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  1. Yes but the raffle draw is all about champion league selecting team for group a to h that was what I meant
  2. Think of it adding a flight to football manager it sounds stupid,but it will tell when a club is having a match with a club in another league e.g (Chelsea vs Bayern Munich)we need to Know that the flight took place 2.adding a raffle draw to it will make it more interesting and add media to comment about it to makes it interesting to
  3. The reason why I wrote that up is in fmm 2017 I used real Madrid the team b we already completed not coach offered for it I think the should a change let a both team A/B be able to be accessed and given a job. I couldn't see a coach offering for that job.. 2: will there be a contract signing as a manager in a club that will be good 3 I noticed that if you choose 4 country at the beginning like England Spain Japan and Italy. During the world cup I played on 2017 faced Germany all what it was showing was no player meaning all we under 22 and 19 Please do something about it Pls Guys let me know what you think about it............
  4. I have a set of ideas which can make fmm 2020 great my views in all the fmm game played was good it time for 2020 to step up My ideas of making fmm 2020 great was adding 1.Training: we all have training in the Game but making it visual is the next thing .we should be able to see the player on the training ground doing training and training attributes to be added to it like attack defense and so other 2 . Transfer signing :at least we see the player signed but don't see him when he is given his jersey and number and let medical be add during transfer ... 3 Stadium: we should at least have fans in the stadiums technology have improved instead of making them real let have them in for of circles in different colors representing their team or nation and during a match let have a medic coming in to the field if a player is injury if the injury is worst let have a stretcher.. 4 it all about see car park at the side of the stadiums 5: let all manager be able to compete in different league like English leagues (all league under English, Spain ,France, Germany,Portugal and so on
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