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  1. Yup, that was the problem. I was using the TCM 2020 v1.0 skin and as soon as I removed it the match appeared and my manager profile in the lockerroom appeared in the main menu. I guess it's a problem related to this skin's version. Thank you so much for the time and attention, Jimmy!
  2. Started a save with Inter Miami. I've wondered if this happened because they initially do not have a league to play at. Once I open Football Manager 20 the left of the main menu is dark grey, instead of showing my manager profile and the locker room graphics. Once I start a match in this save this happens, I cannot see anything of the match. Would really appreciate if this could be solved for my save as well as I've spent a few hours building a team to have this happen... Patiently waiting for a fix. Link for a WeTransfer with my save (hope it helps
  3. I just started a Sheffield FC save in the 8th tier of English football and would love to have some place to post updates and screenshots on it where I can have other FM lovers to comment on it and other saves to read about. Is there such place?
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