrs old, £1,000 to buy. hes a RB, amazingingly kept wes brown, rafael, o'shea out of my man utd team!!!! values now £2.5m after one season.
  2. Yep, everything is upto date, i have uninstalled twice aswell, but still no result
  3. Every time i try to start a new game, i keep getting the crash dump error which says that a crash dump file has been created and put in the si folder. SO now i cant even play because of this. Im running Windows 7 professional, and playing from the dvd, not steam. My laptop meets the required specs needed aswell.......sooooo annoying. What do i do?????????????
  4. I read somewhere that you can view how your previous players which you have sold on can be viewed so that you can see how they are doing. Im not talking bout through the transfer screen but is there any other way? Thanks
  5. Just like to know, will SI include the new Europa league in fm09 update like they did with the 7sub changes last year.
  6. My suggestion has to be UAE. They got the money, just imagine who you could buy. Also not sure, is there a league in the carribean. They would be fun to play with
  7. Surprise package

    i also bought nicky butt to hull in another game, he was brilliant for the 3 seasons i kept him. weird since i got him on a free as a back up to boatang
  8. Choose the players to take to away matches a few days before the actual match -what if you can choose the select players to take to your match day like in real life before the actual match. because in real life, not all players travel, only a select few(especially in oversea matches), so if you have to choose the players at first, before traveling, it could affect your team if somebody gets injured but also increase the communication between the team if they travel together. Youth schools in other countries -what if there are youth schools in other countries where a team can tap into that countries younger players in a soccer school type theme, and then can sign players for the youth team. similar to affliated clubs, but the team has total control over the players and will therefore sign up players for free(without much competition). Player attitudes in private life -there are players like beckham, barton whose personal lives play a very big part in the media. what if these players whose personal lives attract the media alot, will be affected by this and their performances can change, clubs can sack them, and the team morale can be affected as a result of this, leading to the the player becoming a legend at the club or being forced out due to the rest of the teams anger.
  9. Who has been the surprise player for you in your teams, the 1 who was like a backup, not even that, who made there way to become your top player. mine was carlton cole for west ham, i tried to get rid of him for ages but then had a injury crisis so had no choice but to play him and then he become a top player for me and just kept scoring. he got called up to the england team aswell, but didnt play unfortunalty.
  10. Yeh just imagine it, if ferguson takes an unknown player with him on an away game, the media gets crazy, so if i took a virtually unknown with me on my away match, it could prove to give the match more attention and give the player in question a morale boost
  11. Yeh exactly, it could add as a morale booster to the reserves, which could help them to perform better to get into the first team more often
  12. there are football players, i forgot who(berkamp maybe) who dont like to travel as they get travel sickness, or just dont like to travel, which could also have a factor in which player you can take with you
  13. Yeh something similar to that. It would add a bit more realism to the game aswell. and could also make it harder if your star striker gets injured just before the match and you haven't got good enough replacements who are fully fit
  14. we can make it a major issue lol hehe
  15. not really. if i was taking my team abroad, i wouldn't take them all, because i'll be flying a day or two before the match wouldn't i. this means that lets say a player gets injured in training just before the match, it would narrow the team down further as i can only choose between a certain amount of players not the full squad