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  1. No @Luke Hume the game also crash on a previous save from the same game called "SC Paderborn 07". The game crashes at the same exact date, the 20th of may 2020. With and also without the custom database, iconfaces etc. I have tried deleting all the custom add ons to the game, and the same thing keep happening again and again.
  2. I have uploaded the game file, it is called; SC Paderborn 07 2 Regards NicSto
  3. Where can i upload the save game file Luke Hume? The file is too large for this reply?
  4. The in-game date is the 20th of May 2020, that when the crash happens-
  5. FM 2020 v20.4.4.1442341 (2020.10.18 12.12.35).dmp My game crashes all the time at the same point. I have tried to delete Cache folder, Preference folder and even deleted the player faces files to the game, verified the game on Steam and so on - nothing works. Any ideas? Regards NicSto
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